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Notice to All of my Fans

Read this post if you've written something fun to me and I'ven't answered you. Or if you want to be added and haven't been able to get my attention.

Let me begin with an apology. I'm sorry I have to do this! It's a new year and time to face the harsh reality of the situation I face on EP. I am getting pummeled by hundreds of people each day begging to be added or demanding that I answer their questions or chat or look at their pictures or read their stories or whatever.

I want to do all of it but I cannot, there are simply far too many requests to keep up with. Not being able to please everyone weighs on my mind. I take the time to write quality replies but that means I don't get to everyone.

I have been giving priority to communicating with my best/oldest friends here and being very selective about communicating with new ones (I'll add anyone who gets my attention) but that isn't working either. Messages continue to pour in and get ignored or overlooked.

There are many good messages that I'd love to reply to that are getting lost in the flood of boring stupid ones. I cannot keep up! And EP Support has taken away all of the ways I used to communicate with my fans here except for blog posts and private messages. Sigh.

For some time now I've been skipping over one line messages and instead only opening the longer ones that end in "..." when displayed in my Inbox. Unfortunately that has a flaw: If someone sends me a great message that they worked really hard on and then add a one line reply, I will never see the story because EP only shows me the uninteresting one liner!

It doesn't help that EP fails to show me which messages need to be replied to and which ones have already been answered. Or which ones have multiple replies waiting to be read versus those that only have one. Or which ones are long conversations and which ones are new.

EP also loses several messages at random each time my browser crashes or I have to restart it, only to discover that EP has logged me out and replaced the URL's I had open with login prompts!!! (That design fault is extremely annoying, I have no idea which messages I've opened in tabs and then lost before I could reply to them! I miss a lot of messages that way.)

So if your messages & etc. to me have been ignored/overlooked this is my apology along with suggestions for what to do about it. There are three ways to get me to respond:

(A) Send me an interesting private message that ends in "..." in the list of three line previews in my Inbox -- I will open those messages whenever I see them. (If your message is boring or all about me, it will be ignored. If it tells me something fun about you then I will probably reply. If it's naughty and turns me on you'll definitely get a response!)

(B) If that doesn't get a response, wait awhile and then add a reply that begins with something in parentheses, such as "(multiple replies above)" or "(I'm fun, add me!)" or "(you'ven't replied yet)". That signals me that you've read this post and feel that your message has been missed and deserves special attention. Those messages will be opened first!

(C) Add an interesting comment to one my posts. I usually visit the profile of anyone who comments. If I like what I see, I'll add you or write to you.

And please people, I CANNOT LET YOU INTO MY CIRCLE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU BEG ME TOO if you have your profile set in anti-social prude mode!!! Check your account settings and stop blocking mature content & users before asking me to add you!!

It upsets me when people pester me endlessly to add them after locking down their profile so I can't! That's not my fault, it's yours. (And EPSupport's fault for giving new users the wrong default settings with no explanation or warning.) It happens quite often. UNLOCK YOUR PROFILE IN YOUR ACCOUNT SETTINGS!

Anyway, if I've overlooked or missed your messages it isn't intentional. If you're interesting and won't waste my time I want to communicate with you! Keep trying to get my attention and I'll keep trying to notice you in all the noise.

I've Been Blocked Again!

Sigh.  Today I tried to send a hot & long reply to a "friend" here but when I submitted it I got the following error message:  "If someone blocked you, you are not allowed to interact with them."  Arrggghhhh!!!!!  Yes, another loser has blocked me!!!!!!  I hate that!!!!!!!

And I hate wasting time getting to know someone and opening up to them only for them to decide that I'm not worthy of their attention & respect and then block me.  Especially when they are too gutless to tell me why.

At least this time they weren't completely mysterious & rude about it (just rude), apparently they had been waiting for me to reply to one of their messages for five days without getting an answer, so they blocked me.  Does that make any kind of sense to anyone?

I get so many messages on EP that it sometimes takes me weeks or months to reply to some of them!  (Usually I can do better than that, but not always.)  And I experience computer glitches or EP bugs like everyone else so sometimes I accidentally delete or lose or overlook a message and never even know it was there!

I guess this person was too impatient & selfish to understand that I give precedence to older friends over newer ones, to hotter messages over boring ones, and longer messages over short ones.  I have to follow some kind of strategy because it is absolutely impossible for me to reply to everyone promptly all of the time!

Plus I'm always writing new stuff, every day.  And I do have a life away from EP.  I try to be fair to everyone and give each person my full attention when it is their turn.  That's all I can do, and better than many people accomplish on EP!

It hurts my feelings when someone blocks me!  Please, people, don't block me!!  Or if you've blocked me, unblock me and try to patch things up!!!  I can & do forgive rudeness if you eventually come to your senses -- you don't even have to apologize (although that would be nice).  Misunderstandings happen.  And it may even have been my fault.  Just give me a chance to improve whatever problem you have with me.

Please, people, don't block me!  It hurts!!

Help me write my submissive vows!

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The hurtful comments posted about me on EP are WRONG

Note:  This blog post is about something unfortunate & unpleasant that is happening to me personally on EP.  If you don't care to be upset along with me and don't feel like reading any further you should skip it.  I will understand.  

Update:  It's old news now and the people who bashed me aren't willing to fix things between us or get to know me so I've moved on.  Maybe you should too.

Sigh.  I tried being friendly & supportive to sierra33 when her family was going though a crisis.  You can see exactly what I posted in my comments on her blog post.  Stop reading after the comment which starts "NewChrissy---I think your point", (which is at the end of page 1 at the time I'm writing this).  Then return here before going on to the next comment.


sierra33 blocked me somewhere around the end of page 1 so I sent the following message to looking4mywife:


I wanted to post this on Sierra33's blog but I'm getting a "you may not comment" message.  Will you please post it for me?  Or ask her to allow me back in long enough that I may post it myself?  I don't want to leave things the way they are now.

@looking4mywife:  I'm sorry you feel that way, I was only trying to help.  I can see that emotions are running high in your family so I'll just leave.  I hope everything works out.  (For what it's worth, I didn't misquote sierra33, she said that in the third (or maybe it's the fourth) paragraph of her story.)


Then looking4mywife blocked me too!  (What the hell?  I was being nice!)  Now continue reading the comments on the blog post (that's page 2 as I write this) to see what happened next.

Here's a one paragraph summary of what happened from my point of view:  In my very brief interaction with sierra33 I was trying to be friendly & supportive.  Instead my remarks were misunderstood and I was blocked without being given an opportunity to explain.  That is fine, it was obviously a stressful time for her family and my advice was unwelcome.  I attempted to reopen communications through her husband to correct the misunderstanding.  That failed and he also blocked me.  I was being represented in a bad light but I was blocked and there was nothing else I could reasonably do.

So I left them to their troubles and walked away.  I did not block either of them or try to contact them again.  That should have been the end to it.

At the time I was periodically posting a list of people who had blocked me unfairly on my whiteboard which said "I've also found a few bad users.  Some did something abusive or insensitive which upset me!  Or they posted lies about me after blocking me so I couldn't tell my side."

Because they were saying bad things about me in a forum from which I was excluded, I added both of their names to the list, along with the other usernames already there.  That's it.  I didn't say anything specific about either of them, only about the list of names in general.  I simply told the truth from my point of view, that's what they did to me.

Their usernames were only on my whiteboard for a short time because soon afterward I decided on my own to stop posting the list and took it down.

I thought that was the end of it.  I didn't know that they continued talking about me with other users on EP and were saying hurtful & unkind things in a second "bash Chrissy" blog post.

Today I was searching EP for my username while looking for something else and accidentally discovered that second blog post.  It is "Sunday 6/19/11 Some insults actually make me happy. | sierra33's Blog" at:


That discussion was going on without my knowledge behind my back because I was blocked and didn't know about the blog post -- that important information was being hidden from me!  And even now that I've uncovered their dirty gossip circle I cannot comment on it to defend myself!!

That is wrong.  No one should be treated that way and certainly not me.  It is an injustice that should be corrected.

The disparaging remarks posted about me there misrepresent who I am and what happened.  And they violate the Terms of Service:  They identify me by name in a hateful/hurtful way.  They characterize me as "crazy" and "professionally miserable, angry or narcissistic" and "an A 1 fruitcake" but I'm not.  They accuse me of hidden motives when I have none.

My blog post here is my appropriate & measured & true response to the wrong they have done me.

I am upset that after I had walked away from the unfortunate miscommunication with sierra33 she felt the need to post a blog discussing me, and did so AFTER she had blocked me so I wouldn't find out about the unkind way she and her commenters were characterizing me.  That is WRONG.

I was unaware that the bad blog post existed until now or I would have done something earlier.  I am quite unhappy that it has been posted all this time (about six months!!!!!!) for others to read & comment upon without my getting a chance to explain what happened from my point of view.

I have considered my possible responses and have decided to make a simple request that sierra33 undo some of the damage she has done to my reputation:  I want her to post a new blog entry stating (1) that she didn't bother getting to know me or give me a fair chance before misjudging me and gossiping about me.  And (2) that everyone should get to know me on their own without being influenced by her prejudicial remarks.

I've been gone but now I'm back (Offline from September 16th to October 15th 2011)

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Blog menu redirect

To everyone who wants me to stay on EP:  Please send messages to EPSupport or EPArsineh or EPArmen (CEO & founder of EP) telling them that you want NewChrissy and her stories released from EPJail and restored to normal status.  Some of them have been "locked up pending review" since October 2010!

Also, go to this link and register your vote in the anonymous public polls about EPJail:

Thank you!

Copy & paste the following link (without the back-quote, that is in there so EP won't hide the URL from you) to continue on to my full friends-only blog menu (including questions, answers, comments, forum posts, polls, censored & uncensored stories and links to other content): 
or make a note to return to view it later after we are friends if that link doesn't work for you yet.

p.s.:  If you are a prude looking for nudity & sex to get upset over & complain about, or a sinvert who has come here looking for something to hate, or a troll looking for something to flag out of meanness you will probably find it.

Regardless of what you may think of my experiences or lifestyle or opinions I am a good & moral & polite & responsible person who follows the Law and the Terms of Service and would rather that haters just left me alone.  Or even better, get to know & understand me before you flag or judge or report me.  Write to me about your concerns & issues and see what happens.

Party Naked! (Celebrating New Years 2007/2008)

(originally posted on TagWorld 31 Dec 2007)

I dare each of you to celebrate the last hour of 2007 and the first hour of 2008 naked -- I will be, it's one of my New Year's traditions!  (What I do at Midnight I'll just leave to your imagination!)  If you can't manage hours, at least do minutes or seconds.  I know you can find a way to do that, even if you're shy or at a party (I will be!) and have to sneak away somewhere to strip off!  Report back in a comment or send me a private message.

Anyone who tells me a story about a naughty gift they have given or received will get a reply confessing some of the gifts I got for Christmas!

p.s.:  I resolve to be naked more in 2008!

Tags:  holiday, naked, nude, party, Christmas, New Years, celebrate, resolution, 2007, 2008
Here are the comments so far, imported from the old TagWorld (oldest at the top):

*SingleAndLooking, Singles, NudePersonals discussion*  How to celebrate the New Year!  Get naked!  Read my blog post for more information.

*Dand1144*  If I do, and you know I just may, you have to tell me what happens at midnight, in detail:-D Maybe I tell you what happens to me at midnight (I'm NOT going to the coffee shop either!!!!!) PS: I may be watching you, never can tell!! hahaha

*NewChrissy*  Oh My!  Even I'm a little shocked by what happened at the party last night!!!  Party report available by private message only!

It's my Twenty-fifth Birthday!!! (Somebody spank me!)

(originally posted on TagWorld 01 Sep 2007)

I turn twenty-five years young on Tuesday, September 4th 2007!

Woo hoo!

In honor of this special occasion (and since it's a three-day weekend) I've dared myself to wear my Birthday Suit for the entire weekend and all day long on my birthday!  Just keep those melted-wax birthday candles away from me!

Now who wants to give me a twenty-five (plus one to grow on) count spanking?  Only people who vote & comment on this blog during the month of September can participate!  I may even select one of you to use my paddle on me!!!

Naughty prezzies or graphics or videos will also be appreciated, but mail those to me privately!

(Tee hee!  I'm always so bad about celebrating my birthday!)

Tags:  naked, Birthday, nude, celebration, dare, naughty, paddle, presents, september, spank, spanked, spanking
Here are the comments so far, imported from the old TagWorld (oldest at the top):

*Aslan*  Chrissy, I know how much you like pizza, so for your birthday I'm paying a different pizza company to deliver one to you for dinner each day:  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!  You've already promised to stay nude so you'll have to answer the door naked!  But how you decide to tip the guy who brings it to your door I'll leave up to you!

*NewChrissy*  I know YOU too, Aslan!  You're really going to do it, aren't you! ;-)

*Aslan*  Of course I am! Now do you want to tell me what you want on them, or shall I surprise you? I'm getting a delivery report from each driver so you can't cheat! ;-)

*NewChrissy*  Then you had better send drivers I won't mind tipping!

*dali_rules*  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DOLL!! Count on me 2 give U a birthday spanking . . . IF U will do the same for me on 12 November. Hmmmmmmm, 2 show U my support since I M now home from hospital I will spend the entire day au naturel. I think I can talk Akiko into doing it 2.

*NewChrissy*  3-somes should always be au naturel!

*ladyknight41*  hey happy birthday .hope you have a awesome one.

*NewChrissy*  One pizza down, three to go!

*dand1144*  We will just have to wait and see what happens on the 4th, wont we ;D

*NewChrissy*  Arrrggggghhhhhhh!!!  Can you at least give me a little hint?

*dand1144*  Now that would spoil any fun, wouldnt it? Cant have that happen.

*NewChrissy*  Sunday's pizza was very tasty!  I just finished it, with a little help from a new friend!  ;-)

*NewChrissy*  Monday's pizza got delivered at LUNCH time, when I wasn't expecting it!  Aslan, you're a very bad man !  ;-)

*dali_rules*  Hey can I come over? I would love 2 have U for lunch. No wait! I mean I would love 2 have lunch with U!

*NewChrissy*  OMG!  Let's have a party!

*empeedee*  Happy B-day !!!!!

*NewChrissy*  ASLAN!!!  I knew you were going to do something special with my birthday's pizza delivery!  After yesterday's arrived for lunch instead of dinner I was expecting one for lunch and another one for dinner today, but you surprised me again!  Lunch-time came and went with no pizza and I started feeling so frustrated!  Like I had ants in my pants, only I wasn't wearing any!  Then an hour before dinner-time, when I had settled down some and wasn't expecting it yet, a pizza knocked on my door!  And before I was done "tipping" the first one, a second one knocked!  Two at once and both gone in time for me to get ready for my party guests tonight!  You planned it that way, didn't you!

By the way, I noticed that none of the five pizza delivery drivers had pizza signs on their cars or wore pizza shirts or name tags or those silly hats.  They didn't look or act like pizza delivery drivers and they weren't in any particular hurry to just drop off the pizza and leave either!  What gives?  Tell me!

*Aslan*  You caught me.  No, they weren't really pizza delivery drivers.  I ordered them special for you, I just threw in the pizza as a distraction!  They do have something in common (besides YOU, of course!) but I'm not going to reveal what it is.  I just mailed you their names & contact info (in order of "delivery") if you want to conduct your own investigation.  Happy Birthday Chrissy!

*NewChrissy*  Hey everyone, thank you for all the comments & messages & encouragement!  I'll be partying with friends all night tonight, so I may not answer mail until tomorrow.  Thanks to all for making this my best birthday ever!

p.s.:  I expect to complete my dare successfully -- so far, so good!

*NewChrissy*  Well, it's now about 6:30 pm on the day after my birthday and I'm just waking up.  I barely survived my birthday party!  Of course once the party started I wasn't given much choice about that.  I'm starving -- I could use another pizza delivery about now.  (Not really, this girl needs some time to recover!)

I have to tell you about all the prezzies!!!  I now have many new & interesting toys!  And each person who gifted me was kind enough to "demonstrate" their contribution on me!!!  After having a few "special" gifts put on me and receiving my first few birthday spankings, I wasn't given much choice about that either.  Tee hee!

*NewChrissy*  I see that someone has mostly cleaned up the place for me after the party.  Thank you!  But what am I supposed to do with all of the Extra Virgin left in my bath tub after I was held down in it and massaged by dozens of busy hands?  I remember being rolled around on the ground with grass & dirt sticking to the oil on me everywhere and being called a "dirty" girl while getting spanked some more before I was cleaned off with Basic H & my garden hose -- more naughty hands scrubbing & stroking my soapy body EVERYWHERE!

I'm sorry, but it may take me an extra long time to reply to everyone's messages.  I'm not going to be sitting down for very long at a time at my computer for the next few days!  I've never been spanked & teased & pleased by so many people in a single evening ever in my entire life!!  I can't wait until my next birthday!!!

*bspurgeon13*  Happy belated birthday to you!!! I hope you dare to yourself went successful!!

*chutneyhastings*  so I am too late. but regardless hope you had a happy birthday, be happy be well

This is who I'm looking for . . . my soul mate

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"The Opposite" (Jerry Seinfeld Show 5/19/94)

(originally posted on TagWorld 29 Jul 2007)

"The Opposite" (Jerry Seinfeld Show 5/19/94)
( Jerry, Elaine and George are sitting at their usual table in their usual diner )

George: It's not working, Jerry. It's just not working.

Jerry: What is it that isn't working?

George: Why did it all turn out like this for me? I had so much promise. I was personable, I was bright. Oh, maybe not academically speaking, but . . . I was perceptive. I always know when someone's uncomfortable at a party. It became very clear to me sitting out there today, that every decision I've ever made, in my entire life, has been wrong. My life is the opposite of everything I want it to be. Every instinct I have, in every aspect of life, be it something to wear, something to eat . . . It's all been wrong.

( A waitress comes up )

Waitress: Tuna on toast, coleslaw, cup of coffee.

George: Yeah. No, no, no, wait a minute, I always have tuna on toast. Nothing's ever worked out for me with tuna on toast. I want the complete opposite of tuna on toast. Chicken salad, on rye, untoasted . . . and a cup of tea.

Elaine: Well, there's no telling what can happen from this.

Jerry: You know chicken salad is not the opposite of tuna, salmon is the opposite of tuna, 'cos salmon swim against the current, and the tuna swim with it.

George: Good for the tuna.

( A blonde looks at George )

Elaine: Ah, George, you know, that woman just looked at you.

George: So what? What am I supposed to do?

Elaine: Go talk to her.

George: Elaine, bald men, with no jobs, and no money, who live with their parents, don't approach strange women.

Jerry: Well here's your chance to try the opposite. Instead of tuna salad and being intimidated by women, chicken salad and going right up to them.

George: Yeah, I should do the opposite, I should.

Jerry: If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.

George: Yes, I will do the opposite. I used to sit here and do nothing, and regret it for the rest of the day, so now I will do the opposite, and I will do . . . something!

( He goes over to the woman )

George: Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice that you were looking in my direction.

Victoria: Oh, yes I was, you just ordered the same exact lunch as me.

( George takes a deep breath )

George: My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents.

Victoria: I'm Victoria. Hi.

( Cut to Jerry's apartment, the next day: George comes in )

George: Hey, I just found twenty dollars! I tell you this, something is happening in my life. I did this opposite thing last night. Up was down, black was white, good was --

Jerry: Bad.

George: Day was --

Elaine: Night.

George: Yes!

Jerry: So you just did the opposite of everything?

George: Yes. And listen to this, listen to this; her uncle works for the Yankees and he's gonna get me a job interview. A front office kind of thing. Assistant to the traveling secretary. A job with the New York Yankees! This has been the dream of my life ever since I was a child, and it's all happening because I'm completely ignoring every urge towards common sense and good judgment I've ever had. This is no longer just some crazy notion. Jerry, this is my religion.

Tags:  New, OLD, dating, bad, life, good, instinct, opposite, religion, right, Seinfeld, wrong
Here are the comments so far, imported from the old TagWorld (oldest at the top):

*NewChrissy*  Dreaming and common sense and good judgment and being 'good' haven't led me to love & happiness.  It's time to try the opposite.  The question I'm facing is just how 'opposite' from what I've been doing do I want to be now?  Should I go with my original plan to stick with guys my own age and try being a bad girl for a change?  Go after older men instead?  Or
switch to girls?  What do YOU recommend?  Tee hee!

*Mr_Ant*  Dreaming is good as long as one does not become so much of a dreamer that they end up getting nothing done. Common sense is overrated. If it is so common,why do so many people lack it? Just do what you feel or know is right and you will usually be alright. Sometimes people get the wrong idea of what being good is. For instance, a person who is always doing for others and neglecting themselves is not being good. They are being foolish and self-destructive. One must see to themselves and their own needs that they might be in the best position to do good by others. Love and happiness will never happen as long as one is seeking it too hard. As long as one is anxious and over eager. Relax,go about your life,do the things you need to do for yourself, and love and happiness will find you. No doubt about it. Oh,and do not worry so much about age. It is nothing but a number. It is the person that counts,not their age. Whether you should switch to girls is truly a personal decision. Being a guy I recommend sticking with the fellows but I am kind of biased. Heh. I have one thing to say. When you have a jar that needs to be opened,your girlfriend better be a weightlifter or you are up a creek.
Heh. :-P

I'm trying!

(originally posted on TagWorld 27 Jul 2007)

My friend says I need to open up to new experiences and experiment with different attitudes and responses and maybe even some naughty fantasies here in a safe, anonymous, email environment.  She thinks perhaps then I'll be brave enough to take more chances in my real life.

She dared me to upload the "Play Naked" picture.  I'm a casual nudist at home and sometimes even outdoors when I feel safe, but I'm very shy and get extremely embarrassed (and aroused) just thinking about anyone seeing me naked!  That's one of the things I'm trying to work on with her help.

Or yours.  Please be polite and reasonable and go slow and easy and let me get to know you along the way.  I'm very nervous about doing this and I won't reply to anyone who is crude or insensitive or creepy!

Tags:  naked, nude, safe, fantasies, embarrassed, nudist

Read this before asking me questions & writing to me

I hope that you are reading this before writing to me.  If not, you may be wondering why I haven't replied to your messages and you probably want to know what to do to make a connection with me.  I will tell you!

I get dozens of boring first messages for each one or two I reply to.  The ones that tell me something interesting about YOU and include an exciting or fun fantasy or memory get replies.

If you ONLY write to thank me for adding you, or "just to say Hi", or to tell me you want to spank me or have sex with me (without including an interesting fantasy about that), or to ask me to check out your photos, or to chat (or contact you ANY other way than EP mail) your message will be ignored.

If your message ONLY asks for photos, or why I added you (it was so we won't have to pay EP Tokens to write to each other, and can see each other's friends-only posts), or how my day is going, or if I'm really naked, or any other boring comment or request or question, it will be ignored.  Save those (chat, photos, mail addresses, etc.) for after we get to know each other, not when you're trying to stand out from all the other first-time messages I get from random strangers every day.

Don't ask me for stalker information such as my address or phone number.  I will offer that info when I'm ready.

Don't just tell me that you are hard or horny or masturbating or naked.  Tell me things like your first name, what your childhood & school & dating years were like, your favorite cars or jobs or sports, your goals or hobbies or skills, what you do on vacations, the kind of a woman you look for, what you think about while masturbating!

Don't ask me ANY personal questions unless you give me your own answer at the same time.  Tell me about your first time doing X if you want me to tell you mine.  Want me to tell you about my body, or your favorite part of it?  Tell me about something interesting about yours or what you do with it.

If you want to know how I feel about anal sex or BDSM or feet or masturbation or nude beaches or peeing or roleplaying (ageplay, costumes, Daddy/Daughter, petplay, rape, schoolgirl, etc.) or shaving or spanking or swallowing or threesomes or tickling or whatever, first tell me how you feel about it and what you've done.

Want to know my fantasies or memories about something?  Tell me yours first.  Exciting & explicit is OK, crude or stupid or thoughtless isn't.  Don't just tell me what you like, tell me why you like it & how you learned that you like it & your favorite way to do it & your hottest fantasy about it.

In particular:  Don't ask if I will dominate you or be your sex slave or meet you or help you with your fetish or turn-ons.  Maybe I will, but AFTER you get me interested by telling me what happens in your imagination!  Send me a story (not just a short outline!) about what you want to do for/to/with me and how you want me to react or respond to whatever you have planned!

Very little is taboo with me in a conversation or fantasy -- but you have to break the ice by discussing it first -- and I will adjust my response to whatever level of naughtiness you set as your comfort level (or mine, of course).  ANYTHING you are passionate about is fair game to discuss with me unless/until I say I'm not interested -- try me!

I won't promise to answer but I definitely will NOT cooperate if you ignore that I'm a person with feelings & thoughts.  Don't objectify me as just boobs & holes to be used or demand personal information without giving any.  You should be willing to trade answers & memories as equals.  Do that and I will respond in kind if I can.  The more detail you send the more I will share back.  My goal is to share fairly but you have to get my attention first!

Does that seem like a lot of rules?  It's not really, I've just been long-winded about explaining & giving examples.  Other than getting my attention and not boring me once you have it (skip the small talk or include it with a longer message), I only have two simple rules.  One is about breaking the ice on "taboo" topics (you have to go first) and the other is about how to ask me personal questions (give your own answer if you want to know mine).

About me, and about contacting me

I'm open-minded, fun, sexy, single, horny, 28yo, 5'6", 120#, 36D-24-36, (168cm, 54kg or 8.6 stones, 92D-61-92) and a proud Pussied American! I've been a nudist my entire life but I feel embarrassed & turned-on when I'm naked around strangers -- or when I'm wearing sexy lingerie. I am also bisexual -- I choose my partners by their personality & interests, not gender or race or age or status. I'm not married but I do have several boyfriends & girlfriends "with benefits".

In my experiences on change "husband" to "boyfriend" and "wife" to "girlfriend" (or to ME!). I have an older brother but change "sister" to "cousin". Yes, everything I've listed I really have experienced myself (or roleplayed it as realistically as possible, such as being sold as a slave or raped). Or my boyfriend or girlfriend did it while I was playing with them -- that makes it "my" story too! Looking over the list I am just as amazed as you are!!! Use your imagination about my role in each experience -- I always do! Write to me if you want to know more.

I do not reply to public comments left on my Blog or Whiteboard or respond to random requests to chat or send photos -- there are simply too many for me to keep up with so I don't even try. I don't like boring chit-chat or short messages so don't ask me how I'm doing or if I'm naked right now or if I'm still feeling horny, skip directly to telling me something fun or interesting or don't bother me! Greetings or thanks or other short messages from new friends will be ignored.

I'm looking for mature men & women (21 or older) who will help & encourage me to be naughty. I like my lovers to be imaginative & demanding -- I want to play & be played with! If I accept your friend request it's OK to send me erotic or even explicit messages or ask me naughty questions. I'm not here to entertain children or strangers, only adults who take the time to get to know me! If you send me an INTERESTING private message I will reply. Are you a good story-teller? I love reading (& writing) erotic stories! Tell me what you fantasize about, I really want to know. Try to arouse & entertain & shock & thrill me! Boring people or messages may be ignored. Life is too short.

And be sure to read the other blog entries I've posted on (some of them are hidden from you until after we are friends) and the comments on my pictures & stories (turn off "adult filtering" in your account settings to see everything).

My 5055 Experiences in Alphabetical Order (1/5, A-F)

I'm open-minded, fun, sexy, single, horny, 27yo, 5'6", 120#, 36D-24-36, (168cm, 54kg, 92D-61-92) and a proud Pussied American! I've been a nudist my entire life but I feel embarrassed & turned-on when I'm naked around strangers -- or when I'm wearing sexy lingerie. I am also bisexual -- I choose my partners by their personality & interests, not gender or race or age or status. I'm not married but I do have several boyfriends & girlfriends "with benefits".

In my experiences on change "husband" to "boyfriend" and "wife" to "girlfriend" (or to ME!). Yes, everything I've listed I really have experienced myself (or role played it as realistically as possible, such as being sold as a slave or raped). Or my boyfriend or girlfriend did it while I was playing with them -- that makes it "my" story too! Looking over the list I am just as amazed as you are!!! Use your imagination about my role in each experience -- I always do! Write to me if you want to know more.

Here are my 5055 experiences as of 14 March 2010 in alphabetical order.  To  visit one of them, insert the experience ID number into this URL:[experience_ID]

A Life Full of Playful Sex Explorations =248822
A Lover of MILFs =76497
A Lover of the Outdoors =172753
A Sex Maniac =83633
A Sex Pervert =15188
Absolutely Love Book Stores =4606
Absolutely Love Cunnilingus =64714
Absolutely Love the Ocean =105867
Absolutely Love Waffles =67651
Acknowledge I Am Bisexual =207894
Addicted to Sexual Things =214716
Admire Bettie Page =281880
Admire Firefighters =124453
Admire Inner Beauty =160526
Admire Intelligence =175189
Admire Wit and Intelligence =3181
Adore Being a Woman =62403
Adore Scifi, Fantasy, RPGs Etc. =51609
Adore Sleepy Sex =6546
Adore Sluts =305283
Adore Smart Men =141537
Adore the Female Form =59024
Adore the Taste of Popcorn =238148
Adore Women =2513
Adult Stories =155992
Adult Toys =5834
Agree With Transhumanism =222604
All Your Base Are Belong to Us =84780
Almost Got Discovered =34845
Almost Ready to Pee In My Pants =151852
Also Discovered That I Enjoy Bondage With Desperation =140460
Also Like to Shoot Guns With My Friends =193360
Also Like to Swim a Lot =107874
Always Fantasize of Different Women =25980
Always Feel Better After a Shower =201664
Always Felt Like I Was Different From the Crowd =299282
Always Have Fantasies =84015
Always Have Sex On My Mind =231078
Always Have to Pee =44990
Always Liked Older Men =69870
Always Think About Sex =6316
Always Try to Keep An Open Mind =5764
Always Want Everyone to See That I'm Not Wearing a Bra =222218
Always Want to Be Naked =17671
Always Wanted to Be Comfortable Naked =96381
Am "Life Smart" and "Book Smart" =111566
Am "Precious" =263986
Am a ___. Ask me Anything. =122615
Am a Backyard Nudist =87268
Am a BDSM Dom =51756
Am a Big Fangirl For Anime and Manga and Video Game Guys =169973
Am a Biker =913
Am a Bisexual Woman =170730
Am a Books Lover =10424
Am a Cheerleader =6730
Am a Child of the Universe =55583
Am a Closet Exhibitionist =42246
Am a Closet Slave =19348
Am a Cock Whore (goal) =170104
Am a Cocksucker =225343
Am a Complex Person =19182
Am a Complicated Person =1827
Am a Confirmed Bi-sexual =249567
Am a Consensual Slave (goal) =147506
Am a Constant Learner =143528
Am a Couples Therapist (watching) =116406
Am a Creative Genius =30899
Am a Curious Person =23323
Am a Diehard Nudist =48771
Am a Diehard Nudist =7792
Am a Dirty Girl =125867
Am a Dirty Slut =291226
Am a Dominant =54242
Am a Dominant Person =129691
Am a Dreamer and a Thinker =934
Am a Existentialist =294805
Am a Fan of Alberto Vargas and His Vargas Girls =6478
Am a Fan of Dr Who =4061
Am a Fan of Edgar Cayce =134953
Am a Fan of Public Humiliation =229426
Am a Farm Girl and Proud of It =242359
Am a Fast Reader =19517
Am a Female Computer Geek =10634
Am a Female Exhibitionist =223199
Am a Female Exhibitionist =263308
Am a Female Seeking a Male For Taken In Hand Relationship =244684
Am a Female That Wants to Wear a Skimpy Bikini In Public =300385
Am a Flirt =2557
Am a Freak In the Sheets =11063
Am a Free Spirit =55109
Am a Freelance Writer =19926
Am a G-string Girl =193795
Am a Genuis =209646
Am a Girl Wanting to Sleep With a Girl =16734
Am a Girl Who Doesn't Wear Bra or Underwear =139109
Am a Girl Who Loves to Masturbate =133995
Am a Girlie Girl =187984
Am a Great Lover =283222
Am a Happy Person At Heart =7633
Am a Hedonist =1011
Am a Hippie At Heart =154534
Am a Home Nudist =199351
Am a Hopeless Romantic =6466
Am a Horny Little Rabbit =19924
Am a Hotwife =48326
Am a Huge Animal Lover =23232
Am a Kinky Fucker =217638
Am a Lady On the Street and a Freak In the Bed (watching) =143098
Am a Lady On the Street and a Freak In the Sheets (watching) =135761
Am a Life Drawing Model =169345
Am a Lot of Fun to Be Around =5924
Am a Love Machine =159527
Am a Lover of Girls In Tight Wet Jeans =129017
Am a Loving Girl =5229
Am a Magician =112579
Am a Masochist =1915
Am a Mistress =105811
Am a Naturist =43318
Am a Naturist and Exhibitionist =18090
Am a Naughty Girl =63494
Am a Naughty Girl Who Likes Being In Control =242343
Am a Naughty, Naughty, Girl =1056
Am a Nudest =7792
Am a Nudist =2297
Am a Nudist and Love Being Naked =16299
Am a Nudist For My Love =8867
Am a Nympho =7799
Am a Nympho Or Hypersexual =18872
Am a Nymphomaniac =183233
Am a Nymphomaniac =4257
Am a Passionate Lover =28936
Am a Performer =20772
Am a Perpetual Show-off =222216
Am a Person Who Likes to Party Hard =14884
Am a Pet =9724
Am a Pilot =11101
Am a Positive Thinker =109449
Am a Princess =9047
Am a Professional Escort (watching) 164919
Am a Prostitute (watching) =126452
Am a Proud Cock Sucker =152803
Am a Really Good Lovemaker =147682
Am a Sadist =31226
Am a Sapiosexual =106700
Am a Sci-fi Fan =35711
Am a Sci-fi Nerd =262327
Am a Science Geek =102446
Am a Seeker of Inner Peace =132784
Am a Sex Addict =68630
Am a Sex Crazed Fool =64144
Am a Sex Educator For Couples =116407
Am a Sex Obsessed Woman =206632
Am a Sex Slave =197799
Am a Sex Toy =14862
Am a Sexual Being =30137
Am a Slave =7534
Am a Slave =82691
Am a Slut =5320
Am a Slut In the Bedroom =267572
Am a Smart Blonde =17399
Am a Star Trek Fan =31881
Am a Stripper =24687
Am a Strong Woman With My Own Opinions =150215
Am a Strong, Self-confident and Independant Woman =112139
Am a Submissive =310
Am a Submissive and Slave =288090
Am a Submissive Female =165829
Am a Submissive In the BDSM World =6379
Am a Submissive Kitten =6059
Am a Submissive Wife =20021
Am a Successful Massage Therapist =12178
Am a Tease =17773
Am a Total Exhibitionist =8601
Am a Total Sex Addict =204578
Am a Transhumanist =80513
Am a Treehugger =56041
Am a True Voyeur =126014
Am a Very Open Mind Person =234143
Am a Very Sensual Person! =3042
Am a Very Sexual Person =96402
Am a Very Sexual Yet Shy Person =262027
Am a Very Sexually Open Person =162490
Am a Voyeur =359
Am a Voyeur and An Exhibitionist =563
Am a Wild Girl =126313
Am a Woman and I Know How to Shoot a Handgun =257541
Am a Woman and Want Another Woman to Seduce Me On Line, =8062
Am a Woman In Love With a Beautiful Woman =132204
Am a Women That Loves to Meet Men Online =144453
Am a Writer and Researcher =190242
Am Addicted to Books =51500
Am Addicted to Masturbating =54829
Am Addicted to Sex =938
Am Addicted to Sex On the Weekends =7293
Am Addicted to Tickling =3833
Am Addicted to Wikipedia =137322
Am Adventerous and Playful =208792
Am All About Sexual Fantasies =26976
Am Allowing My Wife to Be With Other Men =17712
Am Almost Always Horny =245480
Am Also Very Submissive In My Head =210678
Am Always Curious =18462
Am Always Horny =158436
Am Always Horny =3019
Am Always Horny and Would Love to Meet a Lady Like Me =5308
Am Always Horny As Hell =234126
Am Always Improving Myself =1000
Am Always Interested In Something Forbidden =180672
Am Always Looking =164590
Am Always Looking For Excitment =23859
Am Always Naked =238129
Am Always Naked At Home =171932
Am Always Seeking Knowledge =188847
Am Always Thinking and Thinking =19992
Am Always Wet =20340
Am Amazed At the Human Mind =192693
Am Amazed At the Universe =71871
Am Amazed By Vaginas =200360
Am American =16446
Am An Active Submissive =2630
Am An Adult Entertainer =10101
Am An Adult Who Still Enjoys Playing Make Believe =204602
Am An Adult Who Still Enjoys to Blow Bubbles =13255
Am An Adventure Loving Person =64294
Am An Air Cadet, and Proud =277270
Am An Animal In Bed =247408
Am An Animal Lover =23339
Am An Avid Fan of Firefly =43411
Am An Avid Reader and Writer =195951
Am An Easily Orgasmic Woman =252625
Am An Ellen Degeneres Fan =275604
Am An EP Volunteer =217131
Am An Excellent Lover =12715
Am An Exhibitionist =141594
Am An Exhibitionist =201
Am An Exhibitionist and Voyeur =243424
Am An Expert In Caning =145862
Am An Explorer of Self =229365
Am An Interesting Person =114708
Am An Irish Dancer =3985
Am An Old Soul =33438
Am An Optimistic Realist =46301
Am An Orgasmic Screamer =259397
Am Aroused By Desperation =129967
Am At Home In the Kitchen and Love Cooking =213501
Am At My Sexual Peak =77178
Am Attracted to Girls and Guys =5813
Am Attracted to Older Men =11318
Am Attracted to Tough Girls and Strong Women =44651
Am Bad With Women =74232
Am Being Driven Insane By Desire =210643
Am Bisexual =24
Am Bisexual =33213
Am Bisexual =37566
Am Bisexual =5577
Am Bisexual and I Have a Bf and Gf =218048
Am Bisexual and Polyamorous =200040
Am Bisexual in this Group! =24
Am Book Smart and Street Smart =202886
Am Bursting to Pee =128869
Am Childfree By Choice =47676
Am Chronic Masturbator =198939
Am Collared (goal) =8704
Am Comfortable With You Seeing Me Naked =16017
Am Competent Multi SKilled and Creative =160817
Am Constantly Horny =23721
Am Constantly Looking For Someone to Have Sex With =295280
Am Constantly Surprised By Her =12582
Am Constantly Wet =18266
Am Continuously Improving =209233
Am Craving a Day of Hot, Wild, Passionate Sex =145265
Am Crazy About Animals =125153
Am Creative =5056
Am Creative and Sensitive =38587
Am Creative, Open-minded and Free Spirited =174698
Am Curious About Being a Submissive =11231
Am Curious About Making Love to Someone Else =141967
Am Curious About Taboo Kinks =81757
Am Curious About the Art of Japanese Bondage =143132
Am Curious About the Dominant Submissive Lifestyle =457
Am Curious About Tickle Fetishes =143134
Am Curious How Girls Prefer Their Spankings =260727
Am Deceptively Innocent Looking =167471
Am Different =15193
Am Discovering My Inner Slut =165276
Am Divorced and Happier Than Ever =127529
Am Dominant =101958
Am Easily Amused =1386
Am Easily Attracted to Women =3995
Am Easy =11483
Am Erotic =34057
Am Exploring My Sexuality =84738
Am Exploring My Submissive Side =175299
Am Exploring the World Everyday =111589
Am Extremely Embarrassed =75296
Am Extremely Ticklish =278084
Am Fantasizing About You =209789
Am Fascinated By Human Behavior =76430
Am Fascinated By Mysticism, Meditation, Magick and Martial =43584
Am Fascinated By Quantum Cognition =19788
Am Fascinated By Sex Toys =115781
Am Fascinated By the Entanglement of Mental Lexicons =19788
Am Fascinated By the Lochgelly Tawse =227919
Am Fascinated By the Many Worlds Theory =8395
Am Fascinated By the Neuroscience of Love =63317
Am Fascinated By the Unified Field Theory =83852
Am Fascinated By Wolfram Alpha =213880
Am Feeling Kinky =10457
Am Feeling Very Horny =110307
Am Fond of Rubber and Leather Wear =164920
Am Forever Curious About Everything =273123
Am Fucking My Best Friend =219610
Am Full of Lust =129220
Am Fun Loving and Looking For Kind Hearted Male =42168
Am Fun, Funny, Caring, Unpredictable =1224
Am Generally Open Minded and Kinky =273957
Am Getting Fucked Tonight =124081
Am Glad People Can't Read My Thoughts =15087
Am Going Camping =4886
Am Going Out With a Lovely Woman =86843
Am Going to Have As Much Sex As I Can =225353
Am Going to Have Sex With a Girl =172577
Am Going to Share My Entire Sexual Life to This Group =292757
Am Good At Giving Massages =20457
Am Good At Math =1346
Am Good At Sex =14734
Am Gorean =19242
Am Gorean Master =272951
Am Great in Bed =141858
Am Happiest When Creating =134151
Am Happy and Enjoy Sex and Having Fun =83391
Am Happy In My Bondage =146907
Am Having the Best Sex of My Life =30782
Am Healthy, Active, and Tan All Over =63335
Am Here For His Pleasure =272780
Am Heteroflexible =42630
Am Highly Creative =66496
Am Highly Interested In the Mysteries of the World =151443
Am Highly Intuitive =52369
Am Highly Sexual =4526
Am His Slave =12952
Am Horny =2759
Am Horny All of the Time and It Is Very Distracting =77641
Am Horny All the Time =18456
Am Horny and Looking For Some Fun Times =39578
Am Horny and Love to Give Women Oral =1288
Am Horny As Hell Most of the Time =141223
Am Horny Often =138519
Am Horny, Anyone Want Me =17480
Am Hot =595
Am Hot Very Hot =9663
Am How Kinky =145712
Am Hugely Aroused When She Comes Home Thoroughly Fucked =271594
Am Hypersexual =13563
Am Imaginative =19910
Am Immortal =36478
Am In a Contant State of Self Searching =31851
Am In Deep Thought Almost Constantly =7119
Am In Love With My Wife =39217
Am In Love With the Cutest Girl Ever =208050
Am In the Process of Writing a Book =22800
Am In Touch With My Inner Debbie Harry =201954
Am Infaturated With Being Spanked Or Spanking =231079
Am Infinite and Eternal =312937
Am Intelligent and Enjoy Conversation =96514
Am Intelligent and Thoughtful =27477
Am Intense =26232
Am Interested In Age Play =128852
Am Interested In BDSM =272732
Am Interested In Being Open to New Thoughts and Ideas =191534
Am Interested In Celtic Mythology =58923
Am Interested In Exploring Sexuality =81771
Am Interested In Folklore and Fairy Tales =140676
Am Interested In Girls Peeing =107153
Am Interested In Incest Experiences =157322
Am Interested In Nudism =4205
Am Interested In Polygamy =32794
Am Interested In Science =18400
Am Interested In Sharing My Wife =122084
Am Interested In Stripping =19359
Am Interested In the Innerworkings of Everything =60239
Am Into BDSM =2575
Am Into Bondage =250209
Am Into Erotic Hypnosis =300380
Am Into S and M and Bondage =297603
Am Into Swinging =16787
Am Intrigued By High-class Hookers =130962
Am Intrigued By What Others Find Erotic =16111
Am Intrigued With the Sybian Sex Machine =158378
Am Involved In a Fantasy =194367
Am Irish =308
Am Just Plain Addicted to Seeing My Wife Fuck Other Men =269937
Am Kinky =1552
Am Laying On My Bed Naked =5886
Am Learning About Dominance Submission =173019
Am Learning How to Be a Submissive =115557
Am Learning Kundalini Yoga =51434
Am Learning That It Is Ok to Not Be Nice =20356
Am Learning to Be Submisive =30697
Am Letting Go of a Past Love =59000
Am Letting My Down There Hair Grow Back (goal) =9586
Am Looking Around On Collarme Now =29008
Am Looking For a Kinky Woman =8575
Am Looking For a New Slave =45531
Am Looking For a New Sub =268583
Am Looking For a Slave =121691
Am Looking For a Third Wife For Our Family =102282
Am Looking For Female Twins Who =190397
Am Looking For Kindred Spirits =8661
Am Looking For Sex On EP =208365
Am Looking For Soul Mate =18411
Am Looking to Practice Nudism With Other People =6192
Am Loyal =4107
Am Lucky, My Wife Knows My Fantasies and Makes Them Come True =154020
Am Married But Love Flirting With Other Women =4391
Am Married But Want a Friend With Benefits =191401
Am Married to a Former Stripper =208676
Am Masochistic =182938
Am Masturbating =132481
Am Masturbating =135062
Am Masturbating As You Read This =2690
Am Mathematically Minded =18645
Am More of a Cat Person But Love All Animals =148148
Am More Than They Think I Am =53174
Am More Than What You Think I Am =20444
Am Most Importantly Slave to My Master =230135
Am Multi Orgasmic Squirter =2700
Am My Wife's Slave =65611
Am Naked =7881
Am Naked Half the Time =245464
Am Naked Right Now =150615
Am Naughty =31099
Am Naughty But Nice =152974
Am Needing Sex =1100
Am No Longer Ashamed =140965
Am Noisy During Love-making =59011
Am Not Afraid to Get Dirty =147362
Am Not Afraid to Sing In Public =25494
Am Not Afraid to Talk About My Sexuality =265817
Am Not Against a Good Spanking =57260
Am Not Always Lady-like =166011
Am Not As Emotionally Strong As My Friends Think =202199
Am Not As Stupid As Everyone Thinks =150863
Am Not Ashamed to Love Sex =185
Am Not Easily Shocked =21058
Am Not Like the Other Kids =1021
Am Not Married Or Engaged =31868
Am Not My Job =136043
Am Not One to Turn Down a Dare =3082
Am Not Religious But Believe In Energy (watching) =5226
Am Not Wearing a Bra =19172
Am Not What People Expect =2293
Am Not What You Expect =119192
Am Nude =13408
Am Nudist =193295
Am Obsessed With Alice In Wonderland =13893
Am Obsessed With Masturbation =197
Am Obsessed With Sex =11117
Am Obsessed With Sex and Want a Man =110439
Am Often Told That My Boobs Are My Best Asset =222217
Am Old Enough to Know Better But Much Too Young to Care =211763
Am On My Own Spiritual Journey =251057
Am On My Own Spiritual Path =49025
Am On Spring Break =194190
Am One Badass Princess =13590
Am One of the Sexiest Women In the Room =102983
Am Open Minded =20918
Am Open Minded =87976
Am Open Sexually =150032
Am Open to Any Pleasure Suggestions =243235
Am Open to New Sexual Experiences =13613
Am Opening Up New Vistas of My Sexuality =15258
Am Outgoing, But Also Incredibly Shy =80872
Am Owned (goal) =24700
Am Passionate About Being Passionate =220247
Am Passionate Eager and Hungry For Love =8941
Am Perpetually Horny =34412
Am Planning For My Wife 2be Fuck By My Friends =19762
Am Playful =16920
Am Polyamorous =638
Am Polyamory =47660
Am Practicing Orgasm Denial =14383
Am Promiscuous =82994
Am Proud of My Scottish and Irish Heritage =47650
Am Quite Attractive and Sexy =157898
Am Ready For the Hot Tub =65695
Am Really Fit and Buff =15944
Am Really Horny Now MMM Contact Me =56181
Am Ridiculously Horny =223711
Am Running Naked Through EP =132564
Am Scientific =130356
Am Secretive About My Life =209089
Am Secretly a Very Sexual Person =35470
Am Secretly Bisexual =8307
Am Seductive =125426
Am Seeking Inner Peace (goal) =979
Am Sensual =27478
Am Sensual and Sexual =37039
Am Sex Crazy =267316
Am Sexually Adventurous =34109
Am Sexually Inclined to Powerful Women =172446
Am Sexually Involved With a Forbidden Person =37905
Am Sexually Submissive =169588
Am Sexy =125
Am Sexy and Beautiful =42292
Am Sexy, Even When He Doesn't Tell Me So =55755
Am Sharing My Dirty Little Secret =4500
Am Shaved Smooth Down Below (goal) =15148
Am Slut =69333
Am Slutty =47761
Am So Grateful For My Husband's Support to My Life Style =192821
Am So Horny =64110
Am Somewhat Addicted to Sex =190628
Am Spanked Often =15961
Am Starting a Group For the "Naughty" Girls of EP =232004
Am Still Learning- Every Day =3477
Am Still Married After An Affair =114993
Am Straight But Love Wearing a Cockring =184282
Am Strict and Want to Mentor Someone Who Needs Discipline =182813
Am Stunningly Beautiful =8621
Am Submissive =346
Am Submissive and Kinky =11957
Am Submissive and Love to Be Dominated =20522
Am Submissive If a Women Wants Me to Be =159121
Am Submissive to Wife =120104
Am Such a Girl =13077
Am Sure Belief Is the Magic =187817
Am Taking Control of My Sex Life =10496
Am Thankful For My Past =34902
Am the Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Wife of a United States Marine =149604
Am the Mistress of a Wealthy and Powerful Man (goal) =100098
Am the Owner of My Soul =210327
Am the Penis Whisperer =61788
Am the President of the Steel Nipple Club =2366
Am the True Esoteric Knowledge =240578
Am Thinking About 2012 -- the End of the World =167505
Am Thinking Sexy Thoughts Right Now =194365
Am Ticklish =285
Am Ticklish All Over =10701
Am Torn Between Good Girls and Bad Girls =5521
Am Transhumanist =19315
Am Trying My Best to Evolve As Much As Possible In This Life =101102
Am Turned On =226873
Am Turned On By Police Officers =38692
Am Turned On By Topless Women In Jeans =261123
Am Turned On By Wife Sharing =67536
Am Turned On By Women =77233
Am Turned On By Women Squirting =249527
Am Turned On When Friends Ask About Fucking My Wife =272144
Am Unpredictable =23965
Am Usually a Very Happy and Positive Person =122217
Am Usually Horny and Love Sex =15586
Am Very Active and Love the Outdoors and Nature =226511
Am Very Addicted to Sex =34971
Am Very Ambitious and Emotional Too =155693
Am Very Bi Curious =11524
Am Very Energetic =235732
Am Very Horny =150501
Am Very Horny =216081
Am Very Loyal =59630
Am Very Open-minded and Like to Try New Things =291107
Am Very Open =7586
Am Very Open Sexually =35600
Am Very Passionate =263
Am Very Passionate and Intense When I Make Love =120820
Am Very Selective When It Comes to Letting People Get Close =47605
Am Very Sexual =60003
Am Very Sexual Person =210819
Am Very Studious =162393
Am Very Submissive =13204
Am Very Submissve Around Women =161419
Am Very Ticklish =147944
Am Voyeuristic =143928
Am Vulnerable to Being Seduced =259886
Am Vulnerable When I'm Horny =278608
Am Wanting More =145058
Am Wary of Frats =3783
Am Wondering Why I Have Dreams of Being Raped =113062
Am Worried About the World's Honeybees =128053
Am Writing a Novel =10109
And Being Spanked =200729
Another Man's Cum In My Wife's Mouth =13259
Answer the Door Nude =7931
Answered the Phone During Sex =115045
Appreciate a Hot Looking Chick =276807
Argue But I Don't Raise My Voice =56298
Arranged For My Friend to Fuck My Wife =15104
Ask Permission Before I Orgasm =274571
Asked My Wife to Date My Friends =164621
Aspire to Be the Hot Woman Professor =109927
Attacked Some Pussy From Behind Today =252858
Attended a Sleepover Naked =130895
Attended a Swingers Club and Loved the Attention =276997
Attract Dirty Old Men =78334
Bake From Scratch =209821
Ball Gags =113302
Battled In a Game Called Water Wars =302797
BDSM =2318
BDSM In KC =119659
Be a Nudist =3845
Beautiful =140197
Became a Science Fiction Fan At An Early Age =205620
Become Addicted to Computer Games Easily =278729
Been Fingered =12060
Been On a Waterslide =49746
Being An Exhibitionist =106005
Being Paddled In School =208804
Believe a Wife Must Sexual Freedom to Explore and Enjoy =271285
Believe Anything Is Possible =54253
Believe Creativity Is the Greatest Gift =206691
Believe Everything's Possible =125500
Believe Fantastic Sex Starts In Your Mind =189667
Believe In Always Being Fair =26886
Believe In Eternal Consciousness =9055
Believe In Faeries =43651
Believe In Fairies and Magic =463
Believe In Infinity =15444
Believe In Love =60
Believe In Magic =36671
Believe In Meditation =86092
Believe In Mind Power =121227
Believe In Miracles =19244
Believe In Nature Spirits =22860
Believe In New Beginnings =202506
Believe In Obeying Husband Completely =592
Believe In Polygamy =153441
Believe In Quantom Physics (refused) =95972
Believe In Santa Claus =260581
Believe In Signs =41920
Believe In Synchronicity =28543
Believe In the Golden Rule =51909
Believe In the Power of a Hug and a Smile =6350
Believe Love Is the Answer =28694
Believe Other Lovers Are Not Always "Home Wreckers" =173092
Believe People Come Into Your Life For a Reason =134372
Believe Sex Is a Joy Not a Sin =227757
Believe That Nudity Is Spiritual As Well As Physical =18850
Believe That Sex Is a Need =14017
Believe That Sex Is Crucial to a Healthy Life =305947
Believe That Sex Is Good, Natural and Creative =170731
Believe That Sometimes a Penis Is Just a Penis =142848
Believe That Words Are Powerful =71419
Believe the Couple That Plays Together-stays Together =183012
Believe the World Needs a Super Hero =11447
Believe Things Aren't Always What They Seem =207327
Believe Tickling Is Fun =119495
Believe We Are Not Alone In the Universe =179722
Believe We Create Our Own Reality =47788
Best Pussy Eater =10421
Better Understand What Being a Submissive Is All About =8359
Big Boobies =13703
Bisexual Experience =130477
Bisexual Girl =41191
Bisexuals =120544
Bodypaint =6092
Bondage =6717
Bought a New Vibrator =41636
Bouncy Boobs =292585
Braless =129400
Break Rules =31808
Bursting =107727
Busk =217096
Came =74440
Can't Get Enough Sex =213334
Can't Get Over Old Boyfriends (watching) =54548
Can't Help Myself =103714
Can't Help Myself I Get So Turned On =287882
Can't Live Without Sex =2549
Can't Stop Thinking About My Wife Having Sex With Others =19455
Can't Wait to Be Fucked Again =54850
Can Be a Slut Too =3464
Can Be Dramatic At Times =20337
Can Be Friends With People Totally Different From Me =139849
Can Be Loud During Sex =50086
Can Be Naughty =7910
Can Be Outrageous =59368
Can Be Very Naughty =57351
Can Blend In to Any Situation =155331
Can Change Into My Bathing Suit While I'm Driving =66188
Can Convince a Stranger of Something Totally Ridiculous =185646
Can Dance =17682
Can Do a Full Split =220159
Can Do a Handstand =17867
Can Drive a Stick Shift =30368
Can Eat Breakfast Food At Any Time =148586
Can Feel It Inside Me =154604
Can Handle a Woman With a High Sex Drive =177416
Can Have Fun All By Myself =201726
Can Lick Pussy For Hours =8651
Can Never Get Enough =6179
Can Pass For a 21 Year Old =183083
Can Play Chess and Actually Win =59674
Can Play Poker =20934
Can Run Fast =129916
Can See and Imagine and Think What Other People Cannot =175364
Can Smack That Behind =14868
Can Teach Girls to Squirt =106568
Can Throw a Frisbee =11452
Can Unhook a Bra With My Teeth =195703
Can Write Stories In My Mind =146499
Care About Our Planet (goal) =833
Caught Fireflies =14513
Caught Her Yesterday =149902
Caught Masturbating By Neighbour =281346
Caught My Boyfriend Having Sex With My Best Friend =175144
Caught My Wife Having Sex With My Friend =7986
Caught Someone Masturbating =281891
Cheated On My Boyfriend (watching) =2122
Check Out Guys Openly =72710
Check Out Hot Guys =163252
Check Out Men's Butts Often =285452
Cheerleading =1953
Climbed a Mountain =18676
Clitoris =4198
Close My Eyes and Imagine =222613
CMNF =13492
Collect Tarot Decks =30751
Consider Ayn Rand =2331
Consider My Pets Family =70647
Constantly Think of Sex =25978
Convince My Wife to Go Bare Skin Outdoors =17463
Could Be a Sexaholic =6615
Could Be Convinced to Suck a Cock =176166
Could Have Been a Hippie =228696
Could Have Sex 50 Times a Day =988
Could Live In Barnes and Noble =162187
Couldn't Picture Life Without Pets =109652
Crave Adventure =36425
Crave Attention and Being Turned On =131840
Crave Books Almost As Much As Sex =4528
Crave Sensual Touch =144112
Crave Sex and Chocolate =193045
Create Elaborate Fantasies =56888
Cried After Kissing Him =2787
Cry After Sex =48100
Cuddle After Sex =49872
Cunnilingus =210881
Cunt =73966
Cute Panties =150397
Cybersex =104941
Dance In the Nude =4509
Dance In the Rain Naked =8075
Dance In the Stand Up Tanning Booth =235940
Dance Like I Own the Joint =982
Dance Naked =284055
Dance Nude =146470
Dare You =14970
Date Married Men =73467
Date Older Men =214
Date Submissive Women =274884
Dated a Hot MILF =1973
Decided to Become a Rainbow =237296
Desire to Be Spanked =260269
Desperate to Pee =157882
Did Every Dare Posted On This Group =75359
Did the Dishes Naked =241269
Did the Pee Pee Dance =70897
Didn't Know Baby Oil Could Be So Much Fun =217666
Didn't Know If It Was Considered Rape =265703
Didn't Wait Until Marriage =145729
Discovered Her Nasty Side =269511
Discovered I Am Submissive =144454
Divide By Zero =185317
Do It With the Lights On =160897
Do LSD =266592
Do Naked Risque Dares Are You Up For It =188143
Do Things I Shouldn't =216304
Do Yoga Naked =11759
Do You Have a Dirty Mind =146999
Doesn't Like Pussy Completely Shaven =115915
Dominate My Lover =15207
Don't Believe Everything I'm Told =38016
Don't Believe the World Will End In 2012 =164839
Don't Believe You Have to Be Blood to Be Family =201069
Don't Care If I Get Caught Again =66741
Don't Ever Wear Underwear =180645
Don't Follow Fashion Trends =60224
Don't Have Body Issues =35113
Don't Have Enough Sex =157264
Don't Like Men I Love Men =101037
Don't Like People Who Are Downers =213759
Don't Like to Wear a Swiming Suit =18386
Don't Like Underwear =56297
Don't Mean to Offend Anyone =140101
Don't Mind Being Called a Slut =112400
Don't Mind If People Read My Journal =175263
Don't Need to Act Like a Hooker to Be Sexy =195488
Don't Regret My First Time =57517
Don't Think I Can Live Without Sex =138900
Don't Think I Get Enough Sexual Attention =147525
Don't Think Loving Sex Makes Me a Slut =3491
Don't Understand How Girls Don't Like Girls =134713
Don't Understand Intolerance to Nudity =107903
Don't Want to Work =19472
Don't Wear a Bra =11872
Don't Wear Panties =27288
Don't Wear Underwear =3167
Don't Write As Much As I Would Like to =10748
Double Penetration =131980
Dove Off the Top of a Waterfall =79662
Dream About Sex All Day =360
Dream I Am Naked Walking In Town Or In Public Very Often =19942
Dream In Color =26770
Dream In Fantasy =179247
Dream of Having Sex With Older Men =130048
Dream of Making Love Outdoors =13755
Dreamed of You =184868
Dreams That Come True =13781
Dreamt My Wife Had a Threesome With Another Guy and Myself =232285
Dress Provocatively At Work =291253
Drink Naked =61384
Drive Nude =218195
Eat Pussy =95830
Embarrassed Myself =7488
Embrace My Sexuality =81381
Ended 2009 Right =169544
Enjoy a Few Drinks and Some Adventure and a Good Buzz =96633
Enjoy a Good Conversation =65058
Enjoy a Little Erotic Deception =300887
Enjoy Adult Stories =231539
Enjoy Attending Nudist Resorts =180031
Enjoy Backpacking and Hiking =166830
Enjoy Being Erotic =20075
Enjoy Being In Or By Water =161853
Enjoy Being Myself =15609
Enjoy Being Naked =5275
Enjoy Being Naked Eating Cookies and Cake =7988
Enjoy Being Nude =2647
Enjoy Being Nude Whenever I Can =14390
Enjoy Being Seduced =179692
Enjoy Being Tied Up =2052
Enjoy Being Told What to Wear =2517
Enjoy Being Watched By Strangers =221155
Enjoy Bondage =280807
Enjoy Both Men and Women =106300
Enjoy Braless =164785
Enjoy Car Sex =37747
Enjoy Cock and Ball Torture =165419
Enjoy Cuddling With Someone Special =7297
Enjoy Deepening Levels of Intimacy =27283
Enjoy Dirty Roleplaying =252850
Enjoy Erotic Behavior =281732
Enjoy Erotic Spanking =266395
Enjoy Erotic Stories =183340
Enjoy Fantasizing Openly About Others While Having Sex =13489
Enjoy Filming My Wife =172427
Enjoy Flashing =221154
Enjoy Giving Oral Sex to Guys =13245
Enjoy Giving Pleasure =299781
Enjoy Going to Strip Clubs =110308
Enjoy Good Sex =129319
Enjoy Hanging With Friends =130035
Enjoy Having Other Men While My Monogamous Husband Watches =39977
Enjoy Having Sex =2167
Enjoy Having Sex With Strangers While Boyfriend Watches Me =112194
Enjoy Hiking In the Nude =11173
Enjoy Humiliation =198794
Enjoy Ideas of What to Do With Another Couple =242362
Enjoy Intelligent Conversations =3213
Enjoy Intelligent Women =80680
Enjoy Laughing =6984
Enjoy Light Bondage and Ties Etc. =297075
Enjoy Living a Dominant and Submissive Lifestyle =13143
Enjoy Making People Laugh =108740
Enjoy Masturbating =47415
Enjoy Meaningful Conversations =15794
Enjoy My Naked Life =270773
Enjoy Oral Sex =7789
Enjoy Other Men Seeing My Wife Nude =16349
Enjoy OTK Spanking =266396
Enjoy People-watching =4630
Enjoy Pinup Art =54484
Enjoy Playing Pool =129950
Enjoy Predicament Bondage =201762
Enjoy Provoking a Reaction =224616
Enjoy Reading Embarrassing Stories Sometimes =206103
Enjoy Reading Other People's Sexual Fantasies and Experiences =292872
Enjoy Romance and Kink =209875
Enjoy Science Fiction =774
Enjoy Seeing Others Nude =274015
Enjoy Seeing Young Guys Have Intense Orgasms In My Wife =266526
Enjoy Self-pleasure =249333
Enjoy Sensuality =186889
Enjoy Sex =34475
Enjoy Sex a Lot =4771
Enjoy Sex After a Fight =12645
Enjoy Sex and I'm Not Afraid to Admit It =81444
Enjoy Sex With New People =28763
Enjoy Sex With Strangers =244225
Enjoy Sexy Lacy Underwear =140507
Enjoy Sharing Wife =14993
Enjoy Showing Off Nude Pictures of My Wife =16381
Enjoy Slow Sensual CBT =134019
Enjoy Snorkeling =37009
Enjoy Spanking and Bondage =284970
Enjoy Strap On Sex =10953
Enjoy Sunsets At the Beach =268460
Enjoy Swinging =4574
Enjoy Telling True Dirty Stories About Myself =238239
Enjoy the Challenge of a Game of Chess =130034
Enjoy the Company of Both Men and Women =33163
Enjoy the Fact That My Wife Sleeps With Other Men =270795
Enjoy the Outdoors =45250
Enjoy the River and Anything to Do Outside =38577
Enjoy the Use of Symbolism =69629
Enjoy Threesomes =77898
Enjoy Walking At Night =293656
Enjoy Walking In the Forests Or Being By Any Body of Water =101452
Enjoy Walks In the Park Or Along the Beach =256014
Enjoy Watching My Wife Have Sex With Others =7602
Enjoy Watching Other Having Sex =18333
Enjoy Watching Waves Crash Onto the Beach =38297
Enjoy Writing Meaningful Stories =211504
Enjoy Writing My Thoughts =53088
Enjoy Yoga =102478
Enjoyed a One Night Stand With a Colleague =149624
Enjoyed a Threesome With a Couple =275852
Enjoyed Having Group Sex With My Ex-wife and Other Couples =108748
Enjoyed Masturbating This Morning =305862
Enjoyed My Sexual Encounters With Women =122273
Enloy Harley Davidsons =152995
EP Naked =4192
EP With Clothes On =174940
Escape Into Sexual Fantasy =255946
Escape to My Imaginary World =229217
Escorting (watching) =154088
Exhib =109198
Exhibitionism =16417
Exhibitionist =51458
Exhibitionists =5149
Experience Being Natural and Nude Whenever I Want =270780
Experienced a Shift of Awareness =121238
Experienced a Spontaneous Orgasm =12978
Experimented Sexually With My Brother =299942
Explore New Sexual Experiences With My Wife =105830
Expose Her Over Coffee =149787
Expose My Wife In Public =2051
Expose Myself =153130
Expose Myself to Room Service =242123
Expose Wife =193523
Exposed My Wife =215485
Exposing Myself =259979
Express Myself Through Writing =4527
Extremely Horny =238350
Fantasies =13877
Fantasise About Me and My Girlfriend Dom Another Girl =287164
Fantasize a Lot =276910
Fantasize About =474
Fantasize About Being Gang Raped =264606
Fantasize About Being Raped =220679
Fantasize About Being Raped =272971
Fantasize About Being Someones Wife's Lover =27524
Fantasize About Being With a Woman =12673
Fantasize About Being With Other Women =14218
Fantasize About Doing It With a Prostitute (watching) =32554
Fantasize About DPing Her =253958
Fantasize About Group Sex =4741
Fantasize About Having Sex With a Couple =11096
Fantasize About Just About Every Woman I Meet =20028
Fantasize About Masturbating In Front of An Audience =166371
Fantasize About Men and Women =181925
Fantasize About Naughty Peeing =186309
Fantasize About Other Girls =234403
Fantasize About Rape Regularly =65870
Fantasize About Sexual Experiences =173065
Fantasize About Sharing My Wife =53692
Fantasize About Wife Swapping =160116
Fantasize About Wrestling With a Woman =40951
Fantasize Constantly =161098
Fantasize Often =180815
Feel Comfortable In My Skin =12881
Feel Fantastic =179264
Feel Horny In the Daytime =195557
Feel Like a Labrat =226668
Feel Like Dancing Naked Tonight =7437
Feel Like Having An Affair =87134
Feel Like Writing a Little Erotica =45200
Feel Lustful =7681
Feel Naughty and Want Too Be Shared =148399
Feel Orgasm Is the Best Relief For Lots of Things =222736
Feel Sexy =26751
Feel So Sexy Sometimes =6957
Feel Spiritual =122
Feel Your Never to Old For a Spanking =222828
Fell In Love With a Teacher =130831
Female Desperation =174613
Female Domination =130897
Female Nudist =84965
Femdom =26435
Ffm =44429
Figured Out My Friend Is Sharing His Wife Through the Net =163283
Film Ourselves Having Sex With Others =118453
Find a Friend With Benefits =10200
Find BDSM Fascinating =41390
Find Down Pours of Rain Sensual =10042
Find Female Desperation Exciting =148351
Find It Arousing When Girls Get Embarrassed =294699
Find More of God In Nature Than In Typical Churches =181824
Find Sensuous Mature Women Irresistable =155020
Find Sexual and Creative Energy to Be Linked =213905
Find Sexual Fantasies Fascinating =297555
Find Stockings, Garters and High Heels Very Sexy =167018
Find the Mind Is Amazing =186447
Finger Myself =127850
Fired a Machine Gun Set to Full Auto =13369
First Sex =115662
First Time =6883
First Time I Had Sex =125476
First Time Sex =133965
First Time With Threesome =74060
Flash Myself In Public =2402
Flash People =128378
Flashed Builders Working On My House =304075
Flashed My Breasts At Someone Today =133577
Flashed Someone Today =20291
Flashing =83577
Flashing In a Hotel =217163
Flirt Shamelessly =153212
Flown a Plane =227108
Fly a Hot Air Balloon =5456
Forced Sex =196196
Forgot My Pants =110167
Found Balance and Harmony =11042
Found Myself Craving to Be Submissive Whore Again Today =11485
Found These Diaries =180458
Friends With Benefits =157539
Frighten Grown Men =18795
Fuck =5090
Fuck a Woman's Mind As Thoroughly As Her Body =227069
Fuck Anywhere =253657
Fuck Hard =11576
Fuck Like a Pornstar =11242
Fuck My Gf While She Is Masturbating =302062
Fuck My Wife =20520
Fucked a Girlfriend =244383
Fucked In a Bathroom At School =251542
Fucked In a Public Restroom =295213
Fucked My Boss's Girlfriend =255982
Fucked My Dad (watching) =70172
Fucked My Friend's Wife =12179
Fucked My Wife's Sister =154521
Fucked My Wife In the Shower =299978
Fucking =19341

My 5055 Experiences in Alphabetical Order (2/5, G-K)

Here are my 5055 experiences as of 14 March 2010 in alphabetical order.  To  visit one of them, insert the experience ID number into this URL:[experience_ID]

Gangbang =57853
Gave Her First Punishment =280008
Gave My Friend a Blow Job =76806
Gave My Husband His Biggest Fantasy =17090
Gave My Wife to Another Man =130178
Generate Cosmic Energy (goal) =10496
Get Aroused From Mutual Arousal =239678
Get Aroused So Damn Easy =7995
Get Excited About Her Having Sex With Others =12736
Get Extremely Turned On Knowing Or Feeling Someone Is Watching Me =95
Get Handcuffed, Tied and Gagged =18916
Get Horny At Work =144416
Get Horny When I'm Drunk =79942
Get Horny When My Wife Tells Me How Her Ex Used to Fuck Her =20278
Get Hot When She Escorts Cuz the Sex Afterward Is Amazing (watching) =272154
Get Lost In Thought and In the Woods =10707
Get More Horny By My Online Friends =141732
Get Naked In the Pacific Northwest =257880
Get Naked When I'm Alone =11082
Get Naughty Thoughts =12990
Get Off On Seeing Other Men Cum Inside My Wife =284769
Get So Hard Holding Her Legs Open As Another Man Slides In =304307
Get Straight A's =71107
Get Turned On By Female Desperation =68549
Get Turned On By Sexy Women =124335
Get Turned On By Women In Panties =153930
Get Turned On Peeing In Public =33241
Get Very Horny When I Am So Desperate That It Almost Hurts =237221
Give Awesome Oral Sex =10835
Give Excellent Blowjobs =4777
Give Good Brain =96401
Give Great Sex Advice =72683
Give Love and Affection =14862
Give My Wife to Other Men =14813
Go Barefoot In Public =15580
Go Commando =43021
Go Mountain Backpacking =243631
Go Naked In Public =13173
Go Nude =541
Go Nude On a Public Beach =15352
Go Sailing =34188
Go Streaking =11633
Go to a Nude Beach =156695
Going Out to Tease =301258
Good Friends to Fuck My Wife and Fill Her Regularly =230839
Google Everything =238058
Got a Job I Wanted and Made a Lot of Money =109507
Got a Woman Turned On By Masturbating For Her =244210
Got Caught Having Sex At the Library =49183
Got Caught In My Underwear =156604
Got Caught Masturbating =122348
Got Caught Naked =190832
Got Caught On My First Time =962
Got Caught With Porn =9422
Got Felt-up By a Stranger =124050
Got Fingered In a Bar =279434
Got Fucked In Front of My Friends =19717
Got Fucked In Public =136711
Got Handcuffed =85767
Got Hit On During a Job Interview =7999
Got Jacked Off In Public (watching) =118800
Got Kicked Out of a Clothes Store =26957
Got Laid At a Strip Club and Didn't Pay For It =182380
Got Locked Out of a Hotel Room Naked =102553
Got My Wife to Be Less Inhibitive =294126
Got Naked In Front of Men =3319
Got Paid For Sex =196727
Got Scared Waiting to Be Punished =301975
Got Spanked a Lot In School Which I Enjoyed a Lot =212927
Got Spanked As a Kid =200776
Got Stripped =40567
Got Stuck In An Elevator =25175
Got Tickled Recently =3833
Got Tickled Until I Peed =313464
Graduated From the University of Life's Experience (goal) =152198
Green Eyes =211247
Grew Up and Still Love Edgar Rice Burroughs =19215
Grope =182711
Had a Dream About My Wife =25884
Had a Foursome - Two Men, Two Women =105665
Had a Foursome With My Wife =28931
Had a Girlfriend Who Loved Nude Modeling =270769
Had a Long Time Girlfriend Who Shared My Fantasy =96182
Had a MFF Threesome =90
Had a MMF Threesome =901
Had a Orgasm While I Was Sleeping 252029
Had a Pee Accident =142539
Had a Threesome and Shared My Wife =17024
Had a Threesome With My Husband =2262
Had a Threesome With Two Girls =7172
Had a Wild Weekend =262943
Had a Wonderful Day Having Great Sex In the Sun =225262
Had An Affair With a Professor =276245
Had An Embarrassing But Exciting Sexual Experience =5893
Had An Erotic Dream Last Night =166252
Had An Exciting Hot Tub Experience =240790
Had An Extremely Erotic Experience =145886
Had An Older Lover =173640
Had An Orgasm In My Sleep =61153
Had An Orgasm Without Touching Myself =116179
Had Group Sex =263820
Had Incredible Sex In a Van =300907
Had M-m-f Sexual Experience =137366
Had My First Lesbian Experience =2903
Had My First MFF Threesome =205930
Had My First Time With My Best Friend =189389
Had My Wife Fucked By a Stranger =224085
Had Rest Area Sex =280293
Had Revenge Sex =268465
Had Sex =1581
Had Sex As a Teen =256482
Had Sex At Work =108834
Had Sex Before I Could Drive =10643
Had Sex For Money =42917
Had Sex In a Adult Store =217271
Had Sex In a Car =10883
Had Sex In a College Dorm =15585
Had Sex In a Cop Car =5659
Had Sex In a Park At Night In the Rain =189008
Had Sex In a Park Last Night =261240
Had Sex In a Public Place =68015
Had Sex In a Sauna =269562
Had Sex In a Snow Drift =275767
Had Sex In a Taxicab =266795
Had Sex In a Theater =341
Had Sex In An Elevator =18164
Had Sex In My Childhood In Our Village =173507
Had Sex In Public =164952
Had Sex In the Forest =20309
Had Sex In the Forest =229188
Had Sex In the Rain =250840
Had Sex On a Motorbike =249216
Had Sex On a Park Bench =235425
Had Sex On An Airplane =13926
Had Sex On the Beach =160631
Had Sex On the Beach Once =60914
Had Sex On the Train =268227
Had Sex Outside =1819
Had Sex When I Was Fifteen =2602
Had Sex When I Was Ready =45428
Had Sex With a Co-worker =273467
Had Sex With a Prostitute (watching) =897
Had Sex With a Stranger =75653
Had Sex With a Stripper =125266
Had Sex With a Virgin =167632
Had Sex With Daddy's Repairmen =18458
Had Sex With My Boyfriend's Parents =11106
Had Sex With My Brother =211100
Had Sex With My Coach =15138
Had Sex With My Cousin =28081
Had Sex With My Cousin =56981
Had Sex With My Employer =15704
Had Sex With My Family =161152
Had Sex With My Friend =267255
Had Sex With My Girlfriend's Brother =16305
Had Sex With My Hubby's Friend =299370
Had Sex With My Neighbor =16185
Had Sex With My Neighbor and Her Friends =264767
Had Sex With My School Nurse =12693
Had Sex With My Uncle =14758
Had Sex With My Wife's Sister =117970
Had Sex With My Wife In Front of Other People =163274
Had Sex With Ten Men Or More At the Same Time =249209
Had Sex With the Boy Next Door and His Dad =11837
Had Sex With the Cheer Squad =256057
Had Sex With the Girls Team =261750
Had Sex With Three Other Men and Women At Same Time =171892
Had Sex With Two Bisexual Women =6293
Had Sex With Two Men =194081
Had Sexual Experiences In Childhood =173447
Had This Fabulous Sex Experience =280844
Had to Chase a Small Dog =303986
Had Tons of Sex Without My Parents Knowing =26720
Had Truly Incredible Sex Today =172521
Hate Cat Fights =115878
Hate Censorship =47794
Hate People Who Judge Someone By How They Look Or Dress =229157
Hate Sleeping Alone =67192
Hate to Wear Clothes =108549
Hate Undergarments =206608
Hate Underwear =78539
Have a Bachelors Degree =212824
Have a Battery Operated Toothbrush =64413
Have a Beautiful Mind =270599
Have a Bi-wife =153374
Have a Blog =416
Have a Booty and Want It Spanked =34916
Have a Boyfriend That Makes Me Crazy =3079
Have a Cat =5598
Have a Clit Piercing (goal) =179623
Have a CMNF Fantasy =268022
Have a College Degree (am a College Graduate) =1029
Have a College Diploma =30887
Have a Crush On a Coworker =51000
Have a Crush on Xena =199403
Have a Daddy Comples =124589
Have a Dancing Pole In My Room =160328
Have a Day Just Full of Sex =142778
Have a Dirty Fantasy =111341
Have a Dirty Mind =123
Have a Fantasy of Being Raped =148608
Have a Fascination With Masturbating =204382
Have a Fascination With Spanking =247608
Have a Fetish =1285
Have a Fetish For Bare Soles and Tickling =150475
Have a Fetish For Lingerie =8705
Have a Fetish For Wet Pussy =148212
Have a Foot Fetish =18153
Have a Foursome With Three Women =259543
Have a Full Bladder =172293
Have a Garden Fantasy =7090
Have a Girlfriend That Wants Me to Share Her With My Brother =258078
Have a Goal to Have Sex More Often =63232
Have a Great Bust =48414
Have a Hard Time Saying No =14262
Have a Hot Body =221283
Have a Hot Wife =197434
Have a Hot Wife and Live In An Upscale Neighborhood =19736
Have a Hotwife =107193
Have a Hotwife Who Wears An Anklet =279805
Have a Huge Libido =155950
Have a Husband That Masterbates While I Enjoy Other Men =260578
Have a Husband Who Thinks I Am So Sexy =220891
Have a Kidnap Fantasy =226129
Have a Lot of Dirty Thoughts =176479
Have a Lot of Sexual Fantasies =2642
Have a Loveable Cat =231422
Have a Lover Who Is Also My Best Friend =40175
Have a Marriage Full of Passion =216144
Have a Master (watching) =9732
Have a Myriad of Interests =95971
Have a Naughty Side =10773
Have a Naughty Xmas List =166330
Have a Need, a Desire to Be Tickle Tortured =155075
Have a Passion For Panties =131006
Have a Pendulum =72749
Have a Philosophy On Aliens =192827
Have a Pierced Clitoris (goal) =15311
Have a Powerful Sex Drive =220557
Have a Pussy That Has a Mind of Its Own =144115
Have a Rape Fantasy =3025
Have a Reading Addiction =203653
Have a Rich Inner Life =17446
Have a Secret Weakness For Tattoos and Piercings =1410
Have a Secret Wish =199223
Have a Sex Buddy =59129
Have a Sex Story =282106
Have a Sexually Free Wife =278110
Have a Soft Heart =172547
Have a Spanking Fetish =125374
Have a Spirit Animal =16313
Have a Squirter As a Partner =277090
Have a Story to Tell =44340
Have a Strange Way of Putting Myself to Sleep =138861
Have a Theory =84459
Have a Threesome Fantasy =156358
Have a Tickling Fetish =14530
Have a Tickling Fetish Just As Intense =179540
Have a Tight Pussy =11281
Have a Tip For You =200092
Have a Vagina =259997
Have a Very Unusual Marriage =53824
Have a Vibrator =203070
Have a Wife That Guys Keep Hitting On =8980
Have a Wife Who Exposed Her Breasts In Public =296000
Have a Wife Who Never Wears Panties =168085
Have a Wild Imagination =62395
Have a Wild Side =61212
Have a Wonderfull Husband =71276
Have Accepted My Inner Slut =195054
Have Also Been Kinky and Submissive =20378
Have Always Been An Exhibitionist =6405
Have Always Been Labeled, One Way Or Another =8457
Have Always Been Told I Could Write a Book About My Life =204484
Have Always Enjoyed Being Naked =13340
Have Always Fantasized About a MMF Threesome =171
Have Always Found Intimacy With Both Sexes to Be Desirable =139953
Have An Active Imagination =16924
Have An Amazing Girlfriend =17842
Have An Amazing Husband =100096
Have An Amazing Lover =36276
Have An Inner Rocker Chick =202325
Have An IQ Over 130 =1062
Have An Occasional Urge to Be Bad =234581
Have An Unquenchable Sex Drive =14887
Have An Unusually High Sex Drive =5537
Have As Much Sex As I Can Before I'm 30 =258918
Have Attended a Tickle Gathering =119502
Have Been a Bad, Bad Girl =66986
Have Been Arrested =30904
Have Been Blocked =255035
Have Been Called a Genius =57640
Have Been Caught Pleasuring Myself =29832
Have Been Cross Country Skiing =75095
Have Been Dancing Since I Was 2 =69137
Have Been Desperate to Pee At School =187016
Have Been Electrocuted =64503
Have Been Embarrased In Front of a Bunch of People =50783
Have Been Exchanging Sexy Emails =256073
Have Been Felt Up =104681
Have Been Fingered =129944
Have Been Gardening Nude =265407
Have Been Hit With a Belt =194092
Have Been Hypnotized =46476
Have Been In An Open Relationship =18921
Have Been In An Orgy =3022
Have Been In Homemade Porn Videos =17627
Have Been In Love With 2 Women =85235
Have Been In the Middle of a Story When It Was Deleted =181665
Have Been Intimate With Women 15 to 40 Years Older Than Me =198676
Have Been Loved By Many Males and Females =309092
Have Been Nude On a Clothes Beach =14888
Have Been On a Cruise Ship (goal) =52707
Have Been Peed On =47555
Have Been Photographed Masturbating =241861
Have Been Raped =1488
Have Been Read My Rights =13117
Have Been Sent "Things" By a Stalker =182598
Have Been Skinny-dipping =2973
Have Been Skydiving =57445
Have Been Spanked In My Gym Knickers =280435
Have Been Strip Searched =32153
Have Been Tied Up and Tickled =239454
Have Been to a Nude Beach =41615
Have Been to a Nudist Resort =15966
Have Been to a Sex Toy Party =146521
Have Been to a Swinger's Club =202802
Have Been to a Zoo =110392
Have Been Told I'm Sexy =172498
Have Been Touched On Public Trains =12601
Have Been Trained to Be Very Oral =197192
Have Been Used By Friends =113310
Have Been Videoed Having Sex =148738
Have Been Watched While Masterbating =256642
Have Been Wickedly Naughty Today and I Loved It =176944
Have Been With a Married Woman =280722
Have Big Boobs =13814
Have Big Breasts =124171
Have Big Nipples =165684
Have Big Tits =58629
Have Bisexual Desires =7251
Have Bisexual Fantasies =5626
Have Blonde Hair and Green Eyes =192547
Have Brought Love, Divine and Inherent, Into Positive, Contagious Fruition =19320
Have Cats =40626
Have Changed Clothes In the Car =73495
Have Come a Long Way and Am Still Journeying Upwards =117694
Have Completed a 100 Percent Replacement of Job Income With Business Income =14745
Have Conversations With My Pets =125392
Have Crowd-surfed =149870
Have Defended Myself =79826
Have Discovered That I Am a Submissive =190169
Have Dominated Married Women =137200
Have Done a Lot of Sexual Experimentation =64839
Have Done Naughty Things =7778
Have Done Sex With a Lady and It Is Nice Experience =226167
Have Driven Naked =205898
Have Eaten Pussy =198981
Have Embarrassing Childhood Memories =10611
Have Engaged In Group Sex =2514
Have Enjoyed Females Who Squirt =266019
Have Enjoyed Myself While Being Stranded =20461
Have EP Cyber Lover's =263591
Have Erotic Orgasmic Dreams =281885
Have Exhibitionist Fantasies =914
Have Experienced BDSM =78435
Have Experienced Paradigm Shifts =278361
Have Exposed Myself In a Public Place =222618
Have Family and Friends In the Military =61342
Have Fantasies =38644
Have Fantasies to Share =257178
Have Fantasies Which Should Be Fulfilled =295868
Have Fantasized About Being the Captain of a Ship =96039
Have Felt Cosmic Love =181649
Have Felt the Razor Strap =170946
Have Flashed Someone, and I Liked It =6629
Have Flown An Airplane =4607
Have Flown Naked In a Cloudhopper Hot Air Balloon =20884
Have Found An Inner Strength I Didn't Know I Had =124566
Have Fun =17964
Have Gangbanged My Girl and We Fucking Loved It =144440
Have Given Another Man's Wife Greatest Sex of Her Life =142123
Have Gone Commando From Time to Time =81359
Have Gone Skiing In Colorado =17430
Have Gone Streaking =182926
Have Gotten Nude At Work =205913
Have Great Breasts =84562
Have Great Sex With My Spouse =49916
Have Green Eyes =2327
Have Had a Friend With Benefits =30891
Have Had a Lesbian Experience =201490
Have Had a Lot of Experience For My Age =235685
Have Had a Threesome and Or Group Sex =241804
Have Had a Threesome With My Boy and Bestfriend =2851
Have Had a Threesome, More Than Once =190991
Have Had a Very Embarrassing Experience =270987
Have Had a Weekend Break Fully Nude =302401
Have Had a Woman Beg Me For Sex =263342
Have Had An Orgasm While Dreaming =68871
Have Had An Out of Body Experience =158122
Have Had Drunk Sex =104853
Have Had Mind Blowing Sexual Experiences =160722
Have Had Multiple Orgasms =119
Have Had Sex In a Car =204579
Have Had Sex In a Hot Tub =246601
Have Had Sex In a Swimming Pool =13687
Have Had Sex In a Truck =7776
Have Had Sex In Public =10242
Have Had Sex In School =126889
Have Had Sex In the Shower =10162
Have Had Sex Naked On Top of a Car =279024
Have Had Sex On a Boat =194732
Have Had Sex On a Pool Table =86978
Have Had Sex On the Floor =282217
Have Had Sex Outdoors =226820
Have Had Sex With Five People =220888
Have Had Sex With My Girlfriend As a Teen =256075
Have Had Some Good Drunken Experiences =157481
Have Had Stranger Sex =293875
Have Had Two Women In Bed At the Same Time =2122
Have Happy Fingers =233216
Have Horney Teenage Kids =220984
Have Hotwife =142792
Have Imaginary Lovers =48441
Have Intense Desires =233607
Have Interesting, Caring Girlfriends =15881
Have Kinky Fetishes =147064
Have Large Breasts =8720
Have Lesbian Fantasies =71119
Have Lightbulb Moments =123575
Have Lots of Sex =25736
Have Lots of Sexual Fanasies =228150
Have Lots of Stories to Tell =219460
Have Lots of Wonderful Sex =77659
Have Made a Sex Tape =38271
Have Made Love In a Car =151482
Have Made Out In a Car =70424
Have Man Who Loves His Women to Be Girly =188664
Have Marched In a Parade =290802
Have Masturbated Someone Else =18336
Have Masturbated While Driving =13559
Have Masturbated While Fantasizing of Being Spanked =242128
Have More Dreams Than I Share =225568
Have My Masters =3144
Have My Nipples Pierced (goal) =28092
Have My Own Harem =296010
Have My Own Religion =155089
Have My Own Style =57465
Have My Own Unique Religion =235576
Have Never Said "No" =156371
Have Nice Boobs =6497
Have Nicknames For My Private Parts =54674
Have No More Room For My Books =30064
Have No Piercings Or Tattoos =142184
Have No Tanlines =258499
Have Nosy Neighbors =110698
Have Nothing to Hide =18560
Have Orgasms In My Sleep =11126
Have Other Interests Besides Sex =67927
Have Participated In Acts of Civil Disobedience =43868
Have Pierced Nipples (goal) =15311
Have Played Dungeons and Dragons =219853
Have Played Strip Poker =18094
Have Posed Naked For Female Artists =889
Have Posed Nude For a Painter =44417
Have Psychic Abilities =15803
Have Put Ice Cubes In My Panties to Cool Off and I Liked It =113109
Have Quite An Extensive Vocabulary =153809
Have Rape Fantasies =64872
Have Recently Been Obsessed With Penises =184366
Have Relationships With Married Men =1632
Have Ridden a Train =85607
Have Ridden My Bike Over 50 Miles =3564
Have Seen My Friends Wife Completely Naked =217889
Have Sensitive Nipples =7408
Have Sensual Memories =162474
Have Served As a French Maid =224146
Have Sex Sleepovers =259118
Have Sex Toys =163578
Have Sex With a Stranger =16714
Have Sex With Married Women =160069
Have Sex With Our Maid =125034
Have Sex With Relatives =199347
Have Sex With Strangers =3102
Have Sexual Dreams =8752
Have Sexual Fantasies =43945
Have Sexual Fantasies in this Group! =4394
Have Sexually Sadistic Fantasies =82848
Have Sexy Eyes =8656
Have Shared Men =16487
Have Shared My Husband With Another Woman =163134
Have Shared My Wife =145289
Have Shared My Wife With Another Man =20922
Have Shoplifted =1048
Have Shown Nude and Hardcore Pics of Me and My Wife =4896
Have Skinny Dipped =1201
Have Skipped Class =148787
Have So Much Creativity Inside, It Must Come Out =52005
Have Special Powers =121253
Have Strange Sexual Fantasies =5022
Have Stripped Occasionally =295210
Have Sucked Guys Cocks That I Knew For Less Than An Hour =264604
Have Sunbathed Nude =1050
Have Sunbathed Topless =191750
Have Taken Naked Pics and Videos =183372
Have the Best Sex Life =200540
Have the Greatest Husband =67959
Have the Holiday Spirit =286092
Have the Most Wonderful Husband =55491
Have Thought About Having Sex For Money =130512
Have Three Cats =3049
Have Threesome =13440
Have Ticklish Feet =38331
Have Tipped An Exotic Dancer Out of Pity =76308
Have to Be Sexually Satisfied =16872
Have to Pee Now =260111
Have to Pee Right Now =67244
Have to Say Goodbye Even Though I Love Him =129964
Have to Smile Over An Embarrassing Moment =78356
Have Too Many Fantasies Concerning My Wife =160489
Have Trouble Saying No =103758
Have Used Fruit As a Sex Toy =225296
Have Various Sexual Fantasies Such As Bonded Slave =183308
Have Very Long Hair =7956
Have Very Perky Nipples =222219
Have Waited the Longest Time to Find the Perfect Lover =170282
Have Watched My Wife Or Gf Ride a Dildo =272534
Have Watched My Wife Sucking Cock =246067
Have Wife Sharing Fantasies =282492
Have Wild Sex Fantasies =269380
Have Worn a Bikini =109592
Have X-rated Stories =240829
Having a Threesome =160211
Having Sex With Two Men =104738
Having Wife Go Braless =155272
Heard My Neighbor In the Shower Having Sex =265697
Hi I'm Just Me and I Love Being Nude =258030
Hogtie =198487
Hold Pee =81972
Hooking =154091
Hope to Grow In Love, Faith, Understanding, Hope, Knowledge =123376
Hope to Inspire People to Accept Our Naked Selves As Decent =205623
Horny =1789
Horny All the Time =253031
Horny and Gotta Pee =260113
Horny and Ready =162665
Hosted a Dinner Party =216961
Hot and Steamy Shower =84656
Hot Tub Naked =259334
Hot Wives =182139
Hotwife Relationship =15275
How Dare You =15297
How Many Hours of Sex Can You Have =281301
How Sexually Powerful Are You =145747
How Slutty Are You =145882
Hunger For the Petal-like Lips of Her Labia =60882
Husband Likes Wife to Be Fucked =189462
Husband Likes Wife to Be Topless On Holiday =3335
Husband Who Likes to Watch Wife Being Fucked =13886
I'd Like to Find Other Men to Have Sex With My Wife With Me =128240
I'm a Bad Girl =53172
I'm a Fetish Maid I'll Fulfill Your Needs =308416
I'm a Hooker (watching) =56852
I'm a Nymphomanic =60499
I'm a Pain Slut =28987
I'm a Prostitute (watching) =56853
I'm a Super Slut =247132
I'm Attracted to Naughty and Slutty Girls =278143
I'm Ccuuuummmiinnnnggggg =169923
I'm Crazy About Sex =132042
I'm Having An Affair With a Married Man =2282
I'm Horny =156600
I'm Horny, Who's Horny =96616
I'm Interested In Women Who Squirt =274258
I'm Into Female Desperation =198179
I'm No Stranger to Pain =66348
I'm Sooooo Hot and Pretty =10711
I'm Submissive =173036
I'm Too Sexy For =63121
I've Been Naked All Day =233393
I've Been Raped =208283
I've Done Pole Dancing =82966
I've Had Meaningless Sex =73378
I've Had Sex With My Wife In Front of Our Friends =286743
If You've Never Been to Texas----go =212466
If You Have Sex With Your Own Clone Is That Masturbation =193910
If You Were a Cartoon Who Would You Be (goal) =86246
If Your Wife Would Do Anything Sexual You Wanted =268871
Intelligent =18393
Intense =16163
Into BDSM =264647
Investigated Sex At a Young Age =159186
Irish =40338
Jilling =12226
Journal Sometimes =20959
Juggle =36699
Just Adore Lipstick and High Heels and Lacy Lingerie =298787
Just Bought a New Dress =78720
Just Can't Resist a Cute Stud =8187
Just Figured Out a New Turn On =143176
Just Finished Spanking and Milking My Husband =276914
Just Found the Perfect Flogger =208649
Just Had Great Sex =5229
Just Had Sex =34697
Just Had the Best Sex You Can Imagine =268257
Just Had the Most Embarassing Moment of My Life =56795
Just Love Sex and Sometimes I Fantasize Being Raped =273651
Just Love Watching My Wife Have Sex With Other Men =298029
Just Masturbated =155
Just Ordered a Pizza =104700
Just Orgasmed (goal) =10394
Just Put On Nipple Clamps =305508
Just Wanna Be Taken =55666
Just Wanna Be With You =167609
Just Want to Be a Bad, Bad Girl, Worthy of Punishment =242124
Just Want to Be Manhandled Sometimes =263208
Just Want to Be Taken =214705
Just Watched My Neighbour Strip Off As I Walked the Dog =295481
Keep a Journal =3862
Keep Fit =10836
Keep My Promises =75105
Keep Urging Her to Fuck Someone While I At Work =287480
Kindergarten Memories =252453
Kinky =51137
Kiss =229366
Kissed a Girl =58543
Kissed a Girl Before a Guy =160192
Kissed a Woman =27564
Kissed In the Rain =19126
Kissed Many Boys =13816
Knew My Hot Neighbor, Whoa =199037
Know a Firefighter =130502
Know Animals Have Feelings Too =79507
Know Exotic Dancers Are People Too =209730
Know Fifty Reasons Why Young Girls Should Date Older Men =225814
Know How to Have a Good Time =285328
Know How to Pick Handcuffs =188549
Know How to Ride a Motorcycle =11342
Know How to Sail a Boat =59893
Know How to Shoot a Gun =140430
Know How to Ski =81834
Know Hypnosis Works =20772
Know I'm a Bad Girl =31727
Know I Have a Dirty Mind =4960
Know Imagination Is a Magical Door =304180
Know Men Are Better Than Vibrators =202582
Know Men Are Better Than Vibrators =202595
Know Music Shapes My Mood =86454
Know My Wife Has Asked Another Man For Sex =58683
Know Someone That Needs a Good Spanking =75159
Know Something About Pain =168334
Know the Truth About Sex =105361
Know Things Before They Happen =32550
Know What Boys Like =201737
Know What Men Need =5533
Know What the Fibonacci Series Is =218425
Know What True Friendship Means =159408
Know Why I Had An Affair =56179

My 5055 Experiences in Alphabetical Order (3/5, L-L)

Here are my 5055 experiences as of 14 March 2010 in alphabetical order.  To  visit one of them, insert the experience ID number into this URL:
EP Link[experience_ID]

Ladies,would You Like to Be Painted Nude =15185
Laid Next to My Wife As She Was Fucked =151046
Laugh When Guys Say They Have a Large Package =106814
Learn a Little More Every Day =46286
Learned Valuable Lesson =121512
Lesbian Experience =38003
Let's Discuss Dominance and Submission =102754
Let's Go Naked and Talk =217200
Let a Guy Fuck Me While My Husband and Friends Watched =220293
Let a Man Use Me =176005
Let a Stranger Watch Me =133638
Let Another Man Bang My Wife =278375
Let My Neighbor Watch Me Play With Myself =288887
Let My Wife Date =164622
Let Other Men Enjoy My Wife =185198
Let People Watch Through the Window =10612
Let Them Do It to Me After Taking My Nude Pictures =295146
Lick Pussy =6108
Licked Or Sucked a Family Member (watching) =234399
Like 69 =302970
Like a Gentle Rain Shower =127692
Like a Good Quickie Sometimes =7195
Like a Good Spanking =21563
Like a Good Story =197121
Like a Little Pain With My Pleasure =303622
Like a Multipartnered Relationship =7601
Like a Woman to Dominate Me =130877
Like a Woman to Strip For Me =243195
Like Adventure, Exploration =6151
Like Adventurous People =59197
Like Anne Rice =34086
Like Anything Outdoors =46880
Like Backpacking =22497
Like Bad Girls =54217
Like BDSM =164534
Like Being a Human Pet =179865
Like Being a Nudist =7788
Like Being a Submissive =271864
Like Being Both Naughty and Nice =58245
Like Being Gangbanged =225345
Like Being Horny It Makes Me Feel Alive =242783
Like Being Naked =779
Like Being Naked Around the House =299163
Like Being Naughty =172572
Like Being Nude =16550
Like Being Nude Out On My Boat (watching) =143902
Like Being Nude Outdoors =18792
Like Being On the Bottom =54794
Like Being Outdoors =107332
Like Being Spanked =9598
Like Being Teased =36683
Like Being Tied Up =29420
Like Being Topless Outdoors =136477
Like Being Touched =2892
Like Being Versatile In Sex =139903
Like Bicycling -- Tour, Not Race =128244
Like Big Breasts =4313
Like Big Ideas =47685
Like Bikinis =19561
Like Boats =119285
Like Bondage =6455
Like Bound and Gagged Girls =160853
Like Burning Candles =19078
Like Candles =52776
Like Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair Sex =4387
Like Christmas =164889
Like Comics =14919
Like Cotton Candy =218119
Like Cunnilingus =160648
Like Deep Conversations =575
Like Dildos =14275
Like Dirty Sex =42984
Like Dirty Talk =128890
Like Doing My Hair, Makeup and Dressing Up =3870
Like Dominant Men =26176
Like Dominant Women =15025
Like Dominating a Submissive =109720
Like Doms =53605
Like Dr Who =171253
Like Dream Catchers =184432
Like Eating Pussy =39763
Like Emotional Foreplay =250314
Like Erotic Excitment Stories =87194
Like Erotic Stories =20035
Like Erotica =1452
Like Erotica In All Forms =3371
Like Erotica Stories =16463
Like Exhibition =140072
Like Experimenting =19138
Like Exposing My Wife =12423
Like Extreme Sports =35180
Like Fantasy Sex Play =32397
Like Female Pirates =31006
Like Females Who Are More Aggressive In Sex =233180
Like Females Who Spank My Bare Bottom =64945
Like Feminine Nudity =183652
Like First Time Stories =242958
Like Foreplay =233178
Like Freaky Things Nobody Knows About =32701
Like Free Life =77228
Like Fucking Lots of Men =273020
Like Getting Caught Naked =217633
Like Girls In School Uniforms =186468
Like Girls Who Doesn't Wear Underwear =2968
Like Giving BJ's =46237
Like Giving Hand Jobs =121139
Like Giving Head =99
Like Giving Oral Sex =67593
Like Going For Walks In the Fall =141657
Like Going Outside When It's Dark =128430
Like Going to the Beach =131672
Like Group Sex =116487
Like Having My Nipples Bitten =105765
Like Having Sex Outdoors =244226
Like Having Sex With Strangers =6807
Like Hearing About My Wife's Past Lovers =158126
Like Hearing Dirty Stories =184589
Like Her Body Being My Personal Playground =180616
Like Her Used =306166
Like High Heels =108788
Like Hiking =12959
Like Hiking and Biking =6546
Like Hiking In the Rain =198703
Like Him to Be In Control =201388
Like Holding Pee =81970
Like Holiday Sex =160314
Like Horny Girls =196875
Like Horny Men =160967
Like Horny Wives =80579
Like Hypnosis =184874
Like Intelligent and Witty People =143674
Like Intelligent People =953
Like Interesting One Night Stands =10842
Like It Rough =214726
Like It When a Man Turns His Wife Over to Me to Use =234431
Like It When It Rains =2212
Like It When Men See My Wife's Nipples =15422
Like It When My Girlfriend Spanks Me =16774
Like It When Women Accidentally Flash Their Panties =8301
Like Kinky Erotica =8765
Like Kinky Sex =1013
Like Kissing Other Girls =2922
Like Lap Dances and Give Them Too =230927
Like Learning About Everthing =286081
Like Libraries =42108
Like Licking of Pussy and Sucking of Boobs =156228
Like Listening to the Rain =211113
Like Looking At Other Naked Women =15124
Like Looking At the Sky During Night =9312
Like Making Love In the Shower =264319
Like Masturbating and Edging For Over 14 Hours At a Time =276534
Like Masturbation =26018
Like Math =4819
Like Math and Science =56769
Like Mathematics =26958
Like Men Going Down On Me =87718
Like Men Looking At My Wife Nude =4864
Like Men to Look At My Wife =169855
Like Men Who Can Come More Than Once =236150
Like MILFs =14344
Like Mini Skirts =19543
Like MMF =220633
Like Mountains =62394
Like Mutual Masturbation =16072
Like My Beautiful Wife to Let Men Treat Her Like a Slut =110649
Like My Bike =114643
Like My Body =105
Like My Breasts Sucked =10551
Like My Gal to Flirt With Guys =14825
Like My Partner Talking Dirty During Sex =12048
Like My Photo Taken In the Nude =15828
Like My Wife Dating Other Guys =287444
Like My Wife to Be Slutty =100041
Like My Wife to Dominate and Punish Me =164683
Like My Wife to Flash Guys Wearing No Panties =296005
Like My Wife to Flirt =27642
Like My Wife to Get Touched Up In Cinema and Parties =301474
Like My Wife to Show Her Tits to Other Men While Out =298297
Like My Wife to Watch Nude Males =211843
Like My Wife to Wear An Anklet When She Goes Out =279229
Like My Wife to Wear See Through Clothing =100674
Like Naturism =39629
Like Naughty Girls =126404
Like Naughty Girls =163914
Like Nipple Clamps =233620
Like Nude Rving =71858
Like Nude Sunbathing =16768
Like Nude Women =305751
Like Nudism =10821
Like Nudity =137033
Like Older Dom and Younger Submissive Relationships =178854
Like Older Men =232
Like Online Sexual Or Sensual Roleplaying =278135
Like Originality =173545
Like Other Men's Women and Like to Share Mine =120910
Like Other Men to Fuck My Wife =172600
Like Other Men to See My Wife's Pussy =207685
Like Outdoor Sex a Lot =30438
Like Pain =164414
Like Peeing =178877
Like Peeing Unusual Places =35541
Like Physics =197891
Like Pick Your Own Fruit =181112
Like Piercings =6256
Like Playing Beach Volleyball =84964
Like Playing Chess =232698
Like Playing Jacks =181646
Like Playing Naked Games =251502
Like Porn =2679
Like Psychology =42269
Like Pubic Hair =179283
Like Pussy =28577
Like Reading and Writing =9045
Like Reading Erotica =140160
Like Reading Interesting Books =216046
Like Red Heads =3659
Like Rough Sex =50111
Like Scary Movies and Cuddling Up to My Boyfriend =177120
Like Schoolroom Spanking =260272
Like Sci-fi =9028
Like Science =4766
Like Seeing Girls Desperate to Pee =43926
Like Seeing Her Groped =231065
Like Seeing My Wife Have Sex With Strangers (watching) =139900
Like Serene and Quiet Places =207820
Like Sex =88
Like Sex All of the Time =272208
Like Sex Games =43853
Like Sex In the Morning =5498
Like Sex In the Rain =95865
Like Sex On the Beach =67439
Like Sex Stories =45501
Like Sex That Lasts All Night =231841
Like Sex Toys =84158
Like Sex Way Too Much =13303
Like Sex With Groups of People =132872
Like Sex With Two Women =249554
Like Sexual Adventure =51350
Like Sexy Flirting =193532
Like Sexy Married Women =11734
Like Sexy Mrs Clause Outfits =55978
Like Sexy Women =167203
Like Sharing Confessions =114642
Like Sharing My Wife With Other Men =18154
Like Sharing My Wife With Young Guys =287442
Like Sharing Past Sexual Stories With My Girlfriend =227569
Like Sharing Thoughts and Experiences =8217
Like Shaven Pussies =10241
Like Shopping For Lingerie =63165
Like Short Shorts =9087
Like Short Skirts =189168
Like Shower Sex =70409
Like Showering With Strangers =195572
Like Showing Off My Wife =2689
Like Showing Off Naked =563
Like Sleeping Naked =11511
Like Sleeping Sex =122862
Like Soft Bondage =161408
Like Spanking =3385
Like Spanking and Bondage =284928
Like Spanking Ladies =108430
Like Squirters =246701
Like Squirting Girls =289228
Like Stockings and Heels =21401
Like Submission =272078
Like Submissive Ladies =170817
Like Substantial Breasts But Erect Nipples Are the Best =17684
Like Sucking =81837
Like Sunlight and Fresh Air =121861
Like Swimming =231801
Like Swingers Clubs =208548
Like Swinging =86687
Like Swings =152327
Like Taking Romantic Moonlit Strolls On the Beach =129036
Like Talking About Sex =10115
Like Talking Dirty =19025
Like Tease and Denial =70970
Like the Differences of Men and Women =65803
Like the Feeling of Having to Pee =157894
Like the Idea of Being Tied Up With Someone I Care About =16395
Like the Idea Of Karma =297778
Like the Mountains =177674
Like the Thought of Being Tied Up =291686
Like the Thought of My Wife Undressing In Front of Other Men =10300
Like Threesome =142832
Like to Air Dry After Taking a Shower =3853
Like to Be Active =9850
Like to Be Affectionate =259290
Like to Be Bad, Really Bad =241937
Like to Be Barefoot =14738
Like to Be Both Sexually Dominant and Submissive =15118
Like to Be Controlled =105793
Like to Be Desperate =156207
Like to Be Disciplined =273247
Like to Be Dominated =4311
Like to Be Dominated By a Woman =175904
Like to Be Forced =156194
Like to Be Gangbanged =15196
Like to Be Intimate =254375
Like to Be Kissed All Over =173786
Like to Be Licked =73560
Like to Be Masturbated =273546
Like to Be Naked When Others Are Clothed =13171
Like to Be Nude =55747
Like to Be Nude When Others Are Clothed =13172
Like to Be Outdoors =24838
Like to Be Outdoors =88039
Like to Be Sexually Dominant =57582
Like to Be Sexually Submissive =5711
Like to Be Shared =295209
Like to Be Spanked =28480
Like to Be Spanked By My Husband =15207
Like to Be Spanked Naked Over the Knee =168048
Like to Be Spanked, It's Just Fun =5469
Like to Be Spontaneous and Adventurous =8940
Like to Be Submissive =115133
Like to Be Tickled =47374
Like to Be Tied Up =8667
Like to Be Topless =131008
Like to Be Touched =2934
Like to Be Treated Like a Princess =27746
Like to Be Tucked Into Bed =3747
Like to Be Watched =60342
Like to Be Watched When I Fuck =17364
Like to Bike Ride =46019
Like to Crack a Whip =205071
Like to Cuddle =137149
Like to Cum and Go =202211
Like to Dominate In the Bedroom =28725
Like to Dress Sexily For My Boyfriend =286723
Like to Excite With My Words =39079
Like to Exercise Naked =284949
Like to Exercise Nude =198554
Like to Exhibit My Wife =278347
Like to Explore New Things and Ideas =114578
Like to Expose My Butt Crack =306223
Like to Expose My Wife =14260
Like to Expose My Wife Naked =59467
Like to Expose My Wife Nude Pictures =10882
Like to Expose Myself Naked =13876
Like to Feel a Harley Between My Legs =134873
Like to Flash But Need to Be Safe =274495
Like to Flash Home Delivery Drivers =305563
Like to Flirt =1063
Like to Fuck =6889
Like to Fuck My Wife In Front of Someone =14283
Like to Get Desperate =81712
Like to Get Handcuffed By a Guy On the Bed =287659
Like to Get Naked =239551
Like to Get Pegged =37941
Like to Giggle =42830
Like to Go For Walks =41096
Like to Go Naked Outdoors =254672
Like to Go to Nude Sauna =277163
Like to Hang Upside Down =261147
Like to Have Casual Sex =215757
Like to Have Fun With Sexy Couples =299779
Like to Have My Wife Get Fucked =11648
Like to Have Public Sex =249206
Like to Have Sex =8829
Like to Have Sex a Lot =120230
Like to Have Sex All the Time =245625
Like to Have Sex In a Hot Tub =5674
Like to Have Sex In Public Places =130645
Like to Have Sex In the Car In Public Places =173
Like to Have Sex Out of Doors =68673
Like to Have Sex Outdoors in this Group! =3372
Like to Hear About My Lover's Past Sexual Experiences =157642
Like to Hear About Others' Spankings When They Were a Child =146358
Like to Hear People Tell Dirty Stories =186
Like to Hold My Pee =67759
Like to Jerk Off In Front of Women =159469
Like to Jet Ski =8416
Like to Jump Off Tall Things Into Water =134467
Like to Kiss =37620
Like to Learn and to Experience New Things =20890
Like to Learn Everything =137282
Like to Live My Life 2 the Fullest =127181
Like to Look At Women =57758
Like to Make Out =8756
Like to Make Out Nude =217943
Like to Masturbate =63224
Like to Masturbate In My Vehicle With Women Around =182830
Like to Masturbate With My Webcam =183905
Like to Meet Erotic Friends =261838
Like to Meet New Women =238045
Like to Paint My Toenails =108174
Like to Party When I Can =66674
Like to Pee In Pubic =161519
Like to Play =30344
Like to Play Chess =49884
Like to Play Outside =6114
Like to Play Strip Poker Or Any Other Game =297963
Like to Play Truth Or Dare =8413
Like to Play With Myself =46289
Like to Please Others =160385
Like to Please Women =14989
Like to Practice Yoga =238043
Like to Pump Up My Nipples =218867
Like to Read Anything That Catches My Interest =226690
Like to Read Dirty Stories =1010
Like to Read Erotica =271791
Like to Read For Pleasure =108607
Like to Read in this Group! =31
Like to Read Non-fiction =230290
Like to Read Stories of Desperation and Accidental Wetting =195873
Like to Read While I'm Naked =11497
Like to Ride Horses =217015
Like to Roleplay =43629
Like to Screw With the Lights On =37936
Like to See Female Pee Desperation =131971
Like to See Her Turned On =231066
Like to See My Wife Exhibited =210841
Like to See My Wife Fucked By Another Men In a Group =20129
Like to See Others Pee Their Pants =33454
Like to See People Desperate to Pee =235051
Like to Sew =6341
Like to Share My Body With People =263974
Like to Share My Girlfriend =178720
Like to Share My Husband =295208
Like to Share My Wife =6362
Like to Share My Wife With Other Men =193054
Like to Show a Lot of My Wife to People =153254
Like to Showoff My Wife =142831
Like to Ski =29077
Like to Skinny Dip =10500
Like to Sleep In the Nude =207253
Like to Spank Girls =12601
Like to Spank Girls Over the Knee =168047
Like to Stand Up For What Is Right Even If I Stand Alone =84774
Like to Streak =77357
Like to Striptease =240385
Like to Sun Bathe Nude =232473
Like to Swim Naked =10448
Like to Take Her Doggy Style =951
Like to Take Hot Showers =39418
Like to Talk About Sex =87849
Like to Test My Will Power =157370
Like to Tickle =177684
Like to Tie and Be Tied Up =16508
Like to Tie People Up =288705
Like to Trade Nude Pics of My Sexy Girlfriend =134190
Like to Try New and Interesting Things =18355
Like to Use My Tongue =243286
Like to Walk Pantyless =17081
Like to Watch All Kinds of Anime =70262
Like to Watch Cheerleaders More Than Sports =253401
Like to Watch Female Porn =13320
Like to Watch Girls Pole Dance =217050
Like to Watch My Wife =42387
Like to Watch My Wife Fuck Other Men =58082
Like to Watch My Wife Get Picked Up In Bars =279221
Like to Watch My Wife Give Blowjobs =16260
Like to Watch My Wife Have Sex =62074
Like to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Other Men =105898
Like to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Other Men =2117
Like to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Well Hung Men =16624
Like to Watch My Wife Standing Nude =16026
Like to Watch My Wife Strip =219315
Like to Watch My Wife With Other Men =29404
Like to Watch My Woman Get Fucked =238169
Like to Watch Myself Masturbate =252701
Like to Watch Other People Being Spanked =261816
Like to Watch Wife Flirting =51184
Like to Watch Wife Turn On Others =17805
Like to Watch Women Do It to Themselves =170864
Like to Watch Women Masturbate =3324
Like to Wear Cute Nighties =150396
Like to Wear School Girl Uniforms =18094
Like to Wear Skirts =133597
Like to Write Erotica =168044
Like to Write Sensual Erotica =215972
Like Tormenting Beautiful Women =216082
Like Two Girls At Once =7610
Like Walking Around Naked =3324
Like Watching Girls Pee =44159
Like Watching Married Couples =243197
Like Watching My Girlfriend Getting Fucked =35599
Like Watching My Wife Have Sex With Other Men =4238
Like Watching My Wife Have Sex With Others =353
Like Watching Nature =174509
Like Wearing Ankle Bracelets =107655
Like When Foreplay Includes Spanking =201636
Like When My Bf and Me Play Sex Dares =297964
Like When My Wife Tells Me About Her Previous Lovers =59466
Like When She Is a Slut =247966
Like Wife Sharing =11536
Like Wife to Wear Revealing Clothes =11324
Like Wild Words From Wild Women =213947
Like Women's Feet =143156
Like Women of All Ages =142468
Like Writing and Reading =63324
Like Writing Erotic Stories =79027
Like Yiff =68325
Like Yiff and Furry Stuff Even Though Most Disapprove =207104
Like Your Girlfriend =154
Like Your Pants Around Your Feet =20776
Listen to the EP Podcast =305280
Live For the Magic In Life =47476
Live In a Discipline Relationship =117669
Live Out a Submissive Spanking Fantasy =46975
Live to Be Girlie and Feminine =143239
Live to Love and Love to Live =42081
Live With Two Boyfriends =306214
Long to Find a Bi-sexual Lady Who Will Understand My Feeling =143608
Look Damn Hot Naked =245471
Look Like a Good Girl, But I Have Very Naughty Secrets =245168
Looked Hot Today =146487
Looking For a Slut =10806
Looking For Girl On Girl Action =15519
Looking For Someone to Challenge Me Sexually =259825
Lost a Bet and Had to =163806
Lost a Bet to a Cheerleader =210997
Lost Control of My Pee and Wet All Over the Floor =218950
Lost My Cherry =7129
Lost My Mother =906
Lost My Pants =11873
Lost My Virginity As a Child =19406
Lost My Virginity At 12 (not me) =243744
Lost My Virginity At 13 (not me) =225250
Lost My Virginity At 14 (not me) =29160
Lost My Virginity At 15 (not me) =31145
Lost My Virginity At 16 (not me) =156770
Lost My Virginity At 18 (not me) =37815
Lost My Virginity Before Getting Married =8548
Lost My Virginity In a Public Place =30836
Lost My Virginity Really Young Don't Know the Guys Name =289471
Lost My Virginity to a Girl I Love =11574
Love "All Day" Sex =176357
Love 3D Puzzles =257776
Love 69ing =6122
Love a Dominant Woman =13277
Love a Female Led Relationship =180307
Love a Fine Cum =114431
Love a Good Daddy =20075
Love a Good Massage =19376
Love a Hottub =17040
Love a Little Slap and Tickle =203280
Love a Lot of Guys =10368
Love a Man In Uniform =30855
Love a Man Sucking On My Pussy =10213
Love a Married Woman =37182
Love a Mind Fuck =258367
Love a Nude Beach =197774
Love Accidental Nudity =15939
Love Accidental Nudity =207468
Love All Breast Sizes =235081
Love All Girls and Woman Sexy =249108
Love All Kinds of Sex =300471
Love All Puzzles =194571
Love Allover Suntans =175061
Love Amateur Pics of Nude Women =19276
Love Amature Porn =8247
Love Animals =939
Love Animals and Nature =3900
Love Animals and They Seem to Like Me Too =44292
Love Animals, Pets and Nature =111733
Love Anime =4915
Love Anime and Manga =114802
Love Anime Hentai =191439
Love Anime Sex =196728
Love Anklets and Ankle Bracelets =263997
Love Anything That Involves Sex =136846
Love Anything Transparent Or See-through =12278
Love Artistic Body Painting =14065
Love Astronomy =26561
Love Babydoll Nighties =222854
Love Bad Boyz =79794
Love Bad Girls =72336
Love Bare Feet =74073
Love Bare Naked Beauty With No Underwear =16596
Love Bare Skin =7426
Love Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials =292082
Love BDSM =8613
Love Beautiful Lingerie =59708
Love Beautiful Women =15853
Love Being a Bi Woman =295283
Love Being a Girl =106667
Love Being a Military Man's Princess =191331
Love Being a Slut For My Bf =203738
Love Being a Submissive Wife =208312
Love Being An Exhibitionist =223660
Love Being An Independent Woman =2487
Love Being Barefoot =193391
Love Being Bi =301363
Love Being Bisexual =26145
Love Being Bisexual =301502
Love Being Blindfolded During Sex =244585
Love Being Called a Whore In Bed =16892
Love Being Dominant =60636
Love Being Dominated =144491
Love Being Fondled By Strangers In Public =254513
Love Being Humiliated =20524
Love Being In a Hot Tub =208051
Love Being In a Sauna =36266
Love Being In His Arms =36225
Love Being In Nature =149342
Love Being In the Woods =32272
Love Being Licked =218694
Love Being Made to Do Things Naked =18331
Love Being Naked =5970
Love Being Naked In Front of Everyone =2052
Love Being Naked In Public =17705
Love Being Naked In the Rain =75334
Love Being Naked Outside Around Other People =288319
Love Being Naked, Even If On My Own =262845
Love Being Naughty =265729
Love Being Nude =192971
Love Being On the Bottom During 69 =85743
Love Being On the Top =100191
Love Being Petted =262344
Love Being Risky With Sex =123116
Love Being Seen Nude =14889
Love Being Seen Nude In Public =291430
Love Being Sexual With Women =5903
Love Being Shared By My Hubby =3051
Love Being So Damn Sexy =41770
Love Being Spanked =88361
Love Being Spanked By My Wife =16109
Love Being Submissive =6063
Love Being Submissive to My Strong Woman =87799
Love Being Tied Up =295067
Love Being Told What to Do Sexually =156617
Love Being Treated Like a Whore =35967
Love Being Unconventional =29363
Love Being Watched When I Make Love =950
Love Being Watched While Getting Screwed =214498
Love Being Whipped =224165
Love Being With a MILF =29577
Love Bi Girls =300361
Love Bicycling =58492
Love Big Boobs =53642
Love Big Clits =147107
Love Big Cocks =152826
Love Big Dicks to Suck =200629
Love Big Nipples =87010
Love Big Thick and Heavy Floggers =19939
Love Bike Riding =100616
Love Bisexual People =301487
Love Bisexual Woman =85137
Love Black Sexy Lingerie =184338
Love Blouses and Tight Skirts =109136
Love Body Piercings =31404
Love Bondage =6063
Love Boobs =3648
Love Books =851
Love Both Pussy and Cock =88769
Love Breakfast in Bed =75307
Love Breast Bondage =265540
Love Breasts =34758
Love Breathing Air =50849
Love Butterscotch =109300
Love Calvin and Hobbes =26740
Love Camel Toe =46139
Love Campfires =60663
Love Camping =6109
Love Camping and Anything Outdoors =227834
Love Candles =8759
Love Candy Canes =55939
Love Cats in this Group! =48
Love Cheating Wives =124435
Love Checking Out Other Peoples Naughty Pics =8544
Love Chess =78711
Love Chicks Who Are Exhibitionists =17539
Love Chinese Cuisine =209175
Love Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Series =245779
Love Climbing Up Trees =51567
Love Clothespins =191037
Love Clothespins On My Nipples =273271
Love Cock Bondage =223367
Love Coed Naked Hot Tubbing in this Group! =12782
Love Cold Weather =36879
Love Colors =57729
Love Comic Books =53644
Love Coming =58847
Love Coming Home and Getting Naked =262231
Love Conversations That Last All Night =55674
Love Cookies =4938
Love Cooking and Eating =30268
Love Cooking For My Boyfriend =163786
Love Cosmology =211766
Love Creative Writing =136425
Love Cute Butts In Sexy Panties =221491
Love Dark Chocolate =13658
Love Dark Kinky Sex =124983
Love Dark Stormy Nights =141546
Love Deep Conversations =41170
Love Dildos =59540
Love Dirty Talk =136503
Love Dirty Text Messages =30532
Love Dita Von Teese =34299
Love Doggie Style =308982
Love Doggie Style =31155
Love Doing Anything and Everything Creative =106936
Love Doing As Many Things I Can While I Am Naked =276141
Love Doing Housework In the Nude =249190
Love Doing Wives In Front of Their Hubbys =238054
Love Dominance =12952
Love Dominant Women =21354
Love Dominating Submissive Men =107701
Love Double Penetration =14691
Love Double Penetration =190533
Love Double Penetration =264998
Love Dr. Seuss =275230
Love Dr. Who =164938
Love Dressing Like a Slut =31678
Love Driving a Woman Crazy With My Tongue =60637
Love Driving Naked =18682
Love Eating My Wife's Pussy =3117
Love Eating Pussy =6878
Love Embarrassed Nude Females =285033
Love Emotional Sex =194617
Love Encouraging My Wife to Flirt and Play =279989
Love Erections =27238
Love Erotic Art =76952
Love Erotic Stories =17580
Love Erotica =5646
Love Escaping Into Books =221219
Love Everything About Lingerie =144056
Love Exercising Naked In My Home =304839
Love Exhibitionism =14041
Love Exposing a Woman In Public =5424
Love Extreme Sports =5219
Love Fairies =29675
Love Fantasizing =150552
Love Fantasy =142262
Love Fantasy Stories =167856
Love Feathers =108045
Love Female Desperation As U Can Tell =123492
Love Female Pee Desperation, Wetting =187554
Love Femdom =145104
Love Fireflies =55082
Love Firefly =118267
Love Fireworks =28290
Love Fishing, 4 Wheeling, Being Athletic, Boating =221885
Love Fishnet Stockings =12834
Love Flashing =202239
Love Flirtatious Women =4392
Love Flirting Even Tho I'm Married =201188
Love Football =1536
Love For Her to Cum, With Me, By Herself, Or With Others =273855
Love For My Wife to Show Her Body =2986
Love Forced Nudity =244705
Love Foreplay =36224
Love Four Different Guys =159651
Love Foursome With My Wife =181240
Love Fruits In Her Cunt =238009
Love Fucking Boys =7327
Love Full Moons =33605
Love Fun Girls =183122
Love Gangbanging My Girl =143737
Love Gangbangs =30511
Love Gangbangs =47591
Love Gangbangs =5117
Love Gardening and Nature =8422
Love Garter Belts =23037
Love Getting a Glimpse of Panties =78037
Love Getting a Hand Job =96605
Love Getting and Giving Massages =96604
Love Getting Fingered =3267
Love Getting Fucked =251052
Love Getting Fucked Hard and Wild =262249
Love Getting Myself Embaressed =1629
Love Getting Wonderfully Hot, Sexy Emails During the Day =8714
Love Gilmore Girls =175312
Love Ginger-Haired Girls =78045
Love Ginger =131811
Love Ginger Pussy =180180
Love Girl On Girl =18833
Love Girls Denim Shorts =244232
Love Girls In Short Skirts =17728
Love Girls Night Out =216111
Love Girls On a Leash =202975
Love Girls That Ejaculate =24801
Love Girls Very Very Very Desperate to Pee =177290
Love Girls Who Are Willing to Experiment =85755
Love Girls Who Give Head =14787
Love Girls Who Know How to Kiss =50617
Love Girls With Curves =52243
Love Girls With Imagination =211081
Love Giving a Man Oral Sex =274259
Love Giving a Woman Oral Sex =40727
Love Giving and Recieving Oral Sex =206007
Love Giving Blowjobs =37656
Love Giving Head =76483
Love Going Barefoot =6508
Love Going Clubing =145561
Love Going For Nature Walks =82740
Love Going Hunting, Fishing, and Camping =169678
Love Going Out to Eat =60733
Love Going to the Movies =1126
Love Good Science Fiction =15941
Love Good, Healthy, Dirty Sex =198461
Love Great Sex =2792
Love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches =123063
Love Guns =3250
Love Guys Have Un-cut Dick =146054
Love Hairy Pussy =4164
Love Halloween =830
Love Halloween Costumes =132550
Love Handcuffs =8142
Love Handjobs =46787
Love Harley Davidson Motorcycles =177639
Love Harleys =7105
Love Having a Gangbang =63049
Love Having a Good Sex Life =159480
Love Having Cyber Sex =48887
Love Having Kinky Sex =20717
Love Having My Body Used By Guys =52404
Love Having My Breasts Sucked =25771
Love Having My Butt Touched In Public =120168
Love Having My Hair Played With =130744
Love Having My Nipples Licked =16355
Love Having My Nipples Pinched During Sex =3087
Love Having My Nipples Played With =6011
Love Having My Pussy Eaten =3225
Love Having My Pussy Licked =265188
Love Having No Tan Lines =182891
Love Having Rough Sex =252413
Love Having Sex =4086
Love Having Sex In Public Places =10033
Love Having Sex In the Morning =6191
Love Having Sex When I Want to =201186
Love Having Sex! =2839
Love Having Someone to Curl Up With =169245
Love Having the Use of Imagination =28005
Love Hearing a Woman Cum =248507
Love Hearing About My Wife's Sexual Past =68305
Love Hearing Love Stories =59074
Love Helping People =30822
Love Hentai =8801
Love Her Being An Exhibitionist =167292
Love Her Even More When She Gets Openly Promiscuous =272158
Love Her to Fuck Others and Tell Me Later When I Am In Her (watching) =272129
Love Her to Openly Approach Men and Seduce Them =272141
Love Her to Wear Risque Tops =293045
Love High Heels =72085
Love Hiking In the Woods =123715
Love Him So Much It Hurts =51059
Love Holding Her =268811
Love Holding My Pee =137876
Love Holding My Wife's Legs Open As Her Partner Fucks Her =299922
Love Horny Women =122025
Love Horses =38547
Love Horses =622
Love Horses and Their Smell =123514
Love Hot Air Balloons =212022
Love Hot Bubble Baths =19224
Love Hot Kinky Stuff =149475
Love Hot Showers =76810
Love Hot Tubs =124632
Love Hot Wife Stories =244241
Love Hot Wild Sex =63490
Love Hot Wives =213085
Love Hotmoms =147119
Love Hotwife Sexual Adventures =7494
Love Huddle House =277143
Love Ice Cream =6983
Love IHOP =22707
Love Indian Cuisine =209165
Love Intellectual Sex =278005
Love Intelligence =29226
Love Intelligent Conversation =51780
Love Intelligent Women =128333
Love Interesting One Night Stands =10902
Love It Being Nude =14884
Love It Doggystyle =29115
Love It When a Sexy Woman Holds a Bursting Bladder All Day =173591
Love It When Guys Look At My Wife =16597
Love It When Guys Pull My Hair =272371
Love It When Guys Try to Look Up My Partners Short Skirt =297297
Love It When He's Hard =182855
Love It When He Talks Dirty =5636
Love It When It Snows =38042
Love It When Men Casually Seduce Her In Front of Me =300652
Love It When My Boyfriend Sleeps Naked =228174
Love It When My Wife Acts Slutty At a Party Or When Go Out =222788
Love It When My Wife Chooses New Men to Enjoy Her Pussy =267448
Love It When My Wife Dresses Sexy For Other Guys to Look =4681
Love It When My Wife Flashes Her Pussy For Men to See =263195
Love It When My Wife Fucks Me With Her Strap On =166762
Love It When My Wife Goes Topless On the Beach =243228
Love It When My Wife Is Horny =304490
Love It When My Wife Models Nude Or Topless =215738
Love It When My Wife Shares Her Dirty Secrets =20278
Love It When My Wife Wears No Knickers =301477
Love It When Other Guys See My Wife Topless =60753
Love It When Other Man Ask If They Can Fuck My Wife =269657
Love It When Other Men See My Wife Topless =676
Love It When Others Are Horny Because of Me =111
Love It When She Doesnt Wear Panties =12758
Love It When She Talks Dirty =1113
Love It When Women Dress Like Schoolgirls =19751
Love It When You're Rough With Me =34858
Love It When You Whisper Into My Ear =44259
Love Italian Ice =132965
Love Kahlil Gilbran =79548
Love Kink =126569
Love Kinks, Bondage and Fetishes =207537
Love Kinky Naked Broadminded People =220731
Love Kinky Sex =221
Love Kinky Talk =41323
Love Kinky Woman =132016
Love Kisses =261
Love Kissing =4171
Love Kissing and Touching =298233
Love Kissing Like There Is No Tommorow =29537
Love Kissing My Wife's Naked Butt =278997
Love Kitchen Sex =7504
Love Knowing That I Made Someone Else Smile =160265
Love Labia =20214
Love Large Nipples =260421
Love Laughing So Hard You Can't Catch Your Breathe =122492
Love Learning About Metaphysics =243978
Love Learning About the Brain =253644
Love Learning New Things About Sex =253288
Love Leather and Lace =182524
Love Leather Boots =264288
Love Legs Spread Wide Open =282617
Love Lesbian Porn =160401
Love Lesbians =714
Love Libraries =45720
Love Licking =8574
Love Licking My Wife's Pussy =10622
Love Licking Pussy =61083
Love Life =271798
Love Lingerie =31291
Love Linguistics =70700
Love Listening to People Having Sex =142395
Love Logic Problem Puzzles =152201
Love Long Hot Baths =82742
Love Long Sensual French Kissing =44557
Love Looking At Men =205138
Love Looking At Pussies =274537
Love Looking At the Clouds =200168
Love Looking Into My Lovers Eyes As We Fuck =44766
Love Lot's of Sex =288961
Love LSD, I Use It Theraputically =171044
Love Luis Royo Art =209911
Love Make Her Wait to Pee =177928
Love Make Up Sex =76770
Love Making a Girl Orgasm =293020
Love Making Girls Have a Full Orgasm =238400
Love Making Love In the Rain =18518
Love Making Love to Women With Large Breasts =189386
Love Making Love With My Wife =55300
Love Making My House Perfect For Me =215996
Love Making My Partner Happy =111445
Love Making Others Cum =294690
Love Making Out In Cars =13310
Love Making Out In the Rain =54716
Love Making the Bedroom Exciting =85754
Love Manga =170768
Love Manifesting =152559
Love Masturbating =33424
Love Masturbation =96062
Love Men and Sex =111323
Love Men Fucking My Wife =190997
Love Men Not Boys =243551
Love Messing About In Boats =149260
Love Micro-mini Skirts =302718
Love MILFs and Cougars =230786
Love Military Men =143260
Love Mind Blowing Sex =217007
Love Miniskirts and Short Shorts =8474
Love Mint Chip Ice Cream =61001
Love Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream =152742
Love MMF =247793
Love MMF Threesomes and Group Sex =12600
Love Moonlight =48986
Love Morning Nookie =177418
Love Mother Earth =115453
Love Motorbikes =4204
Love Motorbikes Bigger the Better =145457
Love Mountain Biking =23978
Love Movies and Books =2425
Love Movies and Games =23055
Love Movies and Popcorn =7687
Love Mozilla Firefox =80441
Love My Avatar, It Reflects Who and What I Stand For =141033
Love My Bedtime Stories =264917
Love My Boobies =12484
Love My Bottom Up =274577
Love My Boyfriend a Lot =178011
Love My Boyfriend Madly =167877
Love My Breasts =2932
Love My Cat =27033
Love My Clit =3949
Love My Dom =20022
Love My Family and Friends and My Cat =137317
Love My Gf to Dress and Act Slutty In Public =254419
Love My Great Tits =149793
Love My Harley =100476
Love My Hottie On Vacation =150080
Love My Husband Holding Me As Another Man Penetrates Me =285696
Love My Husband to Spank Me =205047
Love My Husband, He Is My Best Friend =126083
Love My Imagination =102347
Love My Little Black Dress =84028
Love My Motorcycle =2711
Love My Parents Beyond Belief =225075
Love My Partner to Spank Me =289178
Love My Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs =303960
Love My Pussy Eaten =10626
Love My Sex Machine =159682
Love My Sex Toys =6256
Love My Sexy Wife =188839
Love My Submissive =84564
Love My Vibrator =73555
Love My Wife's Kinky Fantasies =147247
Love My Wife's Rear, Legs, and Feet =295008
Love My Wife Being Groped =298295
Love My Wife Exposing Herself =197065
Love My Wife Going Outside Wearing No Panties =261176
Love My Wife She Is So Hottt =121723
Love My Wife Showing Her Body =256917
Love My Wife Teaching Young Guys to Fuck =264027
Love My Wife Telling Me About Sucking Cock =256289
Love My Wife to Use Dildo On Me =180207
Love Mystery Science Theatre 3000 =85360
Love Myths and Legends From All Cultures =63991
Love Naked Uninhibited Women =274408
Love Naked Women =15819
Love Natural Redheads =55375
Love Nature and Hiking and Camping =76181
Love Naturism =275364
Love Naughty Girls But They Must Be Very Intriguing =233731
Love Naughty Wife Stories =243621
Love New Age Music =85723
Love New Pussy =43883
Love Nipples =143967
Love Nude =6334
Love Nude Beaches =22669
Love Nude Girls =275572
Love Nude Shopping =268826
Love Nude Sunbathing =17397
Love Nudity =6129
Love Ocean Shores =145877
Love Office Sex =69547
Love Older Men Who Love Younger Girls =282174
Love Open Couples =215118
Love Oral Sex =1740
Love Orange Flavored Candy =147795
Love Orgasm =104244
Love Others Watching Me Masturbate =190765
Love Outdoor Adventures =54563
Love Outdoor Sex =273617
Love Over the Knee =15573
Love Pain =26004
Love Pain Mixed With Pleasure =17363
Love Panties =47837
Love Passionate Kissing =193593
Love Passionate Moments =133307
Love Passionate Sex =180513
Love Pee Stories =81048
Love Physics =22615
Love Pin Up =107656
Love Pinky and the Brain =215026
Love Pizza =6773
Love Playgrounds =47986
Love Playing Cards and Working Puzzles =1781
Love Playing Chess =116689
Love Playing Naked Vollyball =78352
Love Playing Pretend =45997
Love Playing Soccer =80184
Love Playing Tennis =103596
Love Playing Tickle Games =309128
Love Playing Truth Or Dare =214462
Love Playing With My Nipples In Public =289771
Love Pleasing My Man =155385
Love Pleasing You =122614
Love Polygamy =180777
Love Practicing With My Whip =222220
Love Private Humiliation =15573
Love Psychology and Philosophy =127407
Love Public Sex =4901
Love Punctuation =83392
Love Pussies =259186
Love Pussy Juice =239114
Love Pussy Parties =4973
Love Quantum Physics =212239
Love Rain and Thunderstorms =74451
Love Rainbows =35545
Love Rainy Days =10177
Love Random Sexual Escapades =16351
Love Ray Guns, Robots and Space Ships =19458
Love Reading about Sex =31733
Love Reading and Writing =104080
Love Reading and Writing Erotica =15677
Love Reading Books =22845
Love Reading Detailed Descriptions of Sex =204969
Love Reading Novels and Books =241650
Love Red Silk Thongs =16737
Love Redheads =66164
Love Riding Motorcycles =8603
Love Riding On the Back of a Motorcycle =277319
Love Roadtrips =63626
Love Role Play =301290
Love Role Playing =4242
Love Romantic Restaurants =86036
Love Rough Sex =2589
Love Rough, Kinky, Sex =226584
Love Running =12822
Love Running In the Rain =1017
Love Running Through the Sprinklers =2543
Love Sailing =12687
Love Sci-fi and Fantasy =85568
Love Sci Fi =14640
Love Science =1023
Love Science Fiction and Fantasy =216038
Love Seafood =8145
Love Seeing a Woman In Her Panties =47838
Love Seeing Hard Cocks Shooting Cum =179679
Love Seeing Her Kiss Deeply As She Cums With Another Man =267940
Love Seeing My Wife Satisfied =29865
Love Seeing My Wife With Other Women Too =293616
Love Seeing New Kinky Things =268426
Love Seeing Others In Love =188723
Love Seeing Up a Skirt =271281
Love Seeing Womens Breasts =202195
Love Sensuality =220333
Love Sex =575
Love Sex All the Time =183150
Love Sex and I Am An Intelligent Woman =166636
Love Sex and Masturbating =255332
Love Sex and Masturbation =14676
Love Sex and Orgasms =252915
Love Sex and Sexual Situations =215191
Love Sex and Want to Have As Much As I Can =7206
Love Sex But Don't Get Enough =15117
Love Sex But Don't Get Enough of It =191516
Love Sex Games =190145
Love Sex In a Public Place =301491
Love Sex In Open Places =199370
Love Sex In Public =250183
Love Sex In Reverse Cowgirl =160742
Love Sex In the Morning =182382
Love Sex On a Full Bladder =223315
Love Sex On An Office Desk =72304
Love Sex Outdoors =216365
Love Sex Toys =148505
Love Sex Toys =29168
Love Sex With Couples =11635
Love Sex With My Lover =171604
Love Sex With My Wife =14717
Love Sex With My Woman =258348
Love Sex With Twins =194059
Love Sex, Erotism =12824
Love Sex, Erotism =31285
Love Sexercise =72615
Love Sexercise =77994
Love Sexual Humiliation =200647
Love Sexual Massage =194368
Love Sexual Tension =86815
Love Sexually Aggressive Women =118527
Love Sexually Dominating a Man's Wife =160310
Love Sexy Bra and Panties =169126
Love Sexy Clothes =158934
Love Sexy Dancing With a Guy =3882
Love Sexy Dresses =220048
Love Sexy Feet =80063
Love Sexy Females =243287
Love Sexy Panties =177622
Love Sharing Ideas and Knowldge =285780
Love Sharing My Home With Animals =76264
Love Sharing Sexual Experiences =51437
Love Sheer Swimwear =20551
Love Shibari =30361
Love Shopping With My Wife =229593
Love Short Skirts and Heels =230357
Love Showing My Body =3051
Love Showing My Pussy In Public Places =297965
Love Showing Off =15931
Love Showing Off My Body =11498
Love Showing Off My Nipples =7504
Love Showing Off My Wife =158194
Love Singing and Dancing =8843
Love Sitting Around a Campfire =254998
Love Sitting At Home In Front of the Fireplace Cuddling =256015
Love Sitting In the Sunlight =138401
Love Skiing =55315
Love Skinny Dipping =164836
Love Skirts =74426
Love Skydiving =3701
Love Sleeping Naked =221
Love Sleeping Naked With You =186059
Love Sleeping Nude =5310
Love Slow and Passionate Kisses =52059
Love Sluts =160763
Love Slutty Women =160070
Love SM-BD Games =209833
Love Small Breasts =179787
Love Smart Balls =280113
Love Smart Women =49922
Love Snow =1924
Love Someone Very Much =96716
Love Songs to Pole Dance to =38504
Love Spanking =100727
Love Spanking and Being Spanked =277049
Love Spanking and Being Spanked By Females =61407
Love Spanking Asses =9360
Love Spanking Females and Being Spanked By Them =61595
Love Spanking My Wife =34058
Love Spankings =134039
Love Spankings =194507
Love Spankings Giving Or Receiving By Females =8660
Love Spanks, Hugs and Pizza =284773
Love Sparkly Things =47256
Love Spending Time At the Lake =50473
Love Sport =55886
Love Sportfishing =55543
Love Spreading My Legs =252476
Love Squirrels =9471
Love Star Trek =24400
Love Stargate SG1 =19797
Love Steak and Lobster =205099
Love Stetson Cowboy Hats =265262
Love Stockings =2406
Love Stockings and Lingerie =14042
Love Strippers =70061
Love Submissive Women =45528
Love Sucking Cock =73649
Love Sucking Pussy No Matter What =104214
Love Sucking Wife's Clitoris As Another Man Fucks Her =285688
Love Sudoku =302625
Love Summer Thunder Storms =164833
Love Sun and Sand =7370
Love Super Glue =231081
Love Superman =60729
Love Swimming =36840
Love Swimming Naked =231618
Love Swimming Pools =116646
Love Taking a Shower With My Love =195987
Love Taking Long Hot Showers =276529
Love Taking Showers =150361
Love Talking About Sex =157340
Love Talking About Tickling =232315
Love Talking Dirty =47618
Love Talking Dirty During Sex =34999
Love Tanning =111289
Love Tanning and the Beach =235497
Love That My Girlfriend Love to Fuck Other Men =11158
Love That My Husband Loves Me For Me =72868
Love That My Wife Loves the Same Things I Do =29867
Love That My Wife Squirts Like a Fountain =214415
Love the "C" Word =148768
Love the Anal Hook =271748
Love the Art of Boris Vallejo =200163
Love the Art of Seduction =4494
Love the Art of the Mindfuck =227072
Love the Beach =2863
Love the Beach and Water =213996
Love the Caribbean =40053
Love the Caribbean =72748
Love the Color "Purple" =138368
Love the Embarrassment of Nudity =271536
Love the Feel of a Hard Cock =88453
Love the Feel of a Hard Cock In My Hands =163421
Love the Feel of Cold Wind On My Naked Body =77638
Love the Feeling of a Full Bladder =195871
Love the Feeling of Satin and Silk =66096
Love the Female Body =145
Love the Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain =8277
Love the Form of a Woman's Body =15300
Love the Great Outdoors =140909
Love the Library =4777
Love the Male Physique =5436
Love the Many Tastes of a Woman =279825
Love the Medieval Fairs =168229
Love the Muppets =141346
Love the Night =31085
Love the Ocean and Mountains =167176
Love the Ocean and Walking Along the Beach With My Soul Mate =116071
Love the Outdoors =3139
Love the Outdoors and Camping =215409
Love the Outdoors and Nature =32483
Love the Outdoors and Nature =5161
Love the Outdoors and Nature =9381
Love the Outdoors Hunting Fishing Shooting Hiking You Name It =228440
Love the Rain =5388
Love the Scent After It Rains =204520
Love the Scent and Feel of Women =33232
Love the Sensation of Sand On My Feet =115117
Love the Shameless Harlots of EP =306460
Love the Smell of a Womans Pussy =100488
Love the Smell of a Womans Pussy =293224
Love the Smell of Pine Trees =51354
Love the Smell of Sex =303010
Love the Snow =49374
Love the Song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" =154364
Love the Stars =38784
Love the Taste of My Own Pussy =246385
Love the Theatre =1408
Love the Touch of a Womens Body Pressed Against Mine =277820
Love the Violet Wand =15066
Love the Waffle House =110113
Love the Way a Kiss Feels =50930
Love the Weather =53237
Love the Wizard of OZ =51573
Love the World of Asimov's Foundation Series =35712
Love Thigh High Stockings =177288
Love This Position =297716
Love Threesomes =174549
Love Threesomes =52661
Love Thunderstorms =4713
Love Tickle Torture =182996
Love Tickling =2710
Love Tickling and Talking About It =189604
Love Tickling As Much As Sex =16078
Love Tickling Games =299555
Love Tickling Girls =228584
Love Tickling Stories =16208
Love Tight Pussy =282037
Love Tits =19395
Love to 69 =141896
Love to Bathe With My Lover =55533
Love to Be Anonymous =34727
Love to Be Bad =17538
Love to Be Barefoot Any Chance I Get =130531
Love to Be Bitten Or Licked On My Neck and Shoulders =136897
Love to Be Caned =112810
Love to Be Dominated By Wife =200645
Love to Be Embarassed =265617
Love to Be Face Fucked =156556
Love to Be Gangbanged =52422
Love to Be Handcuffed and Spanked =241903
Love to Be Held Down and Tickled =216484
Love to Be Helpless In Bondage =167019
Love to Be His Little Slut =13558
Love to Be Humiliated =238168
Love to Be Humiliated By Women =212524
Love to Be In the Nude =240336
Love to Be Kissed In the Rain =193022
Love to Be Licked =133650
Love to Be Naked In the Sun =302735
Love to Be Naked In this Group! =10082
Love to Be Naked Outdoors =16212
Love to Be Naked Outdoors In Public Exhibitionist =266762
Love to Be Naked Outside,and Don't Care What Other People Think =288318
Love to Be Nude =7816
Love to Be Outdoors =5395
Love to Be Slapped, Whipped and Choked =273816
Love to Be Spanked =20664
Love to Be Strapped On My Bare Bottom =263040
Love to Be the Center of Attention =76640
Love to Be Tickled to Orgasm =220256
Love to Be Tied Up =269600
Love to Be Tied Up and Tickled =15783
Love to Be Tortured =191300
Love to Be Touched =21348
Love to Be Used For Sex =3051
Love to Be Watched =200386
Love to Be Watched and Enjoyed By Women =18071
Love to Be Watched During Sex Or Masturbation =6000
Love to Be Watched While I Masturbate =249511
Love to Bring Myself to the Point of Orgasm =51633
Love to Clean House Naked =76713
Love to Clitty Fuck =5445
Love to Create Writing, Cooking, Or Playing Music =197796
Love to Cuddle =1209
Love to Cuddle and Watch Movies =234559
Love to Cum With You =292748
Love to Dance =116
Love to Dance In My Panties =16629
Love to Dance Naked and Unashamed =217738
Love to Discover and Try New Things =233732
Love to Dream Because I Can Go Anywhere =4002
Love to Dress and Be As Feminine As Possible =106299
Love to Dress Sexy =13612
Love to Drive My Car Naked =236459
Love to Eat Pussy =20920
Love to Experience New Things =53910
Love to Experiment Sexually =51236
Love to Fantasize =4390
Love to Fantasize About Forbidden Sex =266570
Love to Fantasize About Women =122378
Love to Find Men For My Girlfriend to Have Sex With =11158
Love to Foreplay =118913
Love to French Kiss =68584
Love to Fuck =3266
Love to Fuck In a Motel Room =295173
Love to Fuck My Wife =194842
Love to Fuck My Wife With a Dildo =159187
Love to Fuck to the Rhythm of Music =57578
Love to Gather Shells At the Beach =151584
Love to Get a Good Paddling =252574
Love to Get High and Get Fucked Into Submission =76384
Love to Get My Feet Rubbed =17103
Love to Get Nude In Front of Guys =14588
Love to Get Spanked =12373
Love to Get to Know New People =195906
Love to Give Blowjobs =15168
Love to Give Erotic Spankings =147274
Love to Give Handjobs =258462
Love to Give Oral Sex =6657
Love to Go Barefoot =7922
Love to Go Biking =188975
Love to Go Boating =22706
Love to Go Crabbing =186237
Love to Go Deep Sea Fishing =194246
Love to Go Down On a Woman =239381
Love to Go Nude =6508
Love to Go Nude In Public =15868
Love to Go Pantiless =221061
Love to Go Skinny Dipping =232500
Love to Go to Art Gallerys =170392
Love to Go Topless In My Car =105047
Love to Have a Female Sit On My Face =229934
Love to Have a Full Bladder =232717
Love to Have Late Night Sex =166370
Love to Have MMF Sex - the More the Merrier =59718
Love to Have My Neck Kissed =51349
Love to Have My Nipples Pinched and Sucked =273335
Love to Have My Nipples Touched =161217
Love to Have Sex In Public =251382
Love to Have Sex With Strangers =107590
Love to Have the Flogger Used On Me =204354
Love to Have Wild Kinky Lesbian Sex =166728
Love to Have Wild Sex =66132
Love to Hear About My Wife's Sexual Future =293485
Love to Hear My Wife's Fantasies =133103
Love to Hike =4682
Love to Hold It =81974
Love to Hold My Pee =250390
Love to Hold My Wife As She Is Being Fucked =291344
Love to Imagine =2086
Love to Jog On the Beach =69997
Love to Jump In Puddles =127265
Love to Jump On a Trampoline =50550
Love to Kiss =20640
Love to Kiss and Hug =173066
Love to Kiss My Partner's Pussy =153296
Love to Learn =11102
Love to Learn New Things =4514
Love to Let Strangers See Up My Skirt =274494
Love to Lick Her Pussy and Get Her Hot Before She Goes Out =271595
Love to Lick Pussy =62069
Love to Look At the Stars =32714
Love to Look At the Stars On a Dark Night =35486
Love to Love You Baby =213263
Love to Make Girls Smile =38934
Love to Make Her Cum =266402
Love to Make Love =63394
Love to Make Love For Days =255761
Love to Make Love When It Rains =276805
Love to Make Money When I Sleep Too =180358
Love to Make My Girl Squirt =63643
Love to Make Others Horny =111
Love to Make Out =39228
Love to Make Women Squirt =174739
Love to Masterbate For People =254838
Love to Masturbate =14367
Love to Masturbate =292715
Love to Masturbate =854
Love to Masturbate At Work =190449
Love to Masturbate In Public =550
Love to Masturbate Over Pics and Vids of Nudist Females =288910
Love to Masturbate to Lesbian Porn =15388
Love to Meet Another Home Nudist =202394
Love to Party Hard and Wild =107130
Love to Pee Outdoors =68879
Love to Play Games =46049
Love to Play Poker =124612
Love to Play Soccer =25706
Love to Play Tennis =73835
Love to Play Volleyball =3086
Love to Play With My Big Nipples =19378
Love to Play With Nipples =261931
Love to Play With Pussy =274053
Love to Please During Sex =194470
Love to Read Adult Stories =193147
Love to Read and Tell Erotic Fantasies About Men and Women =284503
Love to Read Erotica =211817
Love to Read Fantasy =628
Love to Read Innermost Desires and Fantasies of Women =284861
Love to Read Sex Stories About Hot Wives and Couples =13343
Love to Receive Sexy Emails =109600
Love to Ride Harleys =7768
Love to Ride Motorcycles =53825
Love to Ride My Bicycle =10530
Love to Ride My Motorcycle =8537
Love to Role Play =188200
Love to Role Play =7619
Love to Run and Play Tag =265064
Love to Run and Work My Body =160575
Love to Sail =694
Love to Scuba Dive =3863
Love to See a Guy With a Nice Bulge In His Pants =258385
Love to See Another Man Fuck My Wife =18727
Love to See Desperate Ladies =214896
Love to See Female Pee Desperation =74971
Love to See Her Blow Other Men =287390
Love to See My Wife In Bed With Unknown Person =58736
Love to See My Wife Naughty =261335
Love to See Nice Girls' Pussys =206443
Love to See Other Girls Being Tickled =7546
Love to See Other Men Cum On My Wife =19036
Love to See Wife Fucked By Another Man =4987
Love to See Women In Underwear =8873
Love to Seek Knowledge =3843
Love to Share My Wife =1702
Love to Share Wife =142129
Love to Shoot Hand Guns =154065
Love to Shop For Sexy Clothing =10630
Love to Show My Wife Naked to Other Men =189457
Love to Show Myself =11737
Love to Show Off =7019
Love to Show Off My Love Slaves =215846
Love to Show Off Myself =199346
Love to Shower Together =120339
Love to Shower With a Woman =104132
Love to Sing and Dance At the Same Time =69746
Love to Sit Naked In the Sun =251433
Love to Sixty-nine =54976
Love to Sixty Nine =76633
Love to Ski =37679
Love to Sleep Naked =38593
Love to Snorkel =178683
Love to Spank and Be Spanked By Females =196767
Love to Spank and Play In My Sex Life =3736
Love to Spank Consenting Women =3478
Love to Stand Inside a Waterfall =100478
Love to Suck and Kiss and Lick Balls =14448
Love to Suck Pussies =162457
Love to Sunbath In the Nude =8601
Love to Swim =1874
Love to Swing With Other Swingers =82313
Love to Take Naked Photos of Her =15001
Love to Take Nude Pictures of My Wife =104224
Love to Talk Dirty Online =61577
Love to Tease =69396
Love to Tease Men =231407
Love to Think About the Future =8035
Love to Tickle =10298
Love to Tickle Back =294105
Love to Tickle Female Feet =295807
Love to Tickle Girls and Make Them Giggle =266369
Love to Tickle People =14733
Love to Tie Girls Up With Rope=246179
Love to Tongue Women =272206
Love to Touch While He Eats Me =7891
Love to Touch You =214519
Love to Try New Things Very Open Minded =29789
Love to Undress My Wife =10541
Love to Walk At Night =199551
Love to Walk In Rain =114629
Love to Walk Naked =12483
Love to Watch a Cock Come to Life =134716
Love to Watch Men Masturbate =109840
Love to Watch Men Masturbate While They Watch Me =196342
Love to Watch Men Stroke Their Cock =15656
Love to Watch My Gf On a Night Out In a Very Short Dress =295611
Love to Watch My Wife =5685
Love to Watch My Wife Fucked With Her Lovers =56797
Love to Watch My Wife Get Laid =486
Love to Watch My Wife Give Blowjobs =198804
Love to Watch My Wife Have An Orgasm =155973
Love to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Other People =5046
Love to Watch My Wife Masturbate =150190
Love to Watch My Wife Play =288865
Love to Watch My Wife Play With Herself =282975
Love to Watch People Fuck =194532
Love to Watch People Have Sex =255690
Love to Watch Sky At Night =104304
Love to Watch Wife =148295
Love to Watch Wife Have Sex =295433
Love to Watch Wife Suck Cock =11577
Love to Watch Women Masturbate =126015
Love to Watch Women Wet Themselves =165769
Love to Watch Xena =280182
Love to Wear Sexy Dresses =288815
Love to Wear Short Skirts With Stockings and High Heels =302094
Love to Work Out Every Day =212021
Love to Write =583
Love to Write and Read Erotica =45876
Love to Write Erotica =3676
Love to Write Erotica Short Stories =303414
Love to Write Naughty =262560
Love Toffee and Fudge =130403
Love Topless Beaches =115762
Love Topless Dancers =240187
Love Torchwood =21964
Love Toy Boxes =208339
Love Training Submissive Women =54246
Love Trashy Girls, Shorts Skirts, Low Cut Blouses, No Bras, =277114
Love Trees =47778
Love Truth Or Dare =175910
Love Turning On Strangers =250113
Love Two Dicks At Once =269547

My 5055 Experiences in Alphabetical Order (4/5, L-V)

Here are my 5055 experiences as of 14 March 2010 in alphabetical order.  To  visit one of them, insert the experience ID number into this URL:[experience_ID]

Love Undressing Women =121688
Love Using All Wife's Holes =214176
Love Using My Vibrator =6329
Love Using Sex Toys =16789
Love Very Short Skirts =180699
Love Victoria's Secret =121347
Love Victoria's Secret =31397
Love Vintage Pin Ups =135830
Love Vintage Porn =16483
Love Violent Sex =28340
Love Visible Penis Lines =200920
Love Vivid Dreaming =86406
Love Voluptuous Women =249681
Love Walking Around the House Naked =257381
Love Walking Barefoot In the Sand =85721
Love Walking In the Snow =44902
Love Walks On the Beach =15978
Love Watching =160774
Love Watching a Woman Cumming =147115
Love Watching a Woman Masturbate =173508
Love Watching a Woman Pee =165772
Love Watching Clouds =5992
Love Watching Lesbians Or Bi-females =188859
Love Watching My Wife Do Naked Housework =299979
Love Watching My Wife Fuck =14530
Love Watching My Wife Have Sex With Another Woman =172695
Love Watching My Wife With Other Men =31177
Love Watching Porn =12409
Love Watching Sunsets =49583
Love Watching Women Masturbate =280835
Love Watching Women Masturbate =5424
Love Watching Women Use Sex Toys =270636
Love Water Skiing =119609
Love Waterfalls =40651
Love Watership Down =5144
Love Wearing Kinky Outfits =122932
Love Wearing Revealing Clothes =42899
Love Wearing Skirts =21556
Love Wearing Tennis Skirts =238716
Love Wearing Tiny Dresses =214407
Love Weezer =1643
Love West Wing =158912
Love Wet Pussy =256119
Love When a Willing Female Sees Me Naked =24883
Love When Men Go Down On Me =213337
Love When My Girlfriend Fucks Other Guys =156917
Love When My Wife Sleeps With Other Men =228433
Love When My Wife Tells Me Dirty Stories =237371
Love When My Wife Tells Me Stories About Her Fucking =234150
Love When Women Talk Dirty to Me =288200
Love Whips =17170
Love Wife Sharing =119461
Love Wife Swapping =10834
Love Wikipedia =37555
Love Wild and Crazy Sex Possibly Illegal In Some States =263963
Love Wildlife =196
Love Wishing Wells =88203
Love Women's Boobs =5011
Love Women's Sexy Legs and Feet =17646
Love Women =3001
Love Women a Lot =207642
Love Women In Stockings =67468
Love Women of All Kinds =19910
Love Women That Act Slutty =231164
Love Women That Squirt =151922
Love Women Who Are Noisy While Making Love =66667
Love Women Who Don't Wear Panties =8481
Love Women Who Squirt =198141
Love Women Who Tease and Flirt =121465
Love Women With Nice Firm Breasts =199
Love Women With Sexy Flat Tummies =83904
Love Wonderful Lady =155135
Love Woods and Trees and Winding Paths and Sunlight =176407
Love Words =8274
Love Words and Reading =252008
Love Writing Love Stories =164510
Love, Love, Love, Sex =7035
Loved and Was Loved In Return =2084
Loved Exposing My Wife and Girlfriend At the Same Time =145014
Loved Her So Much =125669
Loved My First Time With a Girl =267409
Loved Sex With My Professors =70709
Loved to Watch My Wife With Another Man =7888
Loved When My Wife and I Had MMF =283955
Loves Female Desperation =124945
Loves to Listen to People Having Sex =15168
Lust After My Wife =4301
Lust With Conviction =125992
Luv Flirting With Boys =87146
Luv Volleyball =199819
Made a Deal With My Hubby =237069
Made a Sex Toy =260245
Made Love At the Lake =238849
Made One Million Dollars In One Year =12890
Made Wild Love to My Wonderful Wife =118835
Make a Whore Out of My Wife =19672
Make Love Outdoors =210511
Make Men Show Me What They Have =76379
Make Money Day Trading (watching) =20469
Make Some Women Feel Inadequate =227446
Masochism and Me =181673
Massage =112610
Mastered Lucid Dreaming =13360
Masturbate =102108
Masturbate =3302
Masturbate =710
Masturbate a Lot =83685
Masturbate and Get Caught =14248
Masturbate At Least Twice a Day =8762
Masturbate At Least Two Or More Times a Day =73717
Masturbate At Work =69797
Masturbate Constantly =14364
Masturbate Daily =159674
Masturbate Frequently =170105
Masturbate In Class =143592
Masturbate In Front of Others =129356
Masturbate In Public =7261
Masturbate In the Showers =182960
Masturbate Often =9141
Masturbate Several Times a Day =12388
Masturbate to the Point Where Its a Sport =23890
Masturbate Using the Shower Head Or Bathtub Faucet =294067
Masturbate Very Often =205889
Masturbated At Work =164427
Masturbated In Front of a Houseguest =13162
Masturbated In Front of Someone I Hardly Knew =38235
Masturbated In Public =16312
Masturbated On Cam For My Best Friend and Her Husband =284095
Masturbated Someone Else =183369
Masturbated Thinking About a Girl I Met Online =12836
Masturbated to Visions of My Doctor =283029
Masturbated Today =225295
Masturbated While Messaging EP Friends =272509
Masturbated While Reading a Hot EP Story =215725
Masturbated With My Girlfriend =72814
Masturbating, Peeing and Kinky Stuff =215458
Masturbation =980
Masturbation Is Nice But Real Is Better =1167
Me and My Friend Used to Share Sex Stories =295815
Meditate Sometimes =58415
Mentor Younger Women =14297
Met My First Disciplinary Spanking =20730
Met My Wife In a Bar =51
Met Someone From EP For Sex (goal) =150198
Microkini =199125
Miss a Hot Lover =183878
Miss Going to My Grandparent's House =69080
Miss My Asshole Ex =187526
Miss My College Days =105144
Miss My First Love =54
Miss Playing In the Bathtub =103742
Moo At Cows =11680
Mooned =111165
More Naked Walking =14638
Most Embarrasing =150386
Multiple Orgasm =221457
Muse =33052
Must Obey My Husband =88003
My Boss Rape Me =56854
My Bottom Stays Bared At All Times =291068
My Children Had Incestous Relationship With Each Other (watching) =86208
My Experience As a Nude Model =20255
My First Anal Sex =260960
My First Femdom Experience =214297
My First Relationship =102392
My First Three Some =128426
My First Time With a Married Woman =155150
My Husband to Share Me So I Do Not Have to Cheat =180550
My Husband Wants Me to Swing =49778
My Husband Wants to Share Me =4977
My Husband Watched Me Having Sex =19604
My Husbands Wants Me to Swing =4977
My Lover Gives Women Disciplinary Spankings =8914
My Punishment Humilation =210669
My Punishments =210668
My Wife Always Bare Naked When She Goes By the Family Doctor =286958
My Wife Dance For Other =19968
My Wife Given Tantric Massage By Younger Man =23774
My Wife Had Sex In Public =268679
My Wife Has Regular Sex With My Best Friend =13678
My Wife Is Fucking Hot =109379
My Wife Is Seducible =18691
My Wife Likes Guys to Tell Her What They Would Do With Her =247744
My Wife Likes to Be Smacked =12538
My Wife Likes to Be Taken In Front of Me =184233
My Wife Lost a Bet =18221
My Wife Loves Guys With Big Cocks =251258
My Wife Loves Other Guys Cum Deep Inside Her =246516
My Wife Loves to Show Nude In Public =199757
My Wife Treat Me Like a Slave =123385
My Wife Walk Naked =271782
My Wife Wants Me to Fuck Her Hot Friend =17087
My Wife Wants to Fuck For Money =18210
My Wife Wants to Get Into Porn =18210
Naked =10721
Naked In Hotel Hot Tub =288237
Naked Party =11565
Nature =109227
Naturist =102079
Nearly Caused a Van Crash By Giving the Driver a Blowjob (not me) =165408
Need a Bed Time Story =5386
Need a Fucking Vacation =195037
Need a Good Massage =38654
Need a Good Spanking =7092
Need a Lady Horny As Me =5314
Need a Lover =58236
Need a Lunch Time Quickie =35688
Need a Maid =14777
Need a Man Or a Boy Toy =104241
Need a Man to Sexually Satisfy My Wife =85440
Need a New Adventure =159882
Need a New Vibrator, Cause I Burned Mine Out =26893
Need a Pee =168362
Need a Spanking =78116
Need a Strong Man to Keep Me In Line =275293
Need a Submissive Woman =228846
Need a Writing Buddy =79459
Need An OTK Bare Bottom Spanking =289116
Need Hard, Rough Sex =74912
Need Help With My Wife's Fantasy =304130
Need Hugging and Kissing and Touching =276275
Need Money Now =191666
Need More Cowbell =62522
Need More Sex =18019
Need More Sex In My Life =126001
Need More Sex Than I Get =257601
Need My Bottom Spanking =269143
Need My Woman to Be An Exhibitionist =201822
Need Sex =13349
Need Sex Often =136641
Need Sex Tonight =33152
Need Someone Who Is As Wild In Bed As I Am =254442
Need to Be Caught Naked In a Public Place =237775
Need to Be Creative =15520
Need to Be Dominated =54384
Need to Be Fucked =77205
Need to Be Fucked Hard Now =161172
Need to Be Intellectually Stimulated =43701
Need to Be Kept On a Short Leash =95866
Need to Be Needed =75721
Need to Be Spanked Reguarly =291074
Need to Fuck =164532
Need to Get Fucked Soon =142034
Need to Have a Good Cry =146213
Need to Have Sex More Often =44781
Need to Pee =4679
Need to Pee Right Now =174167
Need to Pee Sooooooobad =203924
Need to Say Thank You to EP =102139
Need Training For Sex =192742
Need You to Tell Me What to Do =154746
Never Forget the Kind Things People Have Done For Me =175255
Never Get Enough Sex =3638
Never Have to Work Again =14106
Never Wear Panties =95858
Nipples =212288
Not Ashamed of Who I Am =126052
Notice Fabulous Realities (goal) =175258
Now I Enjoy Seeing My Wife Fucked =244221
Nude =11201
Nude Beach =61330
Nude Dare =8115
Nude In Broad Daylight =8346
Nude In Public =184762
Nude Parties =15287
Nude Wife =119744
Nudism =5467
Nudist =169481
Nudist =19045
Nudity =294711
Nympho =10238
Observe People and Their Behavior =272164
Often Wonder What My Cat Is Thinking =48879
Once Fucked My Car's Gear Stick =187748
Once Had Sex 8 Times In Less Than 24 Hours =275683
Once Let a Older Family Friend Feel My Tits =160431
One Would Be to be Bound and Gagged and Played With =65351
Only Wear Underwear Part Time =12491
Opened My Body For Others to Explore At My Command 229047
Oral =118685
Oral Sex =53231
Orgasmed On Top =179003
Orgasms Are Awesome =236498
Other Men Seeing My Wife Nude =2901
Our First Threeway =213159
Outdoor Nudity =232861
Own a Cat-o-nine Tails =57310
Own a Female Slave =32745
Own a Lot of Books =48997
Own a Vibrator =23401
Own and Have Used One of Liberator's Sex Furniture Designs (goal) =18373
Own Many 300 Or More Books and Novels =256286
Painted My Toes =17965
Party Naked =11565
Party Sex =15015
Pass Differential Equations =12497
Passion From Within =123646
Passionate, Sensual Woman =132773
Pee In Sinks =48449
Pee Outside =62593
Pee Pee =44795
Peed My Pants At School =209795
Peed My Pants In Public =120621
Peed Outdoors =87932
Peed Outside =159453
Peek Up My Skirt =301652
People That Send Me Naughty Emails =77498
Perform Random Acts of Kindness =2049
Performed In Front of An Audience =58533
PhD =131568
Piss In Public =220518
Play Chutes and Ladders =202207
Play Kid Games =169561
Play Paintball =46128
Play Roleplaying Games =624
Play Settlers of Catan =53161
Play Strip Solitaire =11109
Play Tricks On Others =199309
Play Well With Others =156821
Play With My Clitoris While Watching Porn =14709
Play With My Nipples =223697
Play With My Pussy =15769
Play With Myself =172713
Play With Myself At Work =32515
Played Naughty Truth Or Dare With My Cousin =257707
Played Strip Poker =95974
Played Strip Twister =7728
Played Strip Uno =214307
Played Truth Or Dare =22779
Played With Vibrator =279515
Please You Anyway You Want Me to =295758
Pleasure =170446
Pleasure Myself Frequently =220553
Pose Nude =159667
Posed Nude =33195
Posed Nude For Art Students =153261
Post Erotic Stories to Be Read and Get Feedback (goal) =209414
Practice Living Authentically =165432
Practice Magic (watching) =38744
Practice Mindfulness =6213
Practice Tantra =128062
Predicament Bondage =260547
Prefer Being Naked =6431
Prefer Being Submissive =165740
Prefer Childrens Words For Body Parts to Adult Ones =261817
Prefer Cool Weather to Warm Weather =50091
Prefer Having Sex In a Hotel Room to At Home =180554
Prefer Intellect to Good Looks =252114
Prefer to Be Naked Whenever Possible =16293
Prefer to Wear Nothing At All =247457
Pretended Not to Notice I Was Flashing =300957
Probably Will Always Be Different From the Rest, but I Don't Care =299283
Prostitute (watching) =768
Pussy =5144
Pussy Licking =104468
Pussy Spanking =293050
Question Reality =24067
Question the Existence of Freedom =12293
Quite Fancy Being a Time Lord Or Maybe Mrs Who =128602
Raise My Own Energy to Help Raise the Energy of the World =51163
Rape Fantasy =150437
Rather Have a Man Over a Vibrator =202837
Rationalize Everything =46373
Read =7244
Read a Book That Made Me Cry =123446
Read a Lot of Books =3527
Read a Lot of Psychology and Self Help Books =279581
Read About Wife Having Sex =209043
Read and Write Erotica =175126
Read As Often Possible =31815
Read Bedtime Stories =46385
Read Books a Lot =172698
Read Comic Books =8388
Read Cosmopolitan =11551
Read Dirty Books =147825
Read Erotica =293029
Read Non-stop =50804
Read Psychology Today =256279
Read Scientific American =256276
Read Sex Stories =313407
Read the Kama Sutra =28130
Really Hate Clothes =182844
Really Like Horseradish =109292
Really Like to Ski =111325
Really Love Hot Sex =213502
Really Love My Family and Miss Them =113270
Really Love Sex =70
Really Need a Straitjacket =210098
Really Need My Bare Bottom Spanking =261811
Really Need to Get Pounded =2689
Really Need to Pee =108050
Really Really Have to Pee =239490
Really Really Really Need to Pee =160225
Really Want a Vibrator =2760
Really Want My Wife to Fuck Another Man At Least Once a Week =255158
Really Want Sex Right Now =222193
Really Want to Make Love to a Woman =164509
Reassure Women They Have a Right to Be a Sexual Being =286031
Received a Letter From An Old Girlfriend =12678
Recently Discovered Tantra =215744
Recently Was Contacted By a High School Love =6131
Reflect On and Analyze Everything =87211
Regret My First Kiss (not me) =244
Regularly Just Pick Up Random Guys to Fuck =249205
Relieve Stress By Masturbating =80335
Remember Giving My First Blowjob =254475
Remember Losing My Virginity =180287
Remember My Earliest Sexual Experiences =282241
Remember My First Bisexual Experience =185347
Remember My First Blow Job =163722
Remember My First Blowjob =264398
Remember My First Day At School =154515
Remember My First Kiss =90
Remember My First Kiss and My First Love =282010
Remember My First Outdoor Nude Experience - It Was Awesome =277144
Remember My First Sex =138235
Remember My First Sexual Experience =259256
Remember the First Time I Came =299940
Remember the First Time I Learned About Oral Sex =139483
Remember the First Time I Masturbated =181898
Remember Watching Cartoons When I Was Little =302226
Remember When I Needed to Pee =158655
Remember When I Was a Child =63351
Rent My Wife For One Night =19606
Rescued a Cat =44098
Research a Lot =278112
Respect Different Beliefs and Values =24711
Respect Former Straight Women =178572
Respect Until Disrespected =8162
Reward Good Samaritans =152963
Ride a Motorcycle =101932
Ride Horses Naked =247123
Ride Motorcycles =630
Riding a Bicycle Naked =189282
Rode a Segway =251860
Rode a Segway Naked =251856
Rodeo a Lot =138213
Roleplay =24679
Run Around Nekkid =12220
Sat On a Roof With Someone Special and Watched the Sun Set =28389
Saved a Girl From Being Raped =293028
Saw a Family Member Naked =165735
Saw a Snake =62927
Saw My Boss Hitting On My Wife and I Got Horny =25417
Saw My Female Neighbour Naked =272406
Saw My Older Brother's Wife Asleep Naked In Her Bed =267017
Saw My Wife =190002
Say Enter My Harem Where Pleasure Abounds Women Only =44492
Say Let's Flash =103694
Say Yes to Cum =5249
Scratch Myself With a Thumb Tack =228936
SCUBA =168438
Secretly Want to Hear Other Peoples Fantasies =118227
Seduced a Bride to Be =16048
Seduced a Friend =76919
Seduced a Married Lady =148853
See-through Evening Dresses and Gowns =268138
See Magic, Mystery and Miracles Everywhere I Look =133503
Seeing My Wife On All Four With Two Men =74687
Seek a Skilled Dominatrix =156117
Sell Sex Toys =47938
Serve As a French Maid =17973
Sex Confession =17351
Sex Family (watching) =164226
Sex Fantasies =83131
Sex In the Morning to Get the Day Going =259241
Sex With Colleague =282784
Sex With Cousin =148852
Sexual Fantasies =129854
Sexual Intimacy =167058
Sexual Submission =120001
Sexually Pleasure a Group of Men =215446
Sexy Dressing Wife =3094
Sexy Girlfriend Plus No Panties Equals Fun =130226
Sexy Stiletto Knee High Boots =69267
Sexy Wife =174815
Sexy Women =196557
Sexycpl4uall Fan Club =308287
Share My Wife =4842
Share My Wife Pussy =18692
Share My Wife With Friends =107702
Share My Wife With Other Men =16739
Share Nude Pics of My Wife With My Friends =5511
Share Nude Pictures of Myself =11965
Share Wife =108985
Share Your Wife =188375
Shared My Girlfriend =18299
Shared My Wife With Another Man Today =261302
Shared Wife =174099
Sharing Multiplies Pleasure =193090
Sharing Wives =135750
Shave My Pussy =9362
Shave My Wife's Pussy =212534
Show My Nipples =292085
Show My Wife Off =14829
Shower Sex =190762
Simply Can't Help Myself =279408
Sit On a Cock =249263
Skinnydip =291552
Sky Dived =12222
Slave =110413
Sleep Naked =23548
Sleep Nude =5131
Slept With a Colleague =3321
Slept With Guys I Dont Know =31491
Slut =56855
Smile When I Think of You =158650
So Love Kissing Her Deeply As a Lover Cums In Her =284781
So Much Enjoy Trying On Women's Clothes In the Stores =16444
Sold My Wife =196070
Sold Myself For Food =78335
Sometimes Crave Being With Another Woman =136192
Sometimes Have Erotic Dreams =70035
Sometimes I'm a Dirty Old Man (watching) =69395
Sometimes Let My Imagination Get the Best of Me =47151
Sometimes Visualize People Naked =5137
Sometimes Wear a Dildo In My Panties =134049
Spank For Pleasure and Pain =13721
Spank My Husband =12083
Spank My Wife =36734
Spanked a Beautiful Bottom =244470
Spanked Her In Public =201869
Spanking =63260
Spanking Fetish =195153
Speed Read =101617
Spent a Weekend Sucking Cock =143930
Spent Some Time In a Naturist Residence =252441
Spit Roast Wife =227341
Squirt When I Cum =8818
Squirters =208245
Started 2009 the Right Way =16954
Started Going Nude At a Young Age =18337
Started Masturbating At a Very Young Age =37942
Started to Masturbate At a Very Early Age, Around Eight =108191
Starting Group For the Men Who Love the Naughty Girl of EP =232248
Stay Horny =935
Still Dream of My High School Love =211179
Still Enjoy Reading Children's Books =33779
Still Love Old Girl Friends =194934
Still Miss Her Every Day =205667
Still Miss My High School Boyfriend =150958
Storm's Guide to Threesomes =104208
Streaked On a Dare =205900
Strip =119998
Strip In Front 5-15 Women =238174
Stripclubs =209475
Stripped At a Bachelorette Party =18062
Stripped Naked and Threw All of My Clothes Overboard =20885
Strong Sexual Appetite =140996
Studied Performing Arts At College =27345
Study the Bible =61810
Submissive =106309
Submissive =181530
Submissive Wife =189042
Submit =19805
Submit Sexually =2866
Submit to Women =226700
Subs Into BDSM =76784
Succumbed to Peer Pressure =160851
Suck Cock =1573
Suck Girls Cum =118828
Sucked a Man's Penis =164055
Sucked and Fucked a Guy In Work =273290
Sucked Off My Neighbor =272424
Sucking Cock =252827
Sunbathe Nude =13877
Support All Military Soldiers =67578
Support the Military =127120
Surfed =16226
Surprise Myself Sometimes =88002
Swam In the Pacific and the Atlantic =155005
Swap =84698
Swap My Wife =118045
Swapped My Wife With a Friend =292375
Swim =8685
Swim Naked =220233
Swim Nude =210510
Swing =117154
Swinger =21028
Swingerclub =105779
Swingers =79764
Swingers Travel Club =307642
Take Her, She's Mine =134145
Take In Strays =123399
Take My Wife Shoe Shopping In a Short Skirt With No Panties =217106
Take Naughty Pictures of Myself =415
Take Pictures of Myself =116417
Take Really Long Bubble Baths =59113
Take Skirt Off =8133
Talk About Masturbation =30460
Talk Dirty During Sex =229219
Talk to Animals =88034
Talk to My Cat =8284
Talk Too Much =1065
Talked My Girlfriend Into Fucking Another Man =164740
Tan Easily =42703
Teach Tantra =3633
Tease =201677
Tease Women Too =301266
Teasing and Pleasing =20814
Tell Me What Photos You Want to See =171185
Tell My Bf Sex Stories =119073
Tend to Think Too Much =78151
The First Time I Met My Husband =33811
The Sex Party Club =232045
The Universe Moves In Mystic Ways =110107
Think a Good Fuck Would Make Me Feel Better =5305
Think a Lot About Everything =166606
Think a Lot About Sex =241917
Think a Lot When Its Quiet =13873
Think a Naked Party Would Be Cool =42325
Think a Touch of Evil Feels Good =177602
Think About Hot, Erotic, Juicy Sexxx Constantly =136079
Think About Men and Women When I Masturbate =2052
Think About My Girlfriends Best Friend Naked =254425
Think About Sex =108046
Think About Sex a Hell of a Lot =74615
Think About Sex a Lot =9011
Think About Sex All the Time =21394
Think About Sex Constantly =27327
Think About Spanking All Day Every Day =257376
Think All Types of Women Are Attractive =96335
Think Animals Help People Heal =170692
Think Barefooter Girls Are Honest, Natural, Brave and Sexy =253596
Think BDSM Can Be Healthy =4047
Think Being Nice Is Important =176173
Think Blondes Do Have More Fun =78770
Think Breasts Are Beautiful =231194
Think Bruce Willis Is the Man =201146
Think Capes Are Sexy =59959
Think Commando Is the Way to Go =44748
Think Differently =159937
Think Dominance and Submission Can Be Healthy =259344
Think Drew Barrymore Is Gorgeous =278007
Think Every Man Should Take Kissing 101 =146263
Think Every Woman Should Have a Dildo =62070
Think Every Young Girl and Woman Should Learn Self-defense =192249
Think Everyone Pees In the Shower =4684
Think Everyone Should Have a Three Hour Sex Break In the Day =203288
Think Fairy Tales Are Deep =137750
Think Going Naked Is Coming Into Style =6948
Think I'm Bi =2299
Think I Am a Nymphomaniac =6596
Think I Am Gonna Eat At the Y =245569
Think I Get a Little Kinkier Every Day =8576
Think I Got Raped (not me) =143186
Think I Have Slept With a Lot of People =256534
Think I Like Being Kinky =234162
Think I Like Girls =16733
Think Intelligence Is Sexy =77179
Think Intelligence Is the Greatest Aphrodesiac =167605
Think It's Important to Masturabate If You Don't Have Sex =188342
Think It's Okay to Have Sex With the Lights On =212375
Think It's Sexy When a Man Stands Up and Protects His Woman =199463Think Lesbians Are Awesome =9644
Think Life Is What You Make It =64559
Think Many Women Are Closet Exhibitionists =202158
Think Motorcycles Are Hot =10370
Think My Body Becomes Aroused Through My Brain =44834
Think My Wife Gives the Best Blow Jobs =207956
Think My Wife Is Beautful =271083
Think My Wife Is Her Hottest When She Is Fucking Other Men =284749
Think My Wife Is Sexy =12718
Think My Wife Needs to Get Fucked By Two Strange Men =249804
Think Naked Women Are Preferable to Naked Men =3237
Think Nudity Is Beautiful =132
Think of Being Exhibitionist a Lot =246820
Think of Her Releasing Her Inhibitions =140994
Think of My Mom Often =170450
Think of My Wife When I Have Sex With Her =144889
Think Older Than I Am =146630
Think Outside the Box (goal) =451
Think People Are Mad At Me When I Join Groups But Don't Post =40210
Think Pixelita Is a Goddess =19718
Think Quantum Physics Is Interesting =59735
Think Reading Is Good For the Soul =207138
Think Redheads Are Sexy =150182
Think Robert A. Heinlein Made Me Horny =118477
Think Sex and Making Love Are Different Things =61713
Think Sex Is Better When You're In Love =141587
Think Sex Is the Best Medicine =130997
Think Sex Makes You a Nicer Happier Person =308749
Think Short Skirts, High Heels, and Long Legs Are Sexy =142278
Think Smart Is Sexy =86796
Think That Personality Is More Important Than Good Looks =55134
Think the Human Body Is Beautiful =106476
Think the Mind Is An Amazing Thing =282360
Think the Religious Right Is Neither =19259
Think There Are Some Very Intelligent Women On EP =133241
Think There Should Be Clothing Optional Apts =274532
Think Therefore I Am Controversial =186703
Think Therefore I Create =3080
Think Thongs Are Comfortable =177219
Think Three Hours of the Dirty Is Just What I Need =203292
Think Too Much Sometimes =52644
Think Way Too Much =38568
Think We Should All Dress Up For Christmas =162324
Think We Should All Go Naked In This Heat =11201
Think We Should Get Time Off Work For Sex =134487
Think Women's Legs and Feet Are Sexy =76033
Think Women Are Beautiful =4548
Think Women Are For More Than Just Cleaning =108082
Think Women Are Sexy =4251
Think Women Should Be Able to Express Their Sexuality =19350
Think Women Should Be Allowed to Go Topless As Men Do =11075
Think Women Should Be Owned and Stay At Home =234897
Think Women Should Display Their Cleavage =7638
Think You Need to Be Tickled =60195
Thought I Saw a Ufo =106500
Threesome =49247
Threesome Or Foursome =271918
Threesome Stories =79013
Threeway Marriage =236571
Threw a Great Party =110575
Thrive Off of Passion and Life =157939
Tickle Kitchy Kitchy Koo =18422
Tickling =155338
Tickling Makes Me Horny =15354
Ticklish =186293
Tied =135539
Tits =65159
To Bare Or Not to Bare =241202
To Be Able to Throw All My Clothes Out and Live My Life Naked =18331
To Be Appreciated While Naked =178746
To Be Dominated and Dominate =20163
To Be In the Company of Nude Woman and Men =218081
To Be Inspected Naked By a Group of Women and Handled =223639
To Be Spanked =2402
To Be Spanked By a Woman =208801
To Be Taken In Front of My Husband =138184
To Expose My Wife to Other Men =258639
To Find a Kinky Lover =35993
To Go Camping =25429
To Have a Fantasy Come True =8826
To Have An Other Man Fuck My Wife =11059
To Have Sex With Men While My Husband Watches =290778
To Help Couples Enter the World of Sharing the Wife Life Style =286030
To Help My Wife In Group Sex =22635
To Learn About Tantric Sex =17259
To Share My Wife =15681
To Show My Tits and Pussy In Public =219645
Told My Boyfriend I Want to Be His Sex Slave =313772
Took a Nude Cruise (goal) =247724
Took My Wife to a Nude Resort =133119
Took My Wife to a Strip Club =221531
Took My Wife to a Swingers Club =178480
Took My Wife to An Adult Theater =240315
Took Naked Pictures of Myself =12700
Took Nude Pictures of My Neighbor =236316
Took Someone's Virginity =130697
Took the Wife to An Adult Book Store =157324
Topless Wife =170405
Touch Myself =938
Touched My Friend's Boob In Public =208070
Trade Futures From Home to Make a Living (watching) =785
Trade My Wife =19446
Train Women to Be Good Submissives =32746
Tremendously Enjoy Dirty and Kinky Sexual Encounters =81916
Tried to Write a Novel =87117
Trim My Pubic Hair=205418
Truly Mindblown By a Lovely Lady On Here =19159
Trust People Too Easily =146813
Truth Or Dare =17596
Try My Best At Anything I Do =247842
Try Not to Judge People =61205
Try to Be So Nice =236065
Try to Expose Myself to Different Ways of Thinking =149000
Try to Improve My Life =49846
Try to Live Life to the Fullest =4815
Try to Obey My Master =262345
Try to Write Creatively =247674
Turned My Wife Into a Swinger =234372
Turned On By Talking About Sex =288504
Two Men At the Same Time =236444
Understand Universal Truth and Laws of Nature (goal) =22187
Undress At the Doctor =77983
Undress In Front of Windows =10604
Undress In Public =283363
Undress My Wife In Public =14599
Undressed My Wife For Another Man =18692
Urge Her to Fuck While I Am At Work and Tell Me Later =284761
Use a Pussy Pump =258715
Use Firefox =8427
Use Hand-cuffs =56167
Use Ice During Sex =274234
Use Maturbation and Sexual Fantasies As a Way to Escape =278641
Use My Imagination a Lot =4676
Use My Local Library =1049
Use Sex Toys =31625
Used to Be a Prostitute (watching) =169278
Used to Be a Theater Performer =54943
Used to Be Promiscuous =1367
Used to Be Someones Princess =201434
Used to Be the Ultimate Party Girl =242414
Used to Run Round My Garden Naked =207
Very Adult BDSM Fantasy =280053
Very Freaky In the Bed =245624
Very Loyal to People I Consider Friends =109472
Voyeur =3145
Voyeurism =59336

My 5055 Experiences in Alphabetical Order (5/5, W-Z)

Here are my 5055 experiences as of 14 March 2010 in alphabetical order.  To  visit one of them, insert the experience ID number into this URL:[experience_ID]

Wake Up Horny =4139
Walk Around Butt Naked =8473
Walk Around Nude =246036
Walk In the Forest =3549
Walk Naked Through the Woods =216996
Walk Nude =218196
Walk Nude Along the Beach At Night =245378
Walk the Streets Barefoot =15055
Walked All the Way to the Mailbox Naked =8409
Walked In On Her While She's In Bed With a Guy =203902
Walked In On My Boyfriend Having Sex With Another Woman =147353
Walked In On Two Co-workers Having Sex =215306
Walked In On Two People Having Sex =84032
Walking Outside Naked =219210
Wanna Be a Womens Sex Slave =256602
Wanna Be Made to Please a Woman While She Teases Me =212223
Wanna Be Seduced =297956
Wanna Be Seduced By a Sexy Older Woman XXX =121733
Wanna Be Spanked Sir =259174
Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me =63903
Wanna Find a Girl Who Has No Fear of Wearing No Knickers =43736
Wanna Fuck Another Cheerleader =183587
Wanna Fuck My Wife With Another Woman Or Couple =232143
Wanna Get Spanked (goal) =2690
Wanna Have Sex =4260
Wanna Have Sex On a Golf Course =64486
Wanna Know Your First Memory of Touching Boobs =168933
Wanna Share Wife =147456
Wanna Spend the Weekend Getting Laid =259881
Want =7130
Want a Better Sex Life =15048
Want a Bisexual Girlfriend =15603
Want a Casual Lover =183218
Want a Complete Whore =236007
Want a Daytime Lover =195558
Want a Dominant Young Goddess to Control My Sensuality =220684
Want a Fairy Tale Love =45969
Want a Freaky Friend to Talk to =127806
Want a Fuck Buddy =12148
Want a Fuck Buddy =44966
Want a Gangbang =6352
Want a Girl to Watch Me Masturbate =241571
Want a Girlfriend =248
Want a Girlfriend That's a Slut =288377
Want a Group of Guys to Make My Wife Their Slut =250788
Want a Hot, Older Man =161137
Want a Kiss That Curls My Toes =148743
Want a Man to Dominate Me =1002
Want a Man Who Can Give Me Those Special G-spot Orgasms =119642
Want a MFF Threesome =255387
Want a Military Pen Pal =44876
Want a Mistress =218307
Want a MMF Experience =258267
Want a New Fetish For Christmas =167430
Want a Personal Trainer =43977
Want a Polyamorous Relationship =240129
Want a Real Man In My Life =115675
Want a Secret Lover =169580
Want a Sex Machine =20751
Want a Sex Slave =29557
Want a Sexual Massage =241146
Want a Slave Girl =226015
Want a Slut Wife =157917
Want a Snowball Fight Now Bring It On =40324
Want a Spanking =50952
Want a Stranger to See My Wife Naked =281657
Want a Sugar Daddy =60395
Want a Superhero Power =40183
Want a Telescope =45564
Want a Threesome With a Man and Woman =14102
Want a Threesome With Two Women =20921
Want a Travel Companion =249231
Want a Woman to Dominate Me =53014
Want a Woman Wearing a Strap On to Take Me =13595
Want a Woman Who Wants to Get Me Naked =16014
Want a Younger Girl =230103
Want An Adventure =49546
Want An Affair =66091
Want An Exciting Life =19570
Want An On-line Sexual Relationship =263764
Want An Open Relationship =226768
Want Another Female Sex Slave =243221
Want Another Strip Search, This Time By Airport Security =271686
Want Clothing Outlawed Every One Should Go Naked =18399
Want Cybersex =124530
Want Everyone to Look At My Wife's Nude Pics =117453
Want Everyone to See Me Naked and Hard =183313
Want Excitment =37340
Want For Her Pleasure =11281
Want Her Sooo Bad =279548
Want Her to Deep Kiss Other Men As I Fuck Her and Cum =284767
Want Her to Have a Boyfriend =14948
Want Her to Take a Holiday With Two Guys =253707
Want Her Young Boyfriends to Keep Her Fucked, Hot, and Wet =278820
Want Him So Bad =50747
Want Him to Love Me As Much As I Love Him =194043
Want Him to Rape Me =180167
Want Immortality =163836
Want It In the Shower =32400
Want Magical Powers =39095
Want Men to Fuck My Wife Doggy Style =293136
Want Men to Hit On My Wife 24 X 7 =291922
Want Men to See My Wife's Tits =10615
Want Men to Tell Me What They Would Do to My Wife =207962
Want Men to Tell Me What They Would Do With My Wife =247764
Want Men to Use Her As a Nude Model and Also Fuck Her =19387
Want Men to XXXXX Me Good and Hard =237119
Want Mind Blowing Sex =308732
Want MMF =15019
Want More Cowbell =47970
Want More Men to Post Rape Fantasies =285007
Want More X rated Sex =5237
Want My Best Friends to Enjoy My Wife's Naked Body =19761
Want My Brother to Fuck My Wife =200348
Want My Friends to Play With My Sleeping Wife =19762
Want My Girlfriend to Show Off =140805
Want My Guy to Dominate Me =25798
Want My Happy Ending =283162
Want My Husband to Dominate Me =2209
Want My Husband to Watch Me Eat Pussy =254630
Want My Man to Want Me In Every Way Possible =240721
Want My Wife and I to Start Swinging With Another Couple =277257
Want My Wife Fucked Hard By Another Man =177528
Want My Wife Seduced =14322
Want My Wife to Act Slutty At Parties =18735
Want My Wife to Be a Complete Slut =204723
Want My Wife to Be a Sexmaniac =183986
Want My Wife to Be a Wanton Slut =45234
Want My Wife to Be a Whore =59339
Want My Wife to Be Finger Fucked By a Stranger In a Bar =233459
Want My Wife to Be Ganged =233406
Want My Wife to Be With Other Men =13970
Want My Wife to Become a Hotwife =164914
Want My Wife to Become Less Inhibited and More Sexual =159366
Want My Wife to Date Other Men and Tell Me All About It =243518
Want My Wife to Date Other Men Dressed Like a Slut =261173
Want My Wife to Dominate and Punish Me =164686
Want My Wife to Dress and Act Slutty =13631
Want My Wife to Drive Men Wild =269783
Want My Wife to Eat Another Womans Pussy =233407
Want My Wife to Exercise Naked On Our Deck =200730
Want My Wife to Experience Another Man =48208
Want My Wife to Fantasize About Fucking Another Man =302190
Want My Wife to Flash Truckers =42578
Want My Wife to Fuck Her Boss =300036
Want My Wife to Fuck Some of My Friends On a Regular Basis =19246
Want My Wife to Have a Boyfriend =55168
Want My Wife to Have Four Or Five Steady Boy Toys =262642
Want My Wife to Have Friends With Benefits =168064
Want My Wife to Have Multiple 'sex Friends' =255156
Want My Wife to Have No Strings Sex =269449
Want My Wife to Have Orgasms With Other Men =270796
Want My Wife to Have Sex =59219
Want My Wife to Have Sex Every Day =269453
Want My Wife to Have Sex With My Best Friend =234739
Want My Wife to Have Sex With My Friends =254969
Want My Wife to Have Sex With Other Men =243860
Want My Wife to Have Sex With Other Women =202891
Want My Wife to Have Sex With Younger Men =48199
Want My Wife to Humiliate Me While She Is Fucking a Big Cock =254458
Want My Wife to Make Other Men Horny =270793
Want My Wife to Open Up Sexually =35375
Want My Wife to Sleep With Someone =6175
Want My Wife to Spank Me In Public =194550
Want My Wife to Swallow Cum =278599
Want My Wife to Take a Huge Cock =220122
Want My Wife to Tell Again and Again About Her Being Forced =258845
Want My Wife to Trade Sexual Favors For Housework =267484
Want My Wife to Try Another Man =140878
Want My Wife to Try Everything =186664
Want My Wife to Want Kinky Sex =169146
Want My Wife to Wear Sheer Tops In Public =298280
Want Naked Dares =222843
Want Oral Sex In a Public Place =301488
Want People to Know How Hot My Wife Is =18259
Want People to Watch Me Have Sex =137578
Want Screwed =59110
Want Sex =2396
Want Sex All the Time =367
Want Sex Now =16645
Want Sex to Be Hot =154025
Want Sex When I'm Stressed =13968
Want Sex With a Stranger =266267
Want Some Dick =4216
Want Somebody to Collar Me =182765
Want Someone to Make Me Cum =5649
Want Someone to Play With =134330
Want Someone to Tie Me Up =4290
Want Something Deeper Than Sex =7172
Want the Submissive Lifestyle =13594
Want the Whew Kiss =220521
Want Tie Up a Girl =274055
Want to Achieve Inner Balance and Harmony (goal) =290461
Want to Answer the Door Completely Naked =198577
Want to Ask You If You've Met the Man In the Mirror (goal) =114770
Want to Attend the World Naked Bike Ride (goal) =10324
Want to Be a Bad Girl =38150
Want to Be a Better EP User =164368
Want to Be a Boy Toy Or Sex Slave =198886
Want to Be a Dominitrix =77127
Want to Be a Great Lover =202750
Want to Be a Great Wife to My Husband =183903
Want to Be a Hotwife (goal) =127247
Want to Be a Maid For Woman =58865
Want to Be a Man's Sex Slave =272080
Want to Be a Nude Handy Man (watching) =263756
Want to Be a Nudist =236
Want to Be a Part of a Threesome =13480
Want to Be a Prostitute (watching) =19169
Want to Be a Sex Slave =140971
Want to Be a Sex Slave For a Night =4256
Want to Be a Sex Slave to Be Used For Gang Bangs (goal) =238481
Want to Be a Spanking Model =244935
Want to Be a Sub =72490
Want to Be a Swinger =36497
Want to Be a Time Lord =290285
Want to Be Able to Show the World Who I Am =116120
Want to Be An Enslaved Wife =267654
Want to Be An Older Mans Personal Little Slut =285566
Want to Be An Orgasm Donor =148609
Want to Be At His Feet =200473
Want to Be Collared =287302
Want to Be Controlled Sexually =274839
Want to Be Dominated =5160
Want to Be Dominated By Someone On E P =144953
Want to Be Double Penetrated =11241
Want to Be Double Penetrated =18054
Want to Be Felt Up On a Dance Floor =258952
Want to Be Flirted With =116539
Want to Be Forced to Cum =193900
Want to Be Fucked By 2 Guys At the Same Time =269548
Want to Be Fucked Doggy Style and Have My Hair Pulled =142853
Want to Be Fucked Royally =12433
Want to Be Fucked While I Give Head to Another Guy =13104
Want to Be Gang Tickled =294106
Want to Be Gangbanged =2584
Want to Be Gangbanged All Night =304873
Want to Be Ganged Banged and Again and Again and Again =280000
Want to Be Held =125886
Want to Be Her Slave =223353
Want to Be Horny All the Time Someone Make Me Horny Please =248907
Want to Be In Porn =12049
Want to Be In Texas Right Now =29986
Want to Be In the Backyard Naked =15544
Want to Be Invited to An Orgy =264915
Want to Be Involved In Group Sex =257633
Want to Be Kidnapped By Pirates =61058
Want to Be Known Locally For Outdoor Nudity and Sex =305136
Want to Be Licked =4216
Want to Be More Daring =19478
Want to Be More Flexible =409
Want to Be Naked =196495
Want to Be Nude =16452
Want to Be Nude As Much As Possible =8683
Want to Be Owned By a Dominant Woman =188831
Want to Be Paddled =279179
Want to Be Part of a Mff =243716
Want to Be Photographed Nude =14923
Want to Be Proud of Myself =9910
Want to Be Put Over Someones Knee =238389
Want to Be Raped =73069
Want to Be Raped Repeatedly =259178
Want to Be Really, Really Naughty and Get Punished Appropriately =238386
Want to Be Romanced =12704
Want to Be Seduced =296
Want to Be Seen Naked =8646
Want to Be Seen Naked Out In Public By a Lot More People Ever =266778
Want to Be Sexually Satisfied =143655
Want to Be Shared By Three Or Four Guys =16451
Want to Be Spanked =25962
Want to Be Spanked By My Boss In Front of the Whole Office (goal) =272114
Want to Be Spanked In Panties =9597
Want to Be Spanked On My Bare Bottom =230809
Want to Be Submissive =14559
Want to Be Submissive to a Complete Stranger =24025
Want to Be Taken =6617
Want to Be Taken and Seduced By a Sexy Woman =13217
Want to Be Taken As a Tickle Hostage (goal) =16251
Want to Be Taken Over the Edge By a Handsome Stranger =48173
Want to Be Talked Dirty =5251
Want to Be the Best Submissive For My Hubby =2919
Want to Be the Property of An Older Man =267655
Want to Be Tickled =38330
Want to Be Tickled and Laugh =300530
Want to Be Tied Down =225771
Want to Be Tied Down and Tickled =248531
Want to Be Tied Naked and Dominated By a Group of Women =304743
Want to Be Tied to Bed and Used By a Man and Woman =251832
Want to Be Tied Up =63685
Want to Be Tied Up and Dominated =187025
Want to Be Tied Up and gagged By a Woman Desperately =303657
Want to Be Tied Up and Tickled For Hours =309237
Want to Be Tied Up and Tickled While Desperate to Pee =248533
Want to Be Tied Up and Tickled With No Mercy Given =268978
Want to Be Tied Up By a Woman =167365
Want to Be Tied Up Whilst Desperate to Pee =235635
Want to Be Touched Constantly =14250
Want to Be Trained As a Sexual Submissive =168659
Want to Be Used =132566
Want to Be Used As a Sex Slave At a Party =7387
Want to Be Watched =60343
Want to Be Wealthy =55266
Want to Be Whipped Senseless By a Mistress =7236
Want to Be Wild =5726
Want to Be With a Woman =11286
Want to Be With Another Man's Wife While He Watches, Joins In =56915
Want to Be With Another Woman =15491
Want to Become a Nudist =239396
Want to Become a Sugar Baby =282193
Want to Break My Personal Record For Being Naked =17376
Want to Bring Excitement and Adventure to Our Marriage =139154
Want to Bring My Wife to An Orgasm As Others Watch =15329
Want to Bungee Jump Off of a Bridge Into the Water Below =70376
Want to Celebrate National Orgasm Day =20429
Want to Convince My Wife to Swing =22982
Want to Create My Own Comic Book =37869
Want to Dance All Night At a Rave =183640
Want to Dance In the Rain =10741
Want to Dance Naked Under the Full Moon =16579
Want to Dance Naked With You In the Moonlight =281081
Want to Devote Myself Completely to One Master =267663
Want to Dive the Seven Best Reefs In the World (goal) =14469
Want to Do Something Creative Every Day =168410
Want to Dominate Her =7337
Want to Double Penetrate My Wife =60849
Want to Draw Attention to the Beauty In the World (goal) =178481
Want to Dress Like a Slut =215465
Want to Drive Naked =7199
Want to Eat My Wife While She Rides a Hard Cock =261675
Want to Encourage Women to Show Themselves =286021
Want to Enjoy a Threesome =311232
Want to Enslave Her Mind =26614
Want to Entertain a Theater Full of People Naked =18332
Want to Escape From Reality At Times =165312
Want to Exchange Sexy Emails With Hot Chicks =12213
Want to Expand My Horizons =171030
Want to Experience a Threesome =286627
Want to Experience Hot Group Sex =19573
Want to Experience Oral Sex, Both Give and Receive =233349
Want to Experience Sex In a Threesome =59134
Want to Experience Sex With a Man and Woman Couple =141029
Want to Experiment With a Couple Or Single =47246
Want to Experiment With Another Woman =134320
Want to Experiment With Women =120039
Want to Explore My Bisexuality More =250589
Want to Explore My Dark Side =24026
Want to Explore My Domme Side Further =119641
Want to Expose My Wife =15069
Want to Feel a Feather On My Feet =266034
Want to Feel Sexy =20129
Want to Feel Sexy and Beautiful =196927
Want to Film My Wife With Another Man =16238
Want to Find a Female Bondage Partner =298458
Want to Find a Good Tickler (goal) =125438
Want to Find a Gorean Community =19319
Want to Find a Man to Seduce My Wife =292178
Want to Find a Voyeur Who Enjoys Setting Up the Exhibition =269528
Want to Find a Woman to Make Me Her Sex Slave =231416
Want to Find a Woman Who Will Fulfill My Fantasies =282173
Want to Find Another Couple to Play With Us =152850
Want to Find Another Man to Help Me Train My Wife =245476
Want to Find Guys to Fuck My Wife Blindfolded =256284
Want to Find My Wife a Young Stud =69656
Want to Find Other Men to Have Sex With My Wife =51279
Want to Find Someone For My Friend =17058
Want to Find the Perfect Sub =268255
Want to Find Us a Sister Wife =84953
Want to Find Young Men to Fuck My Wife While I Watch =116386
Want to Finish the Book I Am Writing =33724
Want to Flirt With Sexy Smart Women =264231
Want to Fondle Another Guy's Wife =215575
Want to Fondle My Wife and Her Sister At the Same Time =157208
Want to Fondle My Wife When People Are Looking =12580
Want to Form a Special Club For Females =260020
Want to Fuck a Big Cock (goal) =86166
Want to Fuck a Sexy Black Girl =227744
Want to Fuck My Friend's Wife =7824
Want to Fuck My Husband's Best Friend =243541
Want to Fuck Someone a Million Times =196111
Want to Fuck Someone Famous =149060
Want to Fuck Someone New =278048
Want to Fuck Your Wife Or Girlfriend While You Watch =226422
Want to Fulfill My Husband's Fantasy =237392
Want to Fulfill My Wife's Fantasy =274266
Want to Fulfill Your Fantasies =104278
Want to Get a Woman to Strip For Me =260446
Want to Get Fucked In the Ass By Two Guys At the Same Time =13649
Want to Get Fucked Tonight =78988
Want to Get Locked In a Shopping Mall =213858
Want to Get My Phd =173506
Want to Get My Wife to Lose Inhibitions =298262
Want to Get Naked For You =254840
Want to Get Up to Mischief =15180
Want to Give a Mind Blowing Blow Job =158711
Want to Give Back to the Troops =180143
Want to Give Every Woman I Have Sex With An Explosive Orgasm =7608
Want to Give Excellent Blowjobs =12342
Want to Give My Generation a Swift Kick In the Ass Sometimes =213124
Want to Give My Girl a Threesome =126838
Want to Give My Wife Her Threesome =126836
Want to Go Back In Time =50890
Want to Go Back to College =26013
Want to Go Clubbing Again and Love It =71318
Want to Go Nude In As Many Places As Possible =16841
Want to Go On a Cruise =32244
Want to Go On a Picnic =61336
Want to Go On a Road Trip =50848
Want to Go Skinny Dipping =10708
Want to Go Sky Diving =10411
Want to Go to a Masked Ball =104039
Want to Go to a Nude Beach =175914
Want to Go to a Resort =192749
Want to Go to the Burning Man Festival In Nevada (goal) =12281
Want to Go Whitewater Rafting Soon =163451
Want to Have a Fantastic Lover =76276
Want to Have a Foursome =254469
Want to Have a Fuck Buddy =2111
Want to Have a Gangbang =271909
Want to Have a House By the Beach =24948
Want to Have a Jacuzzi Outside Surrounded By Snow =122708
Want to Have a Lesbian Orgy =168440
Want to Have a Masturbating Party =305276
Want to Have a MFF =149289
Want to Have a MFF =223097
Want to Have a MFF Threesome =88331
Want to Have a MMF With My Wife =8498
Want to Have a Naked Parade =3362
Want to Have a National Go Braless Day (goal) =183913
Want to Have a One-night Stand =306789
Want to Have a Partner Who Likes Role Playing =306800
Want to Have a Second Wife Join Are Marriage =105049
Want to Have a Sex Holiday =208189
Want to Have a Sex Party =76654
Want to Have a Sexy Vacation With My Wife =13310
Want to Have a Threesome =2638
Want to Have a Threesome =3738
Want to Have a Vibrator Race =147073
Want to Have a Water Balloon Fight =77036
Want to Have a Woman Take Me With a Strap-on Dildo =274876
Want to Have An Adventure =36352
Want to Have An Affair =265
Want to Have An Open Relationship =19042
Want to Have Another Sorority Gangbang =76237
Want to Have At Least One Orgasm Every Single Day of My Life =6953
Want to Have Complete Mind/body Wellness =26330
Want to Have Explosive and Passionate Sex Weekly =4325
Want to Have Fun On EP =195122
Want to Have Hair Pulling Sex =200438
Want to Have Lesbian Sex =152763
Want to Have MMF Or MMMF Threesome With My Hot Wife =278591
Want to Have More Sex =60957
Want to Have My Picture Taken While I'm Topless On My Horse =75452
Want to Have My Wife Stripped Naked =182525
Want to Have Orgasms More Easily =17348
Want to Have Same Room Sex With Another Couple =16629
Want to Have Several Men Fucking My Wife Not Just One =286742
Want to Have Sex =2238
Want to Have Sex a Lot These Days =1870
Want to Have Sex At the End of Each Day =3482
Want to Have Sex In a Cruiser =34502
Want to Have Sex In a Pool =2309
Want to Have Sex In An Elevator =43874
Want to Have Sex In Front of My Husband =25844
Want to Have Sex In Front of Other People =107721
Want to Have Sex In the Office =235963
Want to Have Sex On the Beach =35804
Want to Have Sex Outside =157442
Want to Have Sex Today =258272
Want to Have Sex While Hubby Is Made to Watch =30677
Want to Have Sex With a Couple =122096
Want to Have Sex With a Friend =235096
Want to Have Sex With a Girl =26612
Want to Have Sex With a Girl At Work =11640
Want to Have Sex With a Lonely Housewife =36594
Want to Have Sex With a Man and a Woman At the Same Time =260913
Want to Have Sex With a Total Stranger =130421
Want to Have Sex With a Woman =70830
Want to Have Sex With An EP Friend =178890
Want to Have Sex With An Older Man =133703
Want to Have Sex With Another Girl =4966
Want to Have Sex With Another Woman =133794
Want to Have Sex With Best Friends Wife =147958
Want to Have Sex With More Than One Girl =107780
Want to Have Sex With More Than One Person At Once =22377
Want to Have Sex With My Wife and Another Man =112916
Want to Have Sex With Older Men =293298
Want to Have Sex With Older Women =19282
Want to Hear About All the Wildest Places You've Had Sex (goal) =5294
Want to Hear About Husbands Likes to See Their Wives Fucked =271784
Want to Hear About Your Spring Break Experiences =241149
Want to Hear From Women Who Want to Be Shared By Their Husbands =172692
Want to Hear Ideas For the Use of Handcuffs =3093
Want to Hear My Wife's Fantasies =13915
Want to Hear My Wife Cum With Another Man =270665
Want to Hear Your Funny Sex Stories =129098
Want to Hear Your Pee Fantasies =164681
Want to Help My Wife Have Sex With Another Man, How to Start =161672
Want to Improve My Creative Writing Skills =169033
Want to Improve My Mind =139913
Want to Improve My Writing Skills =234430
Want to Improve the Experience Project =9556
Want to Join a Couple and Enter Her Both Front and Back =13534
Want to Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane =74050
Want to Just Spend a Day In Nature =299262
Want to Keep Dreaming =196410
Want to Kiss You Right Now =161153
Want to Kiss You Underneath the Stars =200347
Want to Know Are You a Good Girl, Or Bad Girl? =170067
Want to Know At What Age You Lost Your Virginity =11624
Want to Know Best Costume For This Upcoming Halloween =208767
Want to Know How Is Your Inner Child =183727
Want to Know How Kinky You Are (goal) =88198
Want to Know How Many Women Go Without Undies On a Daily Basis (goal) =215083
Want to Know If You Can Say "Toy Boat" Five Times Fast (goal) =20559
Want to Know If You Could Do Anything to Me What Would It Be (goal) =5452
Want to Know If You Have Ever Been On a Nudist Beach (goal) =188797
Want to Know If You Would Fuck Me and How (goal) =15377
Want to Know More About Astronomy (goal) =40857
Want to Know More About Nipple Suction Cups and Cuffs =304982
Want to Know More About the Universe (goal) =1952
Want to Know My Valentines Weekend Story =187676
Want to Know People's Sexual Fantasies =14885
Want to Know That My Wife Wants Sex With Another Man =269445
Want to Know the Truth About What's Going On With the Bees =42611
Want to Know What Books Changed Your Life =130688
Want to Know What Color Crayon Are You (goal) =154275
Want to Know What Color Panties You Are Wearing (goal) =44963
Want to Know What Crazy Games You Played As a Kid (goal) =15591
Want to Know What Drives a Man Wild =165282
Want to Know What Is the Longest Time You Ever Spent Naked (goal) =259518
Want to Know What Is Your Favorite Toy (goal) =223880
Want to Know What Is Your Favorite Word =241704
Want to Know What Is Your Signature Drink (goal) =62326
Want to Know What Kind of Girl Are You (goal) =179349
Want to Know What Taboos You've Violated =243679
Want to Know What Toys Are In Your Toybox =225936
Want to Know What Turns You On (goal) =182159
Want to Know What You Do When Alone and Horny (goal) =258090
Want to Know What You Think Is Sexy =38986
Want to Know What You Would Do If You Could Be Invisible For a Day (goal) =213635
Want to Know What Your Boobs Should Be Called =153718
Want to Know What Your Little Black Dress Says About You =170947
Want to Know Where's the Craziest Place You Had Sex (goal) =121192
Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish (goal) =7783
Want to Know Who Has Read About Gor =193487
Want to Know Who the Naughty Boys of EP Are =232369
Want to Know Why Good Girls Like Bad Guys =191385
Want to Know Women's Fantasies (goal) =298561
Want to Know Your Best Halloween Costume =140745
Want to Know Your Embarrassing Nude Story (goal) =4269
Want to Know Your Favorite Fantasy For Masturbation (goal) =126502
Want to Know Your Favorite Masturbation Technique (goal) =15647
Want to Know Your Favourite Site (goal) =6819
Want to Know Your Locker Room Etiquette (goal) =103224
Want to Know Your Three Wishes (goal) =88130
Want to Know Your Tickling Fantasies (goal) =17342
Want to Learn Everything Possible In Sex =198722
Want to Learn How to Pole Dance =12228
Want to Learn More =18855
Want to Learn New Sex Positions =2162
Want to Learn to Fly a Small Plane =59314
Want to Live a Polyamory Lifestyle =240130
Want to Live As a Full Time Nudist =260544
Want to Live As a Fulltime Nudist =227066
Want to Live By the Sea =163999
Want to Live Debt Free =204248
Want to Live Happily Ever With My Soul Mate, Married Or Not =88323
Want to Live In My House Completely Naked All of the Time =218484
Want to Live Life to the Fullest , Love Without Limits =169016
Want to Live Out My Darkest Fantasies =282171
Want to Live Out My Fantasies =7912
Want to Live Out Some Fantasies =234117
Want to Look For Nudists Hang Out =107083
Want to Look Good Naked =6283
Want to Look Up Your Skirt =153242
Want to Make Love =77301
Want to Make Love In the Wilderness =188763
Want to Make Love On a Boat =112015
Want to Make Love On the Beach =138636
Want to Make Love to My Wife In the Hot Tub =16441
Want to Make Love Under a Waterfall =6829
Want to Make My Fantasies Come True =257808
Want to Make My Fantasy a Reality =16397
Want to Make My Girl Happy In Bed =6510
Want to Make My Husbands Fantasy Come True =14474
Want to Make My Lover the Happiest Person In the World =178605
Want to Make Public Nudity Legal (goal) =10009
Want to Marry a Slut =108826
Want to Masturbate In Public =40692
Want to Masturbate Naked As a Group of Females Watch Me =18842
Want to Meet a Girl Who Likes to Pee =123050
Want to Meet a Lady For Some Discreet, Mutual, Spanking Fun =193073
Want to Meet All the Shameless Harlots On EP =306491
Want to Meet An Equally Sex-addicted and Open Girl =230117
Want to Meet Friends Who Share Our Swinging Interests =118975
Want to Meet Others In the Dominant Submissive Lifestyle (goal) =198181
Want to Meet Others Who Love Domination =23500
Want to Meet People Who Are Interested In Rape Fantasies =246747
Want to Meet Up With Other Sexaholics =230118
Want to Move to the Beach =112719
Want to Paint a Live Lady In the Nude =15185
Want to Paint My Fingernails and Toenails =123471
Want to Perform Oral Sex in Public =35075
Want to Pierce My Nipples (goal) =213825
Want to Plant An Herb Garden =138322
Want to Play a Round of Golf Nude =104131
Want to Play Dress Up =81583
Want to Play Naked Twister =7129
Want to Play Naughty Truth Or Dare =307250
Want to Play Pee Games With a Girl =221101
Want to Play Secretary and the Boss Tonight =60611
Want to Play Sex Games =204189
Want to Play Sexy Fact Or Fantasy =258915
Want to Play Spin the Bottle =184133
Want to Play Strip Poker-billiards-darts-whatever =272053
Want to Play Strip Poker =15003
Want to Play Truth Or Dare =19273
Want to Play With Humiliation =143145
Want to Please My Husband Sexually =901
Want to Pleasure All Your Senses =162740
Want to Pose In Playboy =126399
Want to Practice Tantra =70866
Want to Publish My Stories (goal) =199090
Want to Read Stories From Wives About Being Shared =119439
Want to Read Wife Sharing Stories =116529
Want to Receive Erotic Stories =211970
Want to Rewire My Brain =202526
Want to Ride a Horse In the Nude =5577
Want to Ride a Motorcycle =48850
Want to Role Play =19676
Want to Role Play On EP =115115
Want to Run Away to a Caribbean Island =19211
Want to Run Five Miles a Day =122438
Want to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy =197179
Want to Save Cats =105664
Want to Screw Your Wife =27623
Want to Seduce My Wife =200295
Want to Seduce Your Wife =15778
Want to See a Unicorn (goal) =3344
Want to See All Three Holes of My Wife Filled At Once =19676
Want to See My Wife Enjoy Having Sex With Another Man =185163
Want to See My Wife Fucked In Public =146676
Want to See My Wife Give Another Man Head =16691
Want to See My Wife In a Gang Bang =129243
Want to See My Wife Making Out With Someone Else =16230
Want to See My Wife Naked In Front of the Pizza Delivery Boy =278294
Want to See My Wife Spit Roasted =271064
Want to See My Wife With a Big Cock =202465
Want to See My Wife With Other Men =5206
Want to See Your Pussy (goal) =187805
Want to Serve My Wife and Her Lovers =35378
Want to Sew a Whole Lolita Outfit =156601
Want to Share a Story =125792
Want to Share a Story of Love =183111
Want to Share My Husband =75249
Want to Share My Husband With Another Woman =162079
Want to Share My Wife =160424
Want to Share My Wife Sex =6309
Want to Share My Wife With Another Man =727
Want to Share My Wife With Another Woman =16628
Want to Share My Wife With Her Best Friend =12137
Want to Share My Wife With Other Men and Women =189460
Want to Share My Wife With Others =10678
Want to Share My Woman =121545
Want to Share Some Things I Have Written =126511
Want to Share Wife With Another Man =197042
Want to Share With You the Spots That Make Me Horny =257535
Want to Show My Wife Off in this Group! =15843
Want to Show My Wife Off Naked =133090
Want to Show Some Love to Our Navy People =182773
Want to Sit On His Lap =131341
Want to Ski =864
Want to Skinny Dip =6952
Want to Skydive Naked =4803
Want to Sleep With a Married Woman =12105
Want to Sleep With An Older Woman =121055
Want to Spank Everyone In My Circle (goal) =184080
Want to Spank My Spouse =14441
Want to Spank Your Bare Bottom =277468
Want to Speak to An Intelligent Women About Sex =214875
Want to Spend a Day Naked =761
Want to Spend a Night With a Submissive Woman =27630
Want to Spend the Day In Bed With You =202862
Want to Spend the Weekend With a Sexy Naughty Woman =270994
Want to Start a Petition For No More Deleted Accounts =267740
Want to Steal Your Underwear =312742
Want to Strip For Strangers =287381
Want to Submit =139366
Want to Submit As a Sex Slave to a Stranger Or Strangers =294278
Want to Submit to Someone Completely =66424
Want to Suck a Guy While His Wife Watches =183720
Want to Suck Off Two Guys At Once =228674
Want to Suck On Her Pussy =72597
Want to Suck Pussy =6186
Want to Swap Partners =16787
Want to Swap Wives With Someone =4055
Want to Swim With Dolphins =18638
Want to Take a Naked Mudbath =58762
Want to Take It Up the Arse While My Husband Watches =289370
Want to Talk About Sex, Porn and Tea Leaves =130439
Want to Talk About Swapping =101954
Want to Talk Dirty =6296
Want to Talk With Women Who Get Hot Being Exposed =291580
Want to Taste You =7083
Want to Tell Every One That I Go Out Walking Naked =257674
Want to Tell My Gf About All of My Fantasies =145970
Want to Tell Someone to Fuck Me =205139
Want to Tell You About My Fantasy Story About =258
Want to Throw a No Clothes Allowed Party =10040
Want to Throw the Wife's Clothes Out and Make Her Live Naked =18399
Want to Tickle a Girl Until She Pees =10296
Want to Tie My Wife Down, Blindfold Her and Let Three Take Advantage =236083
Want to Time Travel =3320
Want to Travel In Time =45657
Want to Try a Threesome =1570
Want to Try Breast Bondage =295267
Want to Try Golf In the Nude =13670
Want to Try Naked Twister =10053
Want to Try Something Kinky =240851
Want to Try Suspension =233227
Want to Understand and Not Judge =298493
Want to Understand Myself (goal) =124998
Want to Undress You (goal) =5757
Want to Upgrade Myself to a Whole New Level (goal) =178539
Want to Use a Dildo Going Butt-to-butt With Another Woman =277080
Want to Use My Lochgelly Belt and Have It Used On Me =227929
Want to Video My Wife Having Sex =183066
Want to Visit a Nudist Park Or Resort =6004
Want to Visit a Swingers Club =59875
Want to Visit Hawaii =35839
Want to Walk Around Naked =1465
Want to Watch =140037
Want to Watch a Couple Having Sex With Their Knowledge =240848
Want to Watch a Man Have Sex With My Wife =38490
Want to Watch Another Couple Having Sex =29921
Want to Watch As a Man Has His Wife Gang Banged =245938
Want to Watch Her and Her Girlfriend Fuck Each Other =292052
Want to Watch Him Fuck Another Woman =16073
Want to Watch My Husband Fuck Another Woman =174605
Want to Watch My Man With Another Woman Or Women =107503
Want to Watch My Wife and Another Man Undressing Each Other =242934
Want to Watch My Wife Be Fondled By Another Man =103192
Want to Watch My Wife Being Gangbanged =12138
Want to Watch My Wife Being Seduced By a Stranger =233635
Want to Watch My Wife Fuck Another Man =18623
Want to Watch My Wife Get a Massage =153671
Want to Watch My Wife Get An Erotic Massage =133639
Want to Watch My Wife Get Fucked By Strangers In Public =238135
Want to Watch My Wife Get Spanked =13991
Want to Watch My Wife Have Sex =133089
Want to Watch My Wife Have Sex =211
Want to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Another Man =14361
Want to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Group of Men =189136
Want to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Other Men =3671
Want to Watch My Wife Having Sex With Another Man =64372
Want to Watch My Wife Kiss Another Woman =16271
Want to Watch My Wife Strip and Fuck All My Friends =239845
Want to Watch My Wife Stripped Naked =117960
Want to Watch My Wife Stripped Naked =163386
Want to Watch My Wife Suck Another Man's Penis =10870
Want to Watch My Wife Suck Another Man Off =271330
Want to Watch My Wife Turn On Another Man =198118
Want to Watch My Wife With Another Guy =13233
Want to Watch My Wife With Another Guy Personal Stories =133114
Want to Watch My Wife With Another Woman =214697
Want to Watch My Wife With Another Woman =3074
Want to Watch My Wife With Three Guys =69000
Want to Wear a Bikini This Summer =81543
Want to Wear a Leather Outfit =8847
Want to Wear a Police Uniform and Arrest a Naughty Woman =57901
Want to Wear My Cockring In the Sauna (watching) =198579
Want to Wear Skirt, No Panties and Let Men See and Fondle Me =287530
Want to Wear Vintage Silk Stockings =15646
Want to Wrestle Naked With Another Woman =303721
Want to Write a Book =1618
Want to Write a Great Book =142485
Want to Write a Novel Or Short Story =13590
Want to Write Big Erotica =151047
Want Two Lovers =148790
Want Want Want =19556
Want Wife to Fuck Other Men to Her Heart's Content =264032
Want Wife to Tell Her Friends That I Let Her Fuck Other Men =261543
Want You to Ask Me Naughty Questions =292851
Want You to Describe "Sweet Torture" =15137
Want You to Feel My Wife's Boobies =42577
Want You to Fuck Me Hard In My Pussy =301831
Want You to Make Me Cum =207888
Want You to Mastubrate With Me =301836
Want You to Play a Game With Me =52053
Want You to Pleasure My Wife =5303
Want You to Put Me Across Your Knee =280285
Want You to Seduce Me =238012
Want You to See Her Naked =10615
Want You to Share In the Erotic Lounge =19136
Want You to Share Some of Your Wildest Experiences =61464
Want You to Spank My Wife =3673
Want You to Undress Me =59016
Want You to Watch Me =8796
Want You to Watch Me Do Your Wife =42566
Wanted to Go Further Whilst On Holiday =236410
Was a Backpacker =51348
Was a Bad Girl =39305
Was a Brownie =127735
Was a Cheerleader =21823
Was a Forced Sex Slave =300549
Was a Horny Little Kid =165967
Was a Naughty Schoolgirl =151153
Was a Teen Who Had a Profound Kinky Experience With a MILF =110987
Was a Wild Teenager =210150
Was Abducted and Raped =168382
Was Almost Arrested =37436
Was Arrested Once For Driving While Naked =245468
Was Baptized =149386
Was Blackmailed =246107
Was Caught In Panties =149554
Was Caught Masturbating =10776
Was Caught Nude =211659
Was Caught With Nude Pictures of Myself =142057
Was Dominated By a Female =189796
Was Dp =258886
Was Embarrassed =134176
Was Embarrassed At Being Naked =15384
Was Gang Raped (watching) =116198
Was Held At Gun Point =106044
Was Hit By a Tidal Wave of Emotions =73133
Was In a Bondage Relationship =184225
Was In a Musical =20258
Was In a Police Line-up =14610
Was In An Orgy With My Wife =248972
Was Introduced to Nudism By My Father =206598
Was Kissed At the Airport =198283
Was Kissed By a Woman =288864
Was Left At a Carnival =118703
Was Mugged =62517
Was Naked In Public At the Zoo =251868
Was Naughty With My Man =10302
Was Playing Cops and Robbers With My Friends =268849
Was Proposed to =71287
Was Raised In a Naturist Family =213994
Was Raped By My Boyfriend For Six Months =60910
Was Raped By My Sister's Boyfriend =50554
Was Seduced =163991
Was Seduced By a Younger Man =121735
Was Seduced By An Older Woman =255977
Was Spanked By a Women and Liked It =217814
Was Spanked Naked By My Mother =287382
Was Spanked Nude In Front of Relatives =287956
Was Spanked On My Bare Bottom By a Female =6163
Was Spanked Recently =6160
Was Tied-up With Tights =221396
Was Tied to the Bed By My Husband =165902
Was Topless At Work =31015
Was Used As a Sex Slave =8110
Was Used As a Toy By An Older Woman =251777
Watch "Gilmore Girls" =5762
Watch "Quantum Leap" =47068
Watch "Torchwood" (changed to 21964) =21965
Watch "West Wing" =106513
Watch 70's Porn =31547
Watch 7th Heaven =6812
Watch Another Man Fucking My Wife =271329
Watch Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends =5048
Watch Lots of Women Strip Naked and Play With Themselves =262552
Watch My Spouse Have Sex With Others =23819
Watch My Wife Fuck Another Man =7233
Watch My Wife Have Sex =163025
Watch My Wife Have Sex With Someone Really Huge =254229
Watch My Wife With Another Man =150162
Watch My Wife With Other Men =19858
Watch People Have Sex =21724
Watch Porn and Masturbate =122557
Watch Wife Have Sex With a Man With a Large Penis =284234
Watch Wife Having Sex =15994
Watch You Strip =190180
Watched Her Suck and Fuck Another Man =17328
Watched My Friend Undress =229195
Watched My Girl Fuck My Buddy =287681
Watched My Girlfriend Flash Guys All Night =126844
Watched My Girlfriend Peeing =174206
Watched My Mom Having Sex =168755
Watched My Wife and Girlfriend Fuck Each Other =303665
Watched My Wife Being Examined =284297
Watched My Wife Flash a Biker =304165
Watched My Wife Fuck Two Guys In My Back Seat As I Drove =285770
Watched My Wife Get a Massage =133109
Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage =133108
Watched My Wife Get Fucked =19808
Watched My Wife Have Sex =80716
Watched My Wife Have Sex With Another Man =167385
Watched My Wife Have Sex With Another Woman =155497
Watched My Wife Have Sex With Strangers At a Truckstop =207787
Watched My Wife With Another Man =33189
Watched Pornography =119373
Watched What the Bleep Do We Know =69522
Wax =247809
We Love Being Nude Whenever Possible =4929
We Love Bisexual Couples =212715
We Love Sharing Ourselves =130036
We Swapped =101953
Wear Anklets =189603
Wear Babydolls =100202
Wear Cutoffs =88523
Wear Nothing At Home =12925
Wear Revealing Bikinis =297826
Wear Revealing Clothes =12147
Wear See-thru Swim Suits =293951
Wear Sexy Mini Dresses =76393
Wear Sexy Things =34278
Wear Short Dresses =78032
Wear Silk Panties =123244
Wear Very Little At Home =121387
Wear Very Revealing Clothing =293357
Wearing No Panties He He =177850
Wearing Sheer Tops =33349
Went Clubbing =42340
Went Crowdsurfing =118912
Went In a Hot Air Balloon =2590
Went On a Blind Date =68683
Went On a Cruise (goal) =2522
Went On a Road Trip =186235
Went Out In Just a Long Coat and Boots =304161
Went Outside In a Bath Towel =129870
Went Skydiving =448
Went Skydiving and Experienced What It Was Like to Fly =12024
Went Surfing =40
Went to a Bachelorette Party =101070
Went to a Nude Beach =3319
Went to a Strip Club With My Wife =251688
Went to a Swingers Club =59545
Went to a Topless Pool In Vegas =42322
Went to Adult Bookstore =298610
Went to Nude Beach =133640
Went to the Bar =157320
Went to the Sexpo =56521
Went Whitewater Rafting =13625
Wet My Pants Because My Friend Made Me =128576
Wet My Pants On Purpose =27530
Wet My Pants Trying Not to =202149
Wet Myself At School =235053
Wet Myself Waiting For the Bathroom =158707
Wet Pussy =182212
What's Your Bedroom Personality =170112
What Do You Wear to Bed =165073
What Do You Wear to Bed At Night =185174
What Is the Longest You Have Ever Been Aroused =242830
Wife Domination =164864
Wife Flirting =133468
Wife Share =11873
Wife Sharing =255962
Wife Sharing =6405
Wife Sharing Games =18378
Wife Strips Naked For Friends =270466
Wife Sucks =13855
Wife Swaping =130255
Wife Training =19797
Wife Used By Another Man =65814
Wife With Another Guy =8788
Wife With Another Man =14287
Wife Would Like Big and Thick Cocks =252871
Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask (watching) =43748
Will Answer Polite Questions About My Sexual Self Here =240428
Will Be a Pirate Captain Someday =287146
Will Continue to Broaden My Knowledge (goal) =51897
Will Create Positive Change =46151
Will Do Almost Any Naked Dare From EP Members (goal) =18644
Will Get My Wife In a Hot Tub With Many Men and Get Her Naked =240378
Will Go Without Food Or Sleep to Finish a Book I'm Reading =137609
Will Have a MMF Or MFF In the Next Year =152476
Will Just Pretend to Hug You Till You Get Here =202713
Will Look Closer For the Beauty, Magic, and Wonder In Life =85557
Will Never Run Out of Fantasies =31719
Will Not Stop Being Me =18407
Will Spend More Time Nude Than Clothed =10483
Will Submit Sexually to My Mistress =136729
Will Try Almost Anything Once =51834
Wish I Could Be a Better Writer =35131
Wish I Could Bend Time =2419
Wish I Could Fly Like Superman =62637
Wish I Could Join Or Start a Nudist Club =60054
Wish I Could Live Forever In a World of Make Believe =100388
Wish I Could Live In My Dreams =196599
Wish I Got Tickled More Often =225094
Wish I Had a Sister =15252
Wish I Had a Superpower =63766
Wish I Had Enjoyed More Women When I Was Younger =279826
Wish I Had Superpowers =146201
Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now =76248
Wish I Lived In a Heinlein Story =136406
Wish I Took More Bubble Baths =242766
Wish I Was Free to Do What I Want =7030
Wish I Was In Bed =36634
Wish I Was Invisible =148818
Wish It Would Snow =166254
Wish More Women Would Love Themselves =154736
Wish My Best Friend Hadn't Moved Away =168327
Wish People Were More Scientifically Accurate =292577
Wish People Would Get to the Point =107530
Wish Polygamy Was Legal =21473
Wish That I Could Sleep In Your Arms Tonight =200596
Wish That Someone Would Lick Me =192190
Wish That Tickling Could Be My Punishment =301832
Wish to Learn Shamanism =274736
Wish to See My Wife Doing Gangbang =14283
Wish Women Thought About Sex Like Men =209360
Woke Him Up For Sex =271651
Woke Up After a Weird Dream =280009
Woke Up Having An Orgasm =7232
Won't Judge You =50518
Wonder About Hot Wife Lifestyle =6998
Wonder About My Wife's Desires =2786
Wonder About the Nature of Time =126568
Wonder If Any Famous People Are Hanging Out Here Incognito =77547
Wonder If I Think About Sex Too Much =165660
Wonder If I Will Ever Find My Sexual Equal =138101
Wonder If My Wife Really Wants a MMF Threesome =13915
Wonder If She Really Loves Me =220581
Wonder If Women Prefer a Gangbang Or a Threesome With One Man =262963
Wonder If You Think Spanking Children Is Wrong =134042
Wonder What I'm Worth If I Was Auctioning Myself =198646
Wonder What If We Were All Naked =16285
Wonder What People Think of Hard Nipples =14290
Wonder When My Prince Will Show Up =59863
Wore a Bikini In Public =274716
Wore a Skirt So Short Men Saw My Ass Cheeks =257321
Wore a Thong Bikini In Public =300297
Work At a Strip Club =74187
Work In An Adult Novelty Store (watching) =130884
Workout to Be Fit and Burn Stress =73347
Workout to Keep My Body Looking Hot =182136
Worship Women In My Sexual Fantasies =67038
Would 2 Meet Someone Online 2 Play Hot Game and Send Emails =275577
Would Do Anything For Someone I Love =5181
Would Easily Spend a Whole Day Curled Up With a Good Book =67840
Would Enjoy Seeing Her Fuck Other Men On Webcam (watching) =272168
Would Entertain the Thought of a T H R E E S O M E =77271
Would Flash For a Trucker =139063
Would Like a Casual Relationship =77779
Would Like a MFF =230834
Would Like Her to Be Fulfilled =166458
Would Like My Wife to Have a Lover =154670
Would Like My Wife to Open Up and Accept My Fantasy =302187
Would Like Several Women Watch Their Men Abuse Me Sexually =135198
Would Like Someone to Have Sex With My Wife =101506
Would Like to Be a Couple's Sextoy =259541
Would Like to Be Caned =260273
Would Like to Be Dominated By the Headmisstress =261782
Would Like to Be Painted =78544
Would Like to Become a Published Author =236800
Would Like to Create a Nudist Paradise In My Yard =109913
Would Like to Date a Couple =259536
Would Like to Date a Married Couple =259535
Would Like to Encourage My Wife to Take a Lover =125279
Would Like to Experience Having Sex With the Same Gender =86685
Would Like to Get Caught Fucking =278124
Would Like to Go to a Masked Sex Party =251457
Would Like to Have a Bi MFF =259542
Would Like to Have a Few Men Over to Enjoy My Wife Nude =19296
Would Like to Have Same Room Sex With Another Couple =166287
Would Like to Have Sex In a Barn =84867
Would Like to Hear Your Love Story =66380
Would Like to Know the Places You've Had S E X (goal) =207341
Would Like to Know Your Gymnosophy (goal) =5885
Would Like to Live By the Sea =180698
Would Like to Meet a Hotwife =162898
Would Like to Meet Some of the People I Have Talked to Here =6017
Would Like to Please a Loving Dominant of Either Sex =150503
Would Like to See My Wife Riding a Fuck Machine =277258
Would Like to See My Wife Showering With Another Guy =17868
Would Like to Share Some of Life's Stories and Experiences =181508
Would Like to Start An Amateur Sex Club For Those Who Want =156298
Would Like to Talk to a Girl Who Loves to Wear Stockings =131739
Would Like to Thank the Experience Project =206863
Would Like to Try Some New Things =201187
Would Like to Visit a Nude Beach =63753
Would Like to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Another Man =11136
Would Love a Great Pen-pal =194812
Would Love Love to Go In My Back Yard Naked =15202
Would Love to Be Held At Night =46739
Would Love to Be Made to Serve a Group of People =155897
Would Love to Be Taken Hard From Behind In the Shower Unexpe =59880
Would Love to Be Tied Up and Tickled =7546
Would Love to Engage In a Threesome With My Wife & Her Sister =10660
Would Love to Fuck Twin Sisters =152307
Would Love to Go to a Nudist Resort For a Week =275668
Would Love to Have a Boyfriend That Has a Pee Fetish =199575
Would Love to Have a Girlfriend Who Is Always Naked At Home =172120
Would Love to Have a Mind Blowing Sexual Experience =56199
Would Love to Have a Multiple Orgasm =255995
Would Love to Kneel At Girls Feet to Worship and Adore Them =169247
Would Love to Know First Hand What Real Fantasies Wives Have =239695
Would Love to Make Love In a Field of Wildflowers =201548
Would Love to Participate In Group Sex =132011
Would Love to Pee With You =152296
Would Love to See My Wife Get Fucked =269448
Would Love to See Other Men Cum In My Wife =14137
Would Love to Spank You =278372
Would Love to Spend the Day In Bed With a Special Someone =216122
Would Love to Watch Another Couple Have Sex =16691
Would Love to Watch Her Have Sex =4564
Would Probably Have Casual Sex With My Friends =5537
Wrestled Nude =192125
Write =324
Write a Lot =109328
Write BDSM Erotica =19319
Write Dark Stories =109650
Write Erotic Stories =11346
Write Erotica =1495
Write Erotica and Love to Fly =7298
Write Erotica But It Is Not the Whole of Me =164868
Write Erotica Fiction and Nonfiction =4762
Write In a Journal Daily =63015
Write Short Stories =653
Write Torchwood Fanfiction =213282
Yoga =145574

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